Annual Register, Volume 76

Edmund Burke


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Pagina 449 - Resolved, That the President, in the late Executive proceedings in relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both.
Pagina 253 - An Act to defray the Charge of the Pay, Clothing, and contingent and other Expenses of the Disembodied Militia in Great Britain and Ireland ; to grant Allowances in certain Cases to Subaltern Officers, Adjutants, Paymasters, Quartermasters, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, Surgeons Mates, and Serjeant Majors of the Militia ; and to authorize the Employment of the Non-commissioned Officers.
Pagina 312 - An Act for the Amendment and better Administration of the Laws relating to the Poor in England and Wales...
Pagina 251 - An Act to indemnify such persons in the United Kingdom as have omitted to qualify themselves for offices and employments, and for extending the time limited for those purposes respectively...
Pagina 127 - I know nothing, except that they are persons whom he considers as evincing too much impatience. I will freely own to you that I am one of those who see with regret every hour which passes over the existence of acknowledged but unreformed abuses.
Pagina 40 - That the churches of England and Ireland, .as now by law established, be united into one Protestant Episcopal Church, to be called The United Church of England and Ireland ; and that the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government of the said united church shall be, and shall remain in full force for ever, as the same are now by law established for the church of England ; and that the continuance and preservation of the said united church, as the established church of England and Ireland, shall...
Pagina 251 - Britain as have omitted to make and file Affidavits of the Execution of Indentures of Clerks to Attornies and Solicitors to make and file the same on or before the First Day of Hilary Term One thousand eight hundred and thirty-two ; and to allow Persons to make and file such Affidavits, although the Persons whom they served shall have neglected to take out their annual Certificates.
Pagina 48 - That the Protestant Episcopal Establishment in Ireland exceeds the spiritual wants of the Protestant population: and that, it being the right of the State to regulate the distribution of Church property in such manner as Parliament may determine, it is the opinion of this House, that the temporal possessions of the Church of Ireland, as now established by law, ought to be reduced.
Pagina 253 - Act to suspend to the end of the next Session of Parliament the making of Lists and the Ballots and Enrolments for the Militia of the United Kingdom.
Pagina 2 - Gentlemen of the House of Commons, " I have directed the Estimates for the ensuing year to be laid before you. " They have been framed with a view to the strictest economy and to such reductions as may not be injurious to the public service.

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