Isis, Volume 6

George Sarton
University of Chicago Press, 1924
Last issue of the year is an annual bibliography with title: Critical bibliography of the history and philosophy of science and of the history of civilization, 1913- ; Critical bibliography, -1988: Current bibliography of the history of science and its cultural influences, 1989-

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Pagina 532 - States as ex-officio members, three members of the Senate, three members of the House of Representatives, and six citizens, two of whom shall be resident in the City of Washington and the other four shall be inhabitants of some state, but no two of them of the same state.
Pagina 43 - It is a sublime conception of God which is furnished by science, and one wholly consonant with the highest ideals of religion, when it represents Him as revealing Himself through countless ages in the development of the earth as an abode for man and in the age-long inbreathing of life into its constituent matter, culminating in man with his spiritual nature and all his God-like powers.
Pagina 534 - ... to make such covenants and to do any and all such acts and things as may be necessary or convenient or desirable in order to secure its bonds, or, in the absolute discretion of said authority, as will tend to make the bonds more marketable notwithstanding that such covenants, acts or things may not be enumerated herein.
Pagina 30 - As we would have our descendants judge us, so ought we to judge our fathers. In order to form a correct estimate of their merits, we ought to place? ourselves in their situation, to put out of our minds, for a time, all that knowledge which they, however eager...
Pagina 43 - We, the undersigned, deeply regret that in recent controversies there has been a tendency to present science and religion as irreconciliable and antagonistic domains of thought, for in fact they meet distinct human needs, and in the rounding out of human life they supplement rather than displace or oppose each other.
Pagina 218 - The astronomical knowledge of the Maori, genuine and empirical : including data concerning their systems of astrogeny, astrolatry and natural astrology with notes on certain other natural phenomena.
Pagina 74 - This book traces the development of Europe and its civilization from the decline of the Roman Empire to the opening of the sixteenth century.
Pagina 277 - ... published at Arnheimby JANS jANZEN[ooN]in quarto in 1610. Other editions are dated 1617 and [1620 ?] at Arnheim in quarto. At Amsterdam editions were issued in 1644, 1650 (12°), 1657, 1662, 1664, 1703, 1733, and all in 8° except as noted. These from 1657 on are the version of J. HENDRICKSZ. Copies of all these are to be found in the Library of the British Museum. The first Spanish version (4°) was issued from Madrid in 1599. It, like other first editions in languages other than Latin, is a...
Pagina 369 - The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended, to which is prefixed, a Short Chronicle from the first memory of Things in Europe, to the Conquest of Persia, by Alexander the Great.
Pagina 36 - ... placed on the same level as, say, the history of art or the history of religion.

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