Iowa, the First Free State in the Louisiana Purchase: From Its Discovery to the Admission of the State Into the Union, 1673-1846

A.C. McClurg, 1905 - 289 pagina's

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Pagina 53 - We have lived long, but this is the noblest work of our whole lives. The treaty which we have just signed has not been obtained by art or dictated by force; equally advantageous to the two contracting parties, it will change vast solitudes into flourishing districts.
Pagina 116 - ... and feeble Missouri is to be repelled with harshness, and forbidden to come at all, unless with the iron collar of servitude about her neck, instead of the civic crown of republican freedom upon her brows, and is to be doomed forever to leading-strings, unless she will exchange those leading-strings for shackles.
Pagina 170 - Moines, which is intended for the use of the half-breeds belonging to the Sac and Fox nations; they holding it, however, by the same title and in the same manner that other Indian titles are held.
Pagina 122 - Missouri of the rights to which he is entitled under the Constitution of the United States.
Pagina 112 - Thus, while 35,000 free persons are requisite to elect one representative in a State where slavery is prohibited; 25,559 free persons in Virginia, may and do elect a representative — so that five free persons in Virginia have as much power in the choice of Representatives to Congress, and in the appointment of presidential electors, as seven free persons in any of the States in which slavery does not exist.
Pagina 106 - Sir, if a dissolution of the Union must take place, let it be so! If civil war, which gentlemen so much threaten, must come, I can only say, let it come! My hold on life is probably as frail as that of any man who now hears me; but, while that hold lasts, it shall be devoted to the service of my country — to the freedom of man.
Pagina 156 - ... States, and promise to use their influence to procure the delivery of other Sacs and Foxes, who may still be prisoners in the hands of a band of Sioux Indians, the friends of the United States ; but the following named prisoners of war, now in confinement, who were Chiefs and Headmen, shall be held as hostages for the future good conduct of the late hostile bands...
Pagina 107 - ... domain ? Its present threatening aspect, and the violence of its supporters, so far from inducing me to yield to its progress, prompt me to resist its march. Now is the time. It must now be met, and the extension of the evil must now be prevented, or the occasion is irrecoverably lost, and the evil can never be controlled.
Pagina 196 - Taking this District all in all, for convenience of navigation, water, fuel, and timber; for richness of soil; for beauty of appearance; and for pleasantness of climate, it surpasses any portion of the United States with 'which I am acquainted.
Pagina 13 - O'er the water floating, flying, Through the shining mist of morning, But a birch canoe with paddles, Rising, sinking on the water, Dripping, flashing in the sunshine; And within it came a people From the distant land of Wabun, From the farthest realms of morning Came the Black-Robe chief, the Prophet, He the Priest of Prayer, the Pale-face, With his guides and his companions.

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