Le Tour: A Century of the Tour de France

MN, 2003 - 256 pagina's
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The Tour de France is one of the most grueling, exciting events on the world's sporting calendar. No other event quite matches le Tour for the amount of individual and team effort expanded over its course. This book offers a unique visual journey through the first century of le Tour and with it, the changing face of France. The images in the book cover all aspects of the life of le Tour, from roadside spectators to competitors, marshalls, and the majestic scenery of a beautiful country.

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Over de auteur (2003)

Whittle is editor of Procycling Magazine and the British edition of the Official Guide to the Tour de France. He has been writing about cycling since 1993.

GREG LEMOND was a professional cyclist for 15 years from 1980 to 1994. Among other races, he won two world championships and three Tours de France.

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