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Négociations de la France dans le Levant; ou Correspondance, Mémoires, et Actes

Diplomatiques des Ambassadeurs de France à Constantinople, et des Ambassadeurs, Envoyés, ou Résidents à divers titres à Venise, Raguse, Rome, Malte, et Jerusalem; en Turquie, Perse, Géorgie, Crimée, Syrie, Egypte, etc., et dans les états de Tunis, d'Alger, et de Maroc. Publiés pour la première fois. Par S. CHARRIERE. Tome I. (1515—1547). Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1848.

THREE centuries ago, the first vow of, of a State which has now been, for five gen. Christian statesmen was the expulsion of the erations, in its nominal agony. We believe Turks from the city of Constantine, and the we might venture to assert that no Christian deliverance of Europe from the scourge and writer has treated of Ottoman history, who terror of the infidel

. In the present age, did not seek in the sinking fortunes or imthe absorbing desire of the same cabinets is pending fall of the Empire the point and to maintain the misbelievers in their settle- (commendation of his tale. Knolles thankments; and to postpone, by all known expe- fully recounted the signs of its decline two dients of diplomacy and menace, the hour hundred and fifty years ago. Cantemir disat which the Crescent must again give place coursed of “the Growth and Decay of the to the Cross. The causes and progress of Ottoman Empire,” while even Poland was this curious revolution of sentiment we now still a powerful kingdom. As the eighteenth purpose to trace; and to ascertain, if possi- century wore on, such reflections became ble, by what sequence of events and chang- both more justifiable and more frequent; es of opinion such conditions of public policy and, as the artificial existence of Turkey was have at length been accredited among us. hardly yet anticipated, the close of its natu

It will naturally be presumed that the ral term seemed within the limits of easy clouds now actually gathering on the Eastern calculation. Even the end of the great war, heavens have suggested both our disquisition which left so many crumbling monarchies reand its moral ; nor, indeed, should we, with- paired and strengthened, brought no similar out reasonable warrant for such an introduc- relief to the House of Othman. Excluded, tion of the subject. But we feel it would on the contrary, from the arrangements of be here perilous to prophesy the dissolution the great European settlement, Turkey reVOL. XIX. NO. IV.


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