Parliamentary Papers, Volume 34


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Pagina 15 - An Act to defray the Charge of the Pay, Clothing, and contingent and other Expenses of the Disembodied Militia in Great Britain and Ireland; • to grant Allowances in certain Cases to Subaltern Officers, Adjutants, Paymasters, Quartermasters, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, Surgeons' Mates, and Serjeant Majors of the Militia; and to authorize the Employment of the Noncommissioned Officers.
Pagina 82 - ... having been admitted into any other part of the house or gallery, shall misconduct himself, or shall not withdraw when strangers are directed to withdraw, while the house, or any committee of the whole house, is sitting ; and that no person, so taken into custody, be discharged out of custody without the special order of the house.
Pagina 78 - ... be paid into the Bank of England in the name and with the privity of the Accountant-General of the Court of Exchequer, to be placed to his account there ex parte " The Copyhold Commissioners...
Pagina 43 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Pagina 14 - He shall have the right to name any member to perform the duties of the chair, but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment.
Pagina 19 - ... in the office of the clerk of the peace for every county, riding, or division in England or Ireland, or in the office of the...
Pagina 78 - ... and every such sum so paid in, or the securities in or upon which the same may be invested as hereinafter mentioned, or the stocks, funds or securities authorized...
Pagina 16 - Power to divert into any existing or intended cut, canal, resevoir, aqueduct or navigation, or into any intended variation, extension or enlargement thereof respectively, any water from any existing cut, canal, reservoir, aqueduct or navigation, whether directly or derivatively, and whether under any agreement with the proprietors thereof, or otherwise...
Pagina 54 - Neither from my person or nature doth this choice arise ; for he that supplieth this place ought to be a man big and comely, stately and wellspoken, his voice great, his carriage majestical, his nature haughty, and his purse plentiful...
Pagina 42 - ... be only heard on such grounds so stated; and if it shall appear to the said committee that such grounds are not specified with sufficient accuracy, the committee may direct that there be given in to the committee a more specific statement in writing, but limited to such grounds of objection so inaccurately specified.

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