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Remarkable for the false date, and as being the first complete edition; without catchwords, signatures, and pagination. It appears from its internal inequality to have been printed piecemeal.-Pii II. familiar. epistola. Nrb., Koburger, 1481. fol. Gothic letter; containing 433 letters. A less complete, but fine edition, (only 332 letters) is, Enee Silvii epistole peramene. Lov., J. de Westfalia, 1483. small fol. 302 leaves in Roman characters. It has a preference over the other editions in consequence of the insertion of the dates of the letters. Nrb., Koburger, 16 kl. Aug. 1486. 4°. Ib., id. 16 kl. Jun. 1496. 4°. (both containing 433 letters). Mediol., Scinzenzeler, 1496. fol. Lugd. J. de Vingle, 1497. 4°. (both containing 432 letters). The new projected edition of these letters by J. Pt. von Ludewig and G. W. Zapf has not appeared.

156 ÆNEAS Sylvius. Epistola ad Turcar. Imp. Muhamed. Without place or date. 4°.

Gothic letter in Ulric Zell's type, about 1470. 53 leaves of 27 lines. The first leaf commences, Pius papa secūdus eloquētissi

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Containing also, ep. de amor. remedio. Without signatures, catchwords, and pagination; 41 leaves of 28 lines, with Roman characters, rather misshapen-Another edition, without place or date, 4°. in Gothic letter, without catchwords, signatures, and paginations, was printed about 1476. Another, Cölln, without date, small fol. in Gothic letter, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination, contains 27 leaves (the first unprinted), and concludes in the 27th line of the reverse of the last leaf with, Explicit &c.

The first edition with a date (that at Alost, 1473, is considered to be spurious) is, Rom, Wendel de Willa, 1475. 4°. Also, Arg. 1476. 4°. 54 leaves in Gothic letter.-L'histoire d'Eurialus et de Lucrèce transl. en rhithme Franç. Par., Verard, 1493. fol. Gothic letter.-In Italian, Bol., Herc. Nani, 1492. 4°. See also WYLE.

159 historia rer. ubique gestar. Ven., J. de Colonia, 1477. fol. 108 leaves of 35 lines.

The first edition, without catchwords, pagination, and signatures, in Roman cha



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- Pii II. commentarii rer. memorabilium, quæ temporibus suis contigerunt, a J. Gobellino compositi, et a Fr. Band. Picolomineo ex vetusto originali recogniti. Ejusd. Pii responsio ad Mt. Mayer

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This extremely rare piece consists of 6 leaves. The first contains the title specified above in two lines in a large type resembling that of the Psalter of 1457. The type of the text appears to be that of the Rationale of 1459. Probably from the press of Faust and Schöffer. The date of the bull, 1463, is perhaps also the year of impression, as Pius certainly died in 1464. There are more editions of the same in 4°. in U. Zell's type, but which, although scarce, are of little value. 164 Dis' ist die bul zu dutsch die vnser allerheiligster vatter der babst Pius herusz gesant hait widder die snoden vngleubigen turcken. (Mentz, J. Faust), fol. Gothic letter.

8 leaves of 45 lines in a complete page. The first leaf contains the title specified above in 4 lines in the same type as that of the Psalter of 1457. The bull itself begins on the recto of the second leaf: (P)Jus bischoff eyn knecht der knecht gottes. The type of the text is the same as that of the Rationale of 1459. The reverse of the 8th leaf contains 26 lines, and concludes with the date of the bull. Lord Spencer has the only known copy; see Dibdin bibl. Spenc. IV. 460.

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165 ENEAS Tacticus. Liber de toleranda obsidione, gr. ad codd. MSS. Pariss. et Mediceum rec., vers. lat. et comm. integr. Is. Casauboni, novas Jac. Gronovii, G. H. C. Koesii, Csp. Orellii, aliorumque et suas ad

jec. J. Cr. Orellius (also with the title: Supplement. edit. Polybii Schweighæus.) Lps., Weidmann, 1817. large 8°. (on writing-paper id. 16 gr., on Dutch-paper 2 d. 12 gr.)

Previously in the Polybius of Casaubon and Gronovius, in the Scriptt. rei mil. and in the Mathematicis vett. Par. 1693. fol. Compare Jac. Gronovii suppll. lacunar. in Enea Tact., Dione Cass. et Arriano. LB. 1675. 8°. Ang. Mar. Bandini ep. de celeberr. cod. tacticor. bibl. Laurent. Flor. 1766.8°.


commentaire sur la défense des places, trad. du gr. d'Eneas le Tacticien par le Comte le Beausobre. Amst. 1757. 4°. 2 voll. 167 ESCHINES Rhet. Epistolæ XII. e rec. J. Taylori, c. nott. varior., varia lect. codd. adjecta, ed. J. Sm. Sammet. Acc. Eschinis Socr. ep. Lps., Schwickert, 1771. 8°. (10 gr.)

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168 et Demosthenis oratt. quatuor inter se contrariæ, gr. Ven., F. Turrisan. 1549. 8°.

This very scarce edition consists of two parts. The first contains 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 75 numbered leaves : The the second, 112 numbered leaves. 44th leaf of the first part is blank. Previously at Par. Wechel, 1531. 4°.

169 in Ctesiphontem oratio. Demosthenis de corona oratio. Interpretat. lat. et voc. difficilior. explicat. adjecer. Pt. Foulkes et J. Freind. Ox., th. Sheld. (1696). 8°. with the portraits of both orators. Large paper copies scarce.

This edition is more correct than the reprints of the same, Ox., 1715. 8°. (also on large paper), ib. 1726. 8°. ib. 1732. 8°. eædem orr. gr. lat. c. nott. varior. ed. Jos. Stock. Dublin, 1769. 8°. 2 voll.



or. in Ctesiphont. et Demosth. or. pro corona, gr. c. nott. varior. Ed. III. Ox., typ. Clarend. 1814. 8°. (78., large paper 128.)

172 in Ctesiphontem or., gr. et lat. Glasguæ, Foulis, 1779. 12°. 173 Δημοσθενους και Αἰσχινοῦ οἱ περι της παραπρεσβειης λογοι ἀντιδικοι. C. lat. Hi. Wolfii vers. nec non Budæi aliorumq. notis. Acc. in Demosthe

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nis or. Ulpiani scholia, aliaq. anonymi cujusd. in Æschinis or. nunc pr. edita et indd. (cura H. Brooke). Ox., Th. Sheld. 1721. 8°. with the portraits of both orators. On strong

paper, scarce.


Demosthenis et Æschinis oratt. de falsa legatione; itidem contra Ctesiphont. et de corona oratt., gr. et lat. c. nott. varior. a J. Taylor. Cbr., typ. Acad. 1769. 2 voll. Large paper copies


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Æsch. et Demosth. oratt. de corona ex rec. Imm. Bekkeri. Halle, Hemmerde, 1815. large 8°. (1 d. 12 gr., on vellum-paper 2 d. 21 gr.) Also in us. prælect. rec. E. C. F. Wunderlich. Gött. 1810. 8°. The collected works of Eschines form the 3rd and 4th volume of the Orator. græc. by Reiske, also separately, Lips. 1808. 8°. 2 vols. A corrected impression of Reiske's Recension, Lips. Tauchnitz, 1813. 12°. (12 and 18 gr.) Translations, Due oratione, l' una di Eschine contra di Tesiphonte, l' altra di Demosthene a sua difesa, di gr. in volgare tradotte. Vinegia. Figliuoli di Aldo, 1554. 8°. Harangues d'Eschine et de Demosth. sur la couronne, trad. du gr. par Millot. Lyon, 1764. 12°. Esch. u. Demosth. Red. üb. d. Krone od. für u. wid. d. Ctes., übs. u. m. e. hist. Einl. v. F. v. Raumer. Berl. 1811. large 8°. (1 d. 6 gr.) The orations of Eschines against Ctesiphon and Demosth. De Corona, translated and illustr. with not. by And. Portal. Ox. 1755. 8°. See also DEMOSTHENES.

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C. Ch. Woog, the professor of Greek at Leipsic, which was suppressed. In German

by J. Mch. Heinze, Götting. 1788. 8°. 179 ÆSCHYLUS. Tragoediæ sex, gr. Ven., in æd. Aldi et And. soceri, 1518. 8°. 114 leaves.

In the 4th edition, Misena, Erbstein, 1788. large 8°. (12 gr.) the observations and translation are omitted, but the fragments are subjoined, and the index enlarged. Of the first edition, Lips. 1753. 8°. those copies are remarkable, in which is to be found the preface directed against

The first edition, but incorrect. The Agamemnon and the Choëphoræ, of which the first is defective at the end, and the last at the beginning, appear here thrown into one another as one piece.


eædem, gr. (e rec. Adr. Turnebi) Par., ex off. Turnebi, 1552. 8. 212 pages and 4 unnumbered leaves at the beginning.

A fine edition, and especially amended in the 3 first tragedies from a MS. yet still with the same confusion in the Agamemnon. Renouard has a copy on large paper.


tragœdiæ VII., a Fr. Robortello nunc pr. ex mss. libris expurg. ac suis metris restitutæ. Ven., Scottus, 1552. 8°.

12 leaves of preliminary matter, 265 numbered pages, and 3 leaves at the end, whereof two are blank. Some bibliographers look upon this as the first complete edition, because the title announces 7 tragedies; it contains however not a single verse more than the Aldine edition, and has only the peculiarity, that Robortello for the first time separated the Agamemnon and the Chöephora, and had them printed as two separate tragedies. To which is added, Scholia in Eschyli tragg. omnes, collecta a Fr. Robortello, Ven., Valgrisius, 1552. 8°. 10 leaves and 216 pages.

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184 · eæd. c. scholl.
grr. omnibus,
deperditor. dramatum fragmentis,
versione et commentario Th. Stan-
leji. Lond., Corn. Bee, 1663, fol.

Some copies, in other respects exactly
alike, have in the title, Lond., Jon. Hart,
1664. The two leaves immediately fol-
lowing the title, which contain the pri-
vilege of Charles II. and the dedica-
tion to H. Puckering alias Newton, are
wanting in the copies of 1663. The dedi-
cation to Charles II. mentioned in some
catalogues is only the privilege mistaken
for one. A copy with the privilege and
dedication ought to have 16 unnumbered
leaves of preliminary matter, and 886
pages. Stanley has taken the edition of
Canterus for his basis, collected all the ex-
planations up to that period, augmented
the scholia, and subjoined a new trans-

tragg. superstites, gr. in eas scholia, c. vers. lat. et comm. Th. Stanleji et notis Fr. Robortelli, Adr. Turnebi, H. Stephani et Gu. Canteri, Curante J. Corn. de Pauw, cuj. notæ acc. Hag. Com., Gosse, 1745. large 4°. 2 voll.

A reprint of Stanley's edition with all its errors, and with a prolix and often worthless commentary.-Ant. Askew specim. novæ ed. tragg. Eschyli, Lugd. Bat. 1746. 4to. was only announced: his apparatus Butler made use of, see below. 186 Eæd. c. vers. lat. et lectt. varr. Glasguæ, Foulis, 1746. small 8°. 2 voll.

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The Glasgow edition of 1746 forms its groundwork. The text, especially in the Supplices, has important, and in part valuable alterations, and is printed after a copy furnished with R. Porson's corrections and conjectures, but without the professor's knowledge: for this reason in the edition of 1806 he did not acknowledge this as his. It is in other respects fine, and the impression not large (63 copies?). On very large paper only 11 copies are said to be printed. Sometimes plates are annexed to it, VOL. I.

engraved by Piroli after designs by Flax


189 tragg. quæ supers. ac deper-
ditar. fragmm. Rec., var. lect. et
comm. perpetuo illustrav., scholia
gr., apparat. histor. et lexicon Es-
Hal., Gebauer 1782-97,
chyleum adjec. Ch. Gf. Schütz.
8°. 3 voll.
A new critical work, with his own
commentary. The latter has a separate
title-page.-Ed. II. Hal. 1799-1807. 8°.
3 vols. Ed. III. ib. 1809-1811. 8°. 3
vols. (6 d. 18 gr., on writing paper 7 d.
18 gr.) The scholia, historical apparatus
and lexicon have not yet appeared to either
of these three editions.

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190 tragg. VII. Denuo rec. et vers. lat. adjec. Ch. Gf. Schütz. Hal., Gebauer, 1800-1801. 8°. 2 voll. (2 d. 18 gr.)


A smaller pocket-edition without the annotations of the preceding, but with a Latin translation and various readings. dramata quæ supers. et deperditor. fragmm. gr. et 1. Rec. et brevi annotat. illustr. F. H. Bothe. Lps., Weidmann, 1805. large 8°. (2 d. 18 gr.)


Glasguæ, exc. Foulis, 1794. vetragg. VII. gr. c. vers. lat. neunt Lond., Payne, 1806. small 2 vols.


By R. Porson, but without annotations. The text is that of 1795, but there are altered passages denoted by marks. See Wolf's Analect. art. 3. 284 and following pages. Copies on large paper very


193tragg. quæ supers., deperditar. fabular. fragmm. et scholia gr. ex ed. Th. Stanleji, c. vers. lat. ab ipso emendata et comm. longe quam antea fuit auctiori, ex MSS. ejus nunc pr. edito; acc. varr. lectt. et notæ viror. doct. critt. et philoll., quib. suas passim intertexuit Sm. Butler. Cbr.. typ. acad. 1809. 8°. 8 vol. (4 guineas) also 4°. 4 vols. (8 guineas.)

A faithful reprint of Stanley's edition, but enlarged with a selection of the best subsequent observations, and with a new critical apparatus.


tragg. gr. ex ed. Ch. Gf. Schütz. Öx., Bliss, 1809. 32°.

A pleasing edition which belongs to the

collection of the Greek tragedians which appeared at the same place. See Euripides and Sophocles.


tragg. quæ supers., gr. et 1. Rec., varietate lect. et comm. perp. illustrav. Ch. Gf. Schütz. Ox., Bliss, 1810. 8°. 2 vols. Also on large paper.

196 tragœdiæ, Prometheus, Persæ et Septem ad Thebas: Sophoclis Antigone: Euripidis Medea (gr.) ex opt. exempll. emendatæ (stud. Rch. Fr. Ph. Brunck). Arg. 1779. 8°. Also 4°. with a wide margin. 197-tragœdiæ selectæ ÆEschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis. C. duplici interpr. lat. una ad verbum, altera carmine. Exc. H. Steph. 1567. 12°. 955 and 379 pages.


Commonly in 3 vols. Fine copies are Containing Euripidis Hecuba, Iphig. in Aul., Medea, Alceste. Sophoclis Ajax, Electra, Antig. Eschyli Prometh. 198 Choëphora, gr. lat. Glasg., Foulis, 1777. 4°.

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199 Eumenides. Spec. novæ rec. tragg. Æsch. auct. Gf. Hermanno. Lps. 1799. 8°. (6 gr.)



Prometheus c. Stanleiana versione, scholiis a, ß et y ineditis, amplissimisq. varior. notis, quib. suas adjec. nec non scholia de metro ac anglic. interpretationem Th. Morell. Lond. 1773. 4°.

Good materials, but without selection and order. Prometheus c. interpr. Mthi. Garbitii. Bas., Oporin. 1559. 8°. The text of


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Rather scarce. The text of Stephens with some variations in the margin. septem contra Thebas. Ad fid. MSS. emend., notas et glossar. adjec. C. Jac. Blomfield. Cbr. 1812. 8°. (7s.)

205-Persæ. Ad fid. MSS. emend. etc. C. Jac. Blomfield. Cbr. 1814.8°. (7s.) 206 - théâtre d'Eschyle, en gr. et en franç. trad. par Fr. J. Gbr. de la Porte Dutheil. Par. an III. (1794), T. I. P. I. II. 8°. with plates. (12 fr.)

The second volume which has not appeared, was to have contained the notes. Also translated by Lefranc de Pompignan. Par 1770. 8°. and in his Œuvres, Par. 1786. 8°.6 vols. 207-Trauerspiele, deutsch v. F.Trg. Lbr. Danz. Lpz., Schwickert, 1805 -1808. large 8°. 2 voll. (2 d.) 208-Trauerspiele, übs. v. Gf. Fähse. Lpz., Reclam, 1809. 8°. (2 d.) 209 vier Tragg. (Prom., Sieb. g. Theb., Pers., Eumen.) übs. v. F. Lp. Graf zu Stolberg. Hmb., Perthes, 1802. large 8°. with 16 plates (on writing paper 2 d. 18 gr., on vellum paper 4 d.)

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Also the following single translations : Agamemn. in d. Versart. d. Urschrift verdeutscht v. C. Ph. Conz. Tüb. 1815. 8°. Agam. metr. übs. v. W. Humboldt. Lpz. 1816. 4°. Also by Dn. Jenisch. Berl. u. Liebau, 1786. 8°. D. Perser. u. Sieb. g. Theb. in d. Versart. d. Urschr. übs. v. C. Ph. Conz. Tüb. 1817. 8°. Sieb. g. Theb. a. d. Gr. v. J. W. Süvern. Halle, 1797. 8°. Coephor. metr. verd. u. m. Anmm. begl. v. C. Ph. Conz. Zür. 1811.8°. Eumeniden in d. Versart d. Urschr. verdeutscht v. C. Ph. Conz. Tüb. 1816. 8°. De Perzen, dramatisch Dichtstuk, naar het Grieksch van Eschylus. Door J. da Costa. Amst. 1816. large 8°. (1 fl. 16 st.)

[blocks in formation]

At first at Norwich, 1777. 4°. To which is added as a supplement, Notes on the tragedies of Eschylus, Lond. 1778. 4°. A new edition in one volume, Lond. 1809. 8°., and Oxford, 1812. 8°.


Explanatory writers: J. Meursii Æschylus, Sophocl. Eurip. s. de eor. tragediis lib. LB. 1619. 4° also enlarged in Gron. thes. ant. gr. X. 398 pages. Ph. F. C. Petersen de Eschyli vita et fabb. Hafn. 1814. 8°. 224 pages. Gf. Hermanni obss. crit. in

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