Playstation 4: What we know Thus Far

Wayne Dixon

Read some in-depth information about the Playstation 4. This text goes from the platform shift, to the Dualshock 4, Playstation 4 Eye. This books also covers the games that have been shown off and some future possibilities for the Playstation 4 platform.

Version 1.3 includes additional social features, PlayStation Plus pricing, availability date, memory dispersion, additional sharing options, and PlayStation Vita TV.

Version 1.4 includes additional information surrounding the DualShock 4, Party Chat and Real Names on the PlayStation Network, Day-one Firmware update requirements, Cross-generation upgrades, digital games and other PlayStation 4's, and a new section on the limitations of Bluetooth in the PlayStation 4.

Version 1.5 includes additional information regarding limitations with the PlayStation 4 at launch, DLNA, DualShock 4 details, Headset limitations, Graphics information, rental games, Hard drive dimensions, and clarified dedicated port for PlayStation Camera.


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Social Changes
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Actual Games

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