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Sir John Young Walker MacAlister, Alfred William Pollard, Ronald Brunlees McKerrow, Sir Frank Chalton Francis
Oxford University Press, 1922 - 200 pagina's
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Pagina 75 - I do not like thee, Dr. Fell. The reason why I cannot tell; But this I know and know full well I do not like thee, Dr. Fell.
Pagina 186 - SUFFERINGS AND SURPRISING ADVENTURES OF MR. PHILIP QUARLL, an Englishman, who was lately discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol Merchant, upon an Uninhabited Island in the South Sea, where he has lived above Fifty Years, without any Human assistance, still continues to reside, and will not come away...
Pagina 247 - I believe I have discovered the Printer of another, De regimine Ecclesiœ Scoticanœ ; which His Majesty was informed to be done at Middelburg; and that is one William Brewster, a Brownist, who hath been for some years an inhabitant and printer at Leyden : but is now within these three weeks removed from thence and gone back to dwell in London...
Pagina 88 - Orders and Ordinances for the better government of the Hospitall of Bartholomew the lesse.
Pagina 246 - I have seen within these two days ' a certain Scottish book called Perth Assembly written with ' much scorn and reproach of the proceedings in that Kingdom ' concerning the affairs of the Church. It is without name ' either of author or printer, but I am informed it is printed ' by a certain English Brownist of Leyden, as are most of the ' Puritan books sent over of late days into England.
Pagina 247 - London where he may be found out and examined, not only of this book, but likewise of Perth Assembly of which if he was not the printer himself he assuredly knows both the printer and author: for, as I am informed, he hath had, whilst he remained here, his hand in all such books as have been sent over into England and Scotland; as particularly a book in folio...
Pagina 74 - Edward the vith viz. St. Bartholomew's. Christ's. Bridewell. St. Thomas's. By the Maior, Cominaltie, and Citizens of London, Governours of the Possessions, Eevenues and Goods of the sayd hospitalls. [Dated 18 Sept. 1557.] 13. Z. [London,] 1557. 8vo. 288. a. 44. Without pagination. — Another copy. G. 3655. — An Acte of Common Councell, [regulating the payment of " Hallage" dues, by Cloth-Buyers, Sellers, etc.
Pagina 247 - Scoticance of which I send your Honour the Title Page likewise ; you will find it is the same character. And the one being confessed as that, De vera et genuina Jesu Christi, etc., Religione, Brewster doth openly avow; the other cannot well be denied.
Pagina 57 - The rest of idle actors idly part :" And as for me I here assume my right, To which I hope all 's pleas'd : to all good night. [Cornets, a flourish. Exeunt Omnes. * o'erjoy'd.] The first 4to. "are joy
Pagina 188 - Arrogance, be affirmed, that,tho' this surprising Narrative be not so replete with vulgar Stories as the former, or so interspersed with a Satirical Vein, as the last of the above-mentioned Treatises...