The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal: Exhibiting a Concise View of the Latest and Most Important Discoveries in Medicine, Surgery, and Pharmacy, Volume 79


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Pagina 156 - ON THE CONTAMINATION OF WATER BY THE POISON OF LEAD, and its Effects on the Human Body. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 3s.
Pagina 376 - ... extractive matter will remain insoluble in water. Again, I had found that the green teas, when wetted and re-dried, with exposure to the air, were nearly as dark in colour as the ordinary black teas. From these observations, therefore, I was induced to believe that the peculiar characters...
Pagina 487 - My observations confirm what reasoning on this subject would lead us to expect, that this application is more suited for dry, scaly, tubercular, and chronic diseases of the skin, than for acute affections attended with much oozing of fluid and comparatively active inflammation. " Still, its good effects are by no means limited to chronic diseases of the skin, or to those of a scaly, dry nature ; for, as will hereafter appear, I have seen it decidedly useful in the spreading form of impetigo.
Pagina 490 - He also mentioned a singular illustration of the effects of total exclusion of air from the cutaneous surface as a preventive of the eruption in small-pox. It was that of a man who, while in the Meath Hospital for a scrofulous enlargement of the knee-joint, was attacked with this disease ; the knee had been previously tightly strapped with adhesive plaster, and on the disappearance of the eruption, it was seen, on removing the strapping, that not a single pustule had been developed on the parts which...
Pagina 364 - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Anatomical Museum of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, by JBS Jackson, MD One vol., 8vo.
Pagina 383 - A TREATISE ON TUBERCULOSIS, The Constitutional Origin of Consumption and Scrofula. By Henry Ancell, late Surgeon to the Western General l)isppnsnry, and Lecturer on Materia Medica and Jurisprudence in the School of Anatomy and Medicine adjoining St.
Pagina 488 - In this patient we were at first obliged to re-apply the gutta percha every second day, as it was rapidly detached and broken up into large flakes by the discharge from the subjacent surface. Its healing influence, however, speedily diminished the diseased secretion, and then the artificial cuticle remained longer adherent, and it was not necessary so often to use the scissors for the purpose of cutting off the loose portions of gntta percha membrane previously to applying a fresh layer.
Pagina 380 - ... the 100 parts. During this operation also, no expansion or uncurling of the leaf, as is generally to be observed when heat is applied to a genuine tea, was seen ; in fact, it was quite evident that there was no leaf to uncurl, the whole of the tea being in the form of dust.

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