Chambers's Encyclopaedia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People, Volume 7

J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1883

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Pagina 154 - ... from the size of a pin's head to that of a pea ; scattered through a large body of sand or clay ; and in this state it is called by the Mandingoes sanoo munko,
Pagina 105 - Receive the Holy Ghost for the Office and work of a Priest in the Church of God, now committed unto thee by the Imposition of our hands. Whose sins thou dost forgive, they are forgiven; and whose sins thou dost retain, they are retained.
Pagina 119 - From this original corruption, whereby we are utterly indisposed, disabled, and made opposite to all good, and wholly inclined to all evil, do proceed all actual transgressions.
Pagina 21 - All other such petitions, after they shall have been ordered to lie on the table, shall be referred to the committee on public petitions, without any question being put ; but if any such petition relate to any matter or subject with respect to which the member presenting it has given notice of a motion, and the said petition has not been ordered to be printed by the committee, such member may after notice given, move that such petition be printed with the votes.
Pagina 10 - If any man is inclined to call the unknown ante-Hellenic period of Greece by the name of Pelasgic, it is open to him to do so ; but this is a name carrying with it no assured predicates, noway enlarging our insight into real history...
Pagina 8 - Thus, Pigeons have been killed in the neighbourhood of New York, with their crops full of rice, which they must have collected in the fields of Georgia and Carolina, these districts being the nearest in which they could possibly have procured a supply of that kind of food.
Pagina 22 - ... employment for himself or for any other person for voting or agreeing to vote, or for refraining or agreeing to refrain from voting at any election; 2.
Pagina 15 - In the lords, the lord chancellor acquaints the house that "her majesty, not thinking it fit to tie personally present here this day, had been pleased to cause a commission to be issued under the great seal, in order to the opening and holding of the parliament...
Pagina 9 - °viley, or paralyzu agitanĽ; and the palsies induced by various poisons. 8 halting paUy has been defined as "involuntary tremulous motion, with lessened muscular power in parts not in action, and even when supported; with a propensity to bend the trunk forwards, and to pass from a walking to a running pace; the senses and intellect being uninjured.
Pagina 118 - Original Sin standeth not in the following of Adam, (as the Pelagians do vainly talk;) but it is the fault and corruption of the Nature of every man, that naturally is engendered of the offspring of Adam...

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