Engraved Portraits of European Celebrities: Decorative Engravings. Etchings and Engravings by Old & Modern Masters. Art Reference Books

Maggs Bros., 1922 - 120 pagina's
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Pagina 5 - ... amongs," the later folios "amongst you." We adopt Capell's reading, which is generally followed. D. has " among 's." 36. Throng. The folios have " through ;" corrected by Theo. and Warb. Wr. suggests that S. may have had in mind some occasion like that of Nov. 24, 1588, when Queen Elizabeth went to St. Paul's to return thanks for the victory over the Spanish Armada. 43. Determine. Terminate, end ; as in v. 3.
Pagina 111 - A South West View of the City of New York, in North America.
Pagina 111 - A Plan of the Attack of Fort Sullivan, the Key of Charlestown, in South Carolina, on the 28th of June, 1776, by His Majesty's Squadron, Commanded by Sir Peter Parker. With Letterpress under. " The following Description of the Attack on Fort Sullivan was received in a Letter from Sir Peter Parker to Mr. Stephens, Secretary of the Admiralty.
Pagina 95 - Ornatus Muliebris Anglicanus, or The Severall Habits of English Women from the Nobilitie to the Country Woman as they are in these times.
Pagina 112 - The Theatre of War in North America with the Roads and a Table of the Distances. Also letterpress under " A Compendious Account of the British Colonies in North America " and " A Table of the Population of the British Colonies, 1765.
Pagina 95 - Edward III. with the first 25 Knights Companions in the Habit of the Order and surcoats of their Arms : these latter were engraved from paintings in the windows of the church of St. George, at Stamford, set up by William Bruges, the first Garter King of Arms instituted by King Henry V. There are also several views of St. George's Chapel and of Windsor Castle, drawn and engraved by Hollar. The...
Pagina 107 - PLENTY IN EVERY MAN'S POCKET, by Doctor Franklin. Containing portrait of Franklin, in fur cap. New York, published by A. Lay (3 copies); FIREMEN'S CERTIFICATE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. Painted by If.
Pagina 113 - An Authentic Plan of the River St. Lawrence, from Sillery, to the Fall of Montmorenci, with the Operations of the Siege of Quebec under the Command of Vice-Adml.
Pagina 113 - A New Method of Macarony Making, as Practised at Boston in North America. Two men, one holding a teapot, about to hang a man who is covered with feathers. Mezzotint engraving. Published by Carington Bowles. Size 6 by 4 4 inches, with margins.
Pagina 55 - View of a Horse-Match over the long-course at Newmarket from the Starting Post to ye Stand. View of the Round Course or Plate Course, with divers jockeys and Horses in different actions and postures, going to start for the King's Plate. View of the Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Several Strings or Trains of Running Horses, taking their Exercise up ye Watering Course on the Warren Hill at New Market. Plate of the Fox Chace. Series of 4 large and very fine engravings by Claude Du BOSO and T.

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