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Pagina 138 - FAR in a wild, unknown to public view, From youth to age a reverend hermit grew ; The moss his bed, the cave his humble cell, His food the fruits, his drink the crystal well : Remote from man, with God he pass'd the days, Prayer all his business, all his pleasure praise.
Pagina 121 - Locksley," said Prince John to the bold yeoman, with a bitter smile, "wilt thou try conclusions with Hubert, or wilt thou yield up bow, baldric, and quiver to the Provost of the sports?" "Sith it be no better," said Locksley, "I am content to try my fortune ; on condition that when I have shot two shafts at yonder mark of Hubert's, he shall be bound to shoot one at that which I shall propose." "That is but fair," answered Prince John, "and it shall not be refused thee.
Pagina 272 - Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead ! In peace, there's nothing so becomes a man, As modest stillness, and humility : But when the blast of war...
Pagina 72 - Their escutcheons have long mouldered from the walls of their castles. Their castles themselves are but green mounds and shattered ruins : the place that once knew them knows them no more — nay, many a race since theirs has died out and been forgotten in the very land which they occupied with all the authority of feudal proprietors and feudal lords. What, then, would it avail the reader to know their names, or the evanescent symbols of their martial rank?
Pagina 260 - Knight," answered Rebecca, faintly; then instantly again shouted with joyful eagerness — "But no — but no! the name of the Lord of Hosts be blessed! he is on foot again, and fights as if there were twenty men's strength in his single arm. His sword is broken — he snatches an axe from a yeoman — he presses Front-de-Boeuf with blow on blow. The giant stoops and totters like an oak under the steel of the woodman — he falls — he falls!
Pagina 76 - Have you confessed yourself, brother," said the Templar, " and have you heard mass this morning, that you peril your life so frankly ? " "I am fitter to meet death than thou art," answered the Disinherited Knight ; for by this name the stranger had recorded himself in the books of the tourney. " Then take your place in the lists," said Bois-Guilbert, " and look your last upon the sun ; for this night thou shalt sleep in paradise.
Pagina 71 - ... crowded with all that was noble, great, wealthy, and beautiful in the northern and midland parts of England ; and the contrast of the various dresses of these dignified spectators rendered the view as gay as it was rich, while the interior and lower space, filled with the substantial burgesses and yeomen of merry England, formed, in their more plain attire, a dark fringe, or border, around this circle of brilliant embroidery, relieving, and at the same time setting off, its splendour. The heralds...
Pagina 72 - ... knights desirous to prove their skill against the challengers, and, when viewed from the galleries, presented the appearance of a sea of waving plumage,, intermixed with glistening helmets, and tall lances, to the extremities of which were, in many cases, attached small pennons of about a span's breadth, which, fluttering in the air as the breeze caught them, joined with the restless motion of the feathers to add liveliness to the scene.
Pagina 286 - The towering flames had now surmounted every obstruction and rose to the evening skies one huge and burning beacon, seen far and wide through the adjacent country. Tower after tower crashed down, with blazing roof and rafter; and the combatants were driven from the courtyard. The vanquished, of whom very few remained, scattered and escaped into the neighboring wood.
Pagina 255 - I could but drag myself," he said, " to yonder window, that I might see how this brave game is like to go — If I had but bow to shoot a shaft, or battle-axe to strike were it but a single blow for our deliverance ! — It is in vain — it is in vain — I am alike nerveless and weaponless!" "Fret not thyself, noble knight," answered Rebecca, "the sounds have ceased of a sudden — it may be they join not battle.

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