The Life of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: A Biographical Literary, and Historical Study, with a Tentative Bibliography from 1585 to 1892, and an Annotated Appendix on the Canto de Calíope

Chapman and Hall, 1892 - 396 pagina's

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Pagina 136 - There in seclusion and remote from men The wizard hand lies cold, Which at its topmost speed let fall the pen. And left the tale half told. Ah! who shall lift that wand of magic power, And the lost clew regain? The unfinished window in Aladdin's tower Unfinished must remain!
Pagina 131 - That hath a mint of phrases in his brain : One, whom the music of his own vain tongue Doth ravish, like enchanting harmony...
Pagina 373 - Don Quixote : his Critics and Commentators. With a brief account of the minor works of MIGUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, and a statement of the aim and end of the greatest of them all.
Pagina 271 - By the lord, Horatio, these three years I have taken note of it ; the age is grown so picked, that the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtieri, he galls his kibe. — How long hast thou been a grave-maker ? 1 Clo. Of all the days i' the year, I came to't that day that our last king Hamlet overcame Fortinbras.
Pagina 267 - Critic lays, For not to know some trifles, is a praise. Most Critics, fond of some subservient art, Still make the Whole depend upon a Part : They talk of principles, but notions prize, 265 And all to one loved Folly sacrifice.
Pagina 318 - His golden locks Time hath to silver turned ; O Time too swift, O swiftness never ceasing ! His youth 'gainst time and age hath ever spurned, But spurned in vain ; youth waneth by increasing. Beauty, strength, youth, are flowers but fading seen. Duty, faith, love, are roots, and ever green. His helmet now shall make a hive for bees, And lovers...
Pagina 341 - SAAVEDRA by MOTTEUX. With copious Notes (including the Spanish Ballads), and an Essay on the Life and Writings of CERVANTES by JOHN G. LOCKHART. Preceded by a Short Notice of the Life and Works of PETER ANTHONY MOTTEUX by HENRI VAN LAUN. Illustrated with Sixteen Original Etchings by R. DE Los Rios.
Pagina 34 - Great princes' favourites their fair leaves spread But as the marigold at the sun's eye; And in themselves their pride lies buried, For at a frown they in their glory die. The painful warrior famoused for fight, After a thousand victories once foil'd, Is from the book of honour razed quite, And all the rest forgot for which he toil'd.
Pagina 119 - Love to my native Country Britain much pricketh me forward, to describe aright the Manners of our own honest and laborious Plough-men, in no wise sure more unworthy a British Poet's imitation, than those of Sicily or Arcadie; albeit, not ignorant I am, what a Rout and Rabblement of Critical Gallimawfry...
Pagina 111 - Wyat th' elder and Henry, Earle of Surrey were the two chieftaines, who having travailed into Italie, and there tasted the sweete and stately measures and stile of the Italian Poesie, as novices newly crept out of the schooles of Dante, Arioste and Petrarch.

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