Das alte Indien, mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Aegypten, Deel 2

im Verlage der Gebrüder Bornträger, 1830
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Pagina 439 - Vols. XI. and XII. Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus. Translated from the original Sanskrit. By the late HH Wilson, MA, FRS Third corrected Edition.
Pagina 298 - The Hindus had undoubtedly made some progress at an early period in the astronomy cultivated by them for the regulation of time. Their calendar, both civil and religious, was governed chiefly, not exclusively, by the moon and...
Pagina 267 - Recherches pour servir à l'histoire de l'Egypte pendant la domination des Grecs et des Romains...
Pagina 351 - I will therefore terminate this treatise ; purposing to pursue the subject in a future essay, in which I expect to show that a greater degree of similarity exists between the Indian doctrine and that of the earlier than of the later Greeks; and, as it is scarcely probable that the communication should have taken place , and the knowledge been imparted, at the precise interval of time which intervened between the earlier and later schools of Greek philosophy, and especially between the Pythagoreans...
Pagina 297 - We may then safely conclude, that, on the subject of the precession of the equinoxes, the Hindus had a theory, which, though erroneous, was their own; and which, at a subsequent time, found advocates among the astronomers of the west. That they had a knowledge of the true doctrine of an uniform motion in antecedentia, at least seven hundred years ago J, when the astronomers of Europe also were divided on the question. That they had approximated...
Pagina 167 - The caste of fishermen does not rank high, though fish is considered as one of the purest and most lawful kinds of food. Nothing, indeed, seems more generally mistaken than the supposed prohibition of animal food to the Hindoos. It is not from any abstract desire to spare the life of living creatures, since fish would be a violation of this principle as well as beef; but from other notions of the hallowed or the polluted nature of particular viands. Thus many Brahmins eat both fish and kid. The Rajpoots,...
Pagina 298 - A'RYABHATT'A, to show that the Hindus had ascertained the quantity of the precession more correctly than PTOLEMY ; and had accounted for it, by a motion in libration or trepidation, before this notion was adopted by any other astronomer whose labours are known to us. It appears also, from a passage of BRAHMEGUPTA'S refutation of the supposed errors of that author, and from his commentator's quotation of A'RYABHAT'T'A'S...

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