Takers Economy : An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing

Christopher Stewart, 3 sep. 2012 - 114 pagina's

Over the last decade or so, file sharing has become a widespread phenomenon. As much as having the possibility of exchanging information almost instantaneously can represent a blessing in terms of communication and progress, it obviously opens the door to pursuits that enjoy a far less angelic reputation.

Still, the overall picture suggests that a significant number of internet users participate in such ill-famed activities. Considering this state of affairs, could illegal file sharing actually be a positive process for those downloaders, and for the collectivity alike ?

The question is generally approached from the angle of its economic impacts, but there is evidently more to the issue than its pecuniary dimension.

Takers Economy proposes an alternative look at illegal file sharing in light of the role of art in society, and in the context of the oneness of all beings and things.

In addition, the inquiry explores the global picture from which the circumstances emerge, and attempts to characterize the underlying culture that gives rise to them.

Finally, the essay introduces a philosophy of endosymbiotism that aims to foster attitudes and behaviours that accord with the ethics of the inherent unseparateness of being.


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Over de auteur (2012)

Christopher Stewart explores various artistic

disciplines and works freelance. He has penned the

science fiction novel 2206 : Window Onto A New World,

the essays On the Meaning of Sin and Takers Economy :

An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing, and a number of

poems, song lyrics, and various shortform creative


Primarily interested in music, he has composed

over 250 pieces, founded the currently hibernating

progressive rock band Poligraf, worked as busker and

emcee, and pursues his ideal of creating meaningful

music in the context of a rock ensemble.

His one-of-a-kind trajectory has also led him to

work in various fields including audio engineering,

video production, graphic design, website development,

blogging, online music store management, software

engineering, systems architecture, social work, and


He has practised Buddhism dead-seriously since

the mid-nineties, until he finally awakened to the fact

that it teaches living happiness.

You're welcome to contact Christopher via his

online headquarters at www.stewart-explorations.net.

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