The Three Books of M. Terentius Varro Concerning Agriculture

At the University Press, for the author, and sold by J. Cooke, by F. and C. Rivington, St. Paul's Church-Yard, and T. Egerton, Charing Cross, London, 1800 - 257 pagina's

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Pagina 19 - Optima torvae Forma bovis, cui turpe caput, cui plurima cervix, Et crurum tenus a mento palearia pendent ; Turn longo nullus lateri modus ; omnia magna, Pes etiam ; et camuris birtae sub cornibus aures.
Pagina 16 - Nunc te, Bacche, canam, nee non silvestria tecum Virgulta et prolem tarde crescentis olivae. Hue, pater o Lenaee ; tuis hie omnia plena Muneribus, tibi pampineo gravidus autumno Floret ager, spumat plenis vindemia labris ; Hue, pater o Lenaee, veni, nudataque musto Tingue novo mecum dereptis crura cothurnis.
Pagina 16 - Agricolae, fruftufque feros mollite colendo. Neu fegnes jaceant terrae. juvat Ifmara Baccho Conferere, atque olea magnum veftire Taburnum. Tuque ades, inceptumque una decurre laborem, O decus, o famae mťrito pars maxima noftrae, .40 Maecenas, pelagoque volans da vela patenti.
Pagina 16 - Pullulat ab radice aliis denfiffima fylva : Ut cerafis, ulmifque : etiam Parnaffia laurus Parva fub ingenti matris fe fubjicit umbra. Hos natura modos primum dedit: his genus omne Sylvarum fruticumque viret, nemorumque facrorum.
Pagina 25 - Persidis urget 290 [Et viridem ^Egyptum nigr£ foecundat arena, Et diversa ruens septem discurrit in ora Usque coloratis amnis devexus ab Indis] ; Omnis in hac certain regio jacit arte salutem.
Pagina 12 - WHAT culture crowns the laughing fields with corn, Beneath what heavenly figns the glebe to turn, Round the tall elm how circling vines to lead, The care of oxen, cattle how to breed, What wond'rous arts to frugal bees belong, 5 Maecenas, are the fubje&s of my fong.
Pagina 29 - I am far advanced in years, for my eigthtieth year admonishes me to get my baggage together, before I leave the world. Wherefore, as you have bought a farm, which you are desirous to render profitable by tillage, and as you ask me to take this task upon me, I will try to advise you what must be done, not only during my life, but likewise after I am dead.
Pagina 21 - SpaHices , glaucique; color deterrimus albis, Et gilvo, turn, fi qua fonum procul arma dedere, Stare loco nefcit .- micat auribus, & tremit artus; Colleflumque premens volvit fub naribus ignem : Denfa juba, & dextro jaelata recumbit in armo.
Pagina 209 - ... at moderate distances, in the manner of lattice work used at scenic performances, and in the theatre. The water, which they are to drink, must be on the ground underneath, and the pellets for food must be placed there : these are generally made of figs and mixt meal. Twenty days before the thrushes are taken, they are more bountifully fed, and that is done gradually, and they are toward the last fed with finer meal. ' There are to be some additional conveniencies to this building. Opposite to...
Pagina 209 - ... perch, and where their food and water are. . ę The door-ways and windows must be covered round with smooth plaster, that the wet, or mice or other animals may not get in. Round the walls of this edifice in the inside there must be a number of perches, where the birds may rest : beside these, there must be perches inclined from the ground toward the wall, and others fixt across them gradually, at moderate distances, in the manner of lattice work used at scenic performances, and in the theatre....

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