Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Volume 4

List of fellows in v. 1-5, 7-16, 20-30, 32-33, 35-41, 45; continued since 1908 in the Proceedings, v. 28-

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Pagina 31 - I resolved to steal away early in the morning, before any of the family should be astir. About daybreak I got up, and let myself out. At the door I found an old and favourite dog of my friend's, who immediately came and fawned upon me. He walked with me through the park. At the gate he...
Pagina 30 - ... advantage; there the native benignity of his soul diffused, as it were, a kindly influence on all around him, while his conversation never failed at once to amuse and to instruct.
Pagina 133 - ... and bluish white agates, firmly combined by a yellowish brown stalactitical calcareous spar. In this breccia I could not discover any fragment of the mountain rock, or any other calcareous matter, except the cement with which it was combined. This pot is 940 feet above the level of the sea.
Pagina 63 - I think it might fairly be concluded, even if we had no knowledge of the antiquity of the Surya Siddhanta, that the trigonometry contained in it is not borrowed from Greece or Arabia, as its fundamental rule was unknown to the geometers of both those countries, and is greatly preferable to that which they employed.
Pagina 31 - I should have of the habitation of my friend. I turned to look back on the delightful scene. As I looked, the idea of the owner came full into my mind ; and, while I contemplated...
Pagina 133 - Spain, it is found to confift only of a reddifh calcareous earth, and the bones of fmall birds cemented thereby. The rock around this fpot is inhabited by a number of hawks, that, in the breeding feafon, neftle here, and rear their young ; the bones in this concretion are probably the remains of the food of thofe birds.
Pagina 133 - ... eastern side of the mountain mostly consists of a range of precipices ; but a bank of sand, rising from the Mediterranean in a rapid acclivity, covers a third of its perpendicular height. Its southern extremity falls, in a rapid slope, from the summit of the Sugar Loaf, into a rocky flat, of considerable extent, called Windmill Hill. This flat forms half an oval, and is bounded by a range of precipices, at the southern base of which a second rocky flat takes place, similar in form and extent...
Pagina 133 - Mwhen it flood at 42 ; then it defcended at midnight to 35 ; then on the fourth at mid-day it was to 50 ; and at noon the tenth of the month it ftands at 40. If three inches be added to the length of the cylinder, it may be made to delineate the variations of the barometer as well as the thermometer, and thereby to form a complete chart or view of the progrefs of both of them. And if inftruments of this kind were kept in different parts of the country, and their charts compared together,...
Pagina 133 - IN the perpendicular fiflures of the rock, and in fome of the caverns of the mountain, (all of which afford evident proofs of their former communication with the furface), a calcareous concretion is found, of a reddifh brown...
Pagina 32 - ... as a desert ; and, though I should still endeavour to discharge my duty in that station which Providence has assigned me in life, I should never cease to look forward, not without impatience, to those peaceful mansions where the weary are at rest, and where only we can hope to meet again with those from whom we have been parted by the inexorable hand of death.

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