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541 AMENITATES poeticæ s. Thdr. Beza, M. Ant. Mureti et J. Secundi juvenilia, tum J. Bonefonii pancharis etc. Par., Barbou,

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These three books ought not to be separated. All three also on large paper.— Also, Ammonii comm. in Arist. prædicc. (ed. J. Bn. Felicianus.) Ven., de Sabio, 1545. 8°.

There are only a few copies on vellum paper. The 4th volume, which was to contain the grammars of Gerbillon and Amyot already printed, and the unprinted grammar by Domenge and Raux has not appeared. Amyot gramm. Tartare- Mantchou in the Mém. concern. la Chine T. 13., where there is also more by him.

545 ANA ou collection de bons mots, contes, pensées détachées etc. Amst. et Par. an VII (1799). 8°. 10 voll. Also on Dutch paper.

The hitherto most complete catalogue of the writers in Ana is in Gbr. Peignot répertoire des bibliographies spéciales. Par. 1810. 8°. p. 211-262. One still more complete, an entirely new compilation, I have ready for the press. Also the French literary character, J. Félicissime Adry (†1818), left behind him in MS. a hist. raisonn. des Ana et mélanges litt.

546 ANACHARSIDIS epistolæ gr. et lat. Par., Gu. Morellus, 1552. 4°. Scarce.

Also, Par., Prevostæus, 1581. 4°. 547 ANACREONTIS odæ ab H. Stephano luce et latinitate nunc prim. donatæ. Lutet., H. Steph. 1554. 4°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 110 pages.

1779. 12°.

This edition has the advantage of the earlier one, Par., Barbou, 1757. 12°. in containing the Juvenilia of du Bellay and two neat portraits of Beza and Muretus. 542 AMORETTI, C. Opuscoli scelti sulle scienze e sulle arti, tratti dagli longer to be found. To this may be joined,

The first edition, fine and scarce, which also contains Alcæus and Sappho. The 2 MSS. after which he prepared it are no

atti delle academie e dalle altre col-

Anacr. oda lat. factæ ab Helia Andrea.
Par., Th. Richard, 1555. 4°.


548 et alior. lyricor. aliquot poetar. odæ (gr.) In easd. H. Stephani obss. Eæd. lat. (a Stephano). Par., Gu. Morell. et Rb. Steph. 1556. 8°. 122 pages. To which is added, Anacr. odæ ab Hel. Andrea lat. factæ. ib. 1556. 8°. 54 pages.

A repetition of the preceding, with some trifling alterations by Morell.-Anacr. carmina c. interpr. Eilh. Lubini. Rost. 1597. 4. 24 leaves. The translation only is new.

519 — τα μελη, μετα σχολίων ̓Αρμανδου the end
Ιωαννου Βουθιλλιηριου ἀρχιμανδρίτου.
Par., Jac. Dugast, 1639. 8°. 6 leaves
of preliminary matter and 145

Other copies have in the title and dedication, Ιωανν. ̓Αρμ. instead of ̓Αρμ. Ιωανν. Two copies are known which have an entirely different dedication, beginning, 'Ek παιδων ταυτα ἐφρονησα. From the 5th leaf onwards all copies are alike. It was edited at the age of 12 years by the afterwards celebrated abbé de Rancé, who latterly carefully destroyed it, so that it is consequently rare. Copies, however, are said to have been published with a new title of 1647. The text is after Stephens. The Greek scholia, which Maittaire had printed again in his edition of 1740, are not without value. See Chardon mélanges I. 144. sqq. Copies also on large paper.

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550 et Sapphonis carmina. Notas et animadvv. addid. Tanaq. Faber. Salmur. 1660. 12°.


The notes are critical, and of value. Repeated, ib. 1680. 12°. ib. 1690. 12°. (incorrect), and c. ital. traduct. Bm. Corsini. Neapoli, 1700. 12°.

551 odæ ab H. Stephano luce et
latin. donatæ. Cbr. 1684. 12°.
A faithful reprint of Stephens's edition.
carmina (gr. et lat.) mendis
purgav., metra restituit, notasq. c.
nova interpr. literali adj. W. Bax-
ter. Acc. Sapphus odaria etc. Lond.
1695. small 8°. also, ib. 1710. small


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A new recension, but with very arbitrary and often groundless alterations. The 2nd edition is preferred as less in


notes. There ought to be in it three portraits of Anacreon, Barnes, and the duke of Marlborough. The editions, ib. 1721. (also with three portraits) and Lond. 1734. large 12°. are less sought after, as being not so fine, although that of 1721 is the best. 554 opera gr. c. lat. versione, notis et ind. (ed. Mch. Maittaire). Lond., Bowyer, 1725. large 4°. 4 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter, LXXIV. and and 75 pages, I leaf of the list of subscribers at


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Stephens's text, with a new Latin metrical version, notis varior., and index. Fine and scarce, as only 100 copies were printed. See the preface to the following edition.

555 Anacreontis editio altera, c. novis versionib., scholiis et not. (ed. Mch. Maittaire). Lond., Bowyer, 1740. large 4°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 117 pages.

Also only 100 copies (see the preface), 6 of which are on large paper. It contains new notes, the Latin translations of Stephens and Andreas, the fragments of Alcæus and Sappho, and the Greek scholia of the Abbé de Rancé; but it wants the entire apparatus of the preceding edition, so that both must be had together.

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odæ et fragmenta, gr. et lat. c. notis J. Corn. de Pauw. Trj. ad Rh. 1732. small 4°.

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His critical boldness and rashness are perhaps too severely chastised in d'Orville vannus crit. Amst. 1737. 8°. Also on large paper. A new title in the year 1753. 557 carmina c. notis perpet. et vers. lat. elegiaca. Acc. ej. et Sapphus fragmm. (cur. Jos. Trapp). Ed. II. emend. Lond. 1742. 8°.

At first, Lond. 1733. 8°. Principally after Barnes, yet with some critical notes also of his own. D'Orville l. c. 69 and 557. praises it. 558 carmina, addita partim H. Stephani, partim El. Andreæ latina interpretatione. J. Lamius rec. Flor., Bruscagli, 1742. 12°. 139 pages.

After Barnes. Without accents, and with some trifling alterations in the translations. Inserted in the Index libr. prohib. and is


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553 Anacreon emendatus, pristino nitori restitutus, auctus op. et st. Josua Barnes. Cbr. 1705. large 12°.

A new recension after a Vatican MS. 559 ᾠδαι, και τα της Σαπφους και τα with a new prose translation and valuable του ̓Αλκαιου λειψανα. (gr. lat.) Glasg.,

Foulis, 1744, or 1757, or 1770, or 1783, or 1801. small 8°.


The same title. (gr.) Glasg., Foulis, 1751. 32°.

There are some copies on satin. Both editions after Stephens.


convivialia semiiambia (gr. ed. Jos. Spaletti). Rom. 1781. large fol. 5 leaves of preliminary matter and 60 pages of text, whereof the 16 first are engraved in plates, and contain a copy, not altogether accurate, of the Vatican MS. There is also at the beginning a copperplate with a likeness of Anacreon; and at the end a leaf with a vignette and a Greek motto. Copies which contain only the first 16 engraved pages with the plates (one such on vellum was sold for 148 fr. at Paris, 1811), or containing only the Greek printed text (the last with the year 1783), are of less value, because the copperplates and text mutually complete each other. A complete copy on vellum in M'Carthy's library, 192 fr.-A more accurate description of the Vatican MS. by Lévesque in Notices et extraits, V. 465 sqq.

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Fine edition, with Greek running characters; only 112 copies, whereof 4 are on vellum (M'Carthy 255 fr.), and some on Dutch paper. The first leaf with a notice of the printer, Pauca admodum, &c. is sometimes wanting.

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- odaria præfixo comm. quo poetæ genus traditur et bibliotheca Anacreonteia adumbratur. Additis var. lectionib. Parmæ, ex reg. typogr. (17 Kal. Apr. 1785). large 4°. 2 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter, XCIV. and 100 pages, and one unnumbered leaf at the end with the colophon.

In capital letters. There are two editions of this year, of which the second is less fine and more common. Copies on blueish paper, fine and neat; also on vellum paper. Stephens's text corrected after Brunck. The editor was Th. Valperga a Calusio. carmina. Acc. selecta quæd. e lyricor. reliquiis. Editio (Rch. Ph. Fr. Brunckii) tertia locupletior. Arg. 1786. 18°. 149 pages.


A completely new recension, and of pleasing appearance. A copy on vellum, M'Carthy III fr. Previously, Arg. 1778. 16°. 128 pages (also on vellum), and Ed. II. emend.

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572 carmina. Textum rec. et animadv. crit. illustr. E. Ant. Mobius. Hal., Hemmerde, 1810. small 8°. (14 gr., writing paper, with plates, 20 gr.)

Small and school editions by J. F. Degen.

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Ed. 3. Erl. 1808. 8°. (16 gr.), by the same, Greek and German, with German annotations for Dilettanti, Altenb. 1787. 8°. (20 gr.), by F. Glo. Born. Ed. II. (by Gf. H. Schäfer), Lips. 1809. 8°. (12 gr.) After Brunck and Schäfer, Lips., Tauchnitz, 1811. 12°. (8 gr.)


poesias de Anacreon, traduc. del griego por José Ant. Conde. Madr. 1796. 8°.

Also, trad. en verso castell. por Josef y Bernabé Canga Arguelles. Madr., Sancha, 1795. 4°. (6 rs.) and by Estev. Man. de Villegas in the Parnaso español T. II. p. 67-121.


Anacreonte, tradotto in versi Italiani da varj, con la giunta del testo gr. e della versione lat. di Giosue Barnes. Ven., 1736. large 4°.

Scarce in Italy. Containing besides versions of anonymous authors, those by Bm. Corsini (Par. 1672. and Fir, 1695. 12°.), Regnier Desmarais (with the Greek text and the notes of Ménage, Par. 1693. 8°.), Als. Marchetti (Lucca, 1707. 8°. suppressed, Lond. 1803. 8°.), and two separate versions by Ant. Mar. Salvini (Fir. 1695. 12°.)—Also in rime ital. da Ces. Gaetani della Torre. Siracusa, Pulejo, 1777. 4°. Canzoni di Anacr. trad. dal gr. in verso sciolto da Mariana Valguarnera. Palermo, 1795. 12°. With the Greek text corrected after 2 MSS. at Falermo, in versi ital. da Fr. Saverio de' Rogati. Colle, 1783. 8°. 2 voll. 575

poesie recate in versi ital. da Eritisco Pilenejo (Luc. Ant. Pagnini). Parma, Bodoni, 1793. 4°. Also on large paper.


Le odi di Anacr. e le poesie di Saffo, trad. in versi ital. dal medes. Parma, Bodoni, 1795. small 8°. 6 copies on vellum.

577 odi recate nuovam. dal Greco in verso Ital. (da Ant. Winspeare). Ven. 1817. 8°. LIII and 191 pages.

Containing also a life of Anacreon and valuable notes by count Gius. Zurlo. 578 Anacréon, Sappho, Bion et Moschus, trad. nouv. en prose, suivie de la veillée des fêtes de Vénus (par Jul. Jac. Moutonnet de Clairfons). Par., le Boucher, 1773. large 8°. with plates.

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Fine edition to which is added, Héro et Léandre, poeme de Musée. Par. 1774. large 8°. Copies also of both on Dutch paper, in large 4°. Cheap reprints, Par.

1775 and 1779. 12°. A copy of the reprint of 1782. on Dutch paper, in 4°. with the designs of Eisen and 28 pictures on vellum, 800 fr. in 1785.

Other translations, by Rmg. Belleau, Par. 1556 or 1571. 12°. by Hil. Bn. de Requeleyne, baron de Longepierre, Par. 1684 or 1692. 12°. by Madame Dacier, Par. 1681. 12°. Amst. 1699 or 1716. 8°. both with the Greek text. Imitation en vers. fr. des odes d'A. par Mérard de St. Just. Par. an 6, 8°. On vellum 2 copies : 70 fr. St. Just. 72 fr. M'Carthy. Odes d'A. trad. en vers sur le texte de Brunck, par J.. B.. de St. Victor. Par. 1810. 8°. vellum paper with plates 24 fr.


Anacreon (German) m. Anmm. v. F. Cp. Brosse. Berl., Dunker, 1806. 8°. (vellum paper d.)

Other translations: Auserl. Oden A's u. die noch übrr. Oden des Sappho m. Anmm. v. C. W. Ramler. Berl., 1801. large 8°. (16 gr., vellum paper 1 d.) Anacr. u. Sappho v. Ch. Adf. Overbek. Lüb. 1800. 8°. (1 d., vellum paper 1 d. 12 gr.)


580- - Anacreon transl. by Th. Moore. Lond. 1800. 4°. with plates.

Ed. 3. Lond. 1803. 12°. ib. 1810. 12o. 2 vols. (148.) greatly prized in England. Transl. into Engl. verse, w. notes and the orig. Gr. by J. Addison. Lond. 1735. 12°. Anacr., Bion and Moschus, transl. by Stanley. Lond. 1815. 12°. (1l. 48.) Only 150 copies printed. In Dutch by J. H. Hoeufft. Breda, 1816. large 8°. (18 st.) In Polish, Warsch. 1774. 4°. and 8°. In Russian, with the Greek text and notes, Ptb. 1794. 4°. In Hungarian by Ant. Zechenter, Prag. 1785. 8°. In Swedish, with Sappho, Bion and Moschus by G... Paykull. Sth. 1787.8°.—Anacr. carminum paraphr. eleg. auct. J. H. Hoeufft. Dordr. 1795. 8°. Eiusd. tentamen Anacr. alterum (metro anacr.) ib. 1797. 8°.

Explanatory works: (J. Glo. Schneider) Anmm. ub. d. Anacr. Lpz. 1770. 8°. (8 gr.) J. C. Zeunii animadvv. ad Anacr. Plat. et

Xenoph. Lps. 1775. 8°. (8 gr.) 581 ANALECTA musar. Anglicanar. Ox., th. Sheld., 1699. small 8°. 2 vols. ; also on large paper.

Ed. 3. 1714. Ed. 4. aucta. Lond. 1741. 12°. 2 voll. See also ANTHOLOGIA and COTELERIUS.

582 ANANIAS Antiparius. Grammatica græca vulgaris. Ven. 1784.4°. 583 σπλαγχνον γραμματικής ή περι μοριων, συγγραφεν παρα του ̓Ανανιου. Ενετιῃσιν, αψξδ ́ (1764). 4.

Upon the Greek particles, and almost entirely unknown in Germany.

584 ANASTASII bibliothecarii vitæ romanor. pontiff. a b. Petro ad Nic. I. op. et st. Fr. Blanchini. Rom. 1718-35. fol. 4 voll. Also large paper.

Vol. I. contains the whole of Anastasius, the rest contain the text in distinct pieces, with a rich apparatus, yet only as far as Stephen III. A fifth and last volume has not appeared. To which is added, J. Ciampini examen libri pontificialis. Rom. 1688. 4°. (also in Muratori SS. rer. it. T. 3.) As far as regards the text, the edition (from 19 MSS.) by J. Vignolius is still more correct, Rom. 1724. 4°. with 2 plates. Of the first edition (by J. Busæus), Mog. 1602. 4°. there are said to be two copies, where is found page 293 of the history of papess Joanna, which is wanting in the See also BYZANTINA. ANCHARANO, Jac. de, see THE



585 ANCHER, Pt. Kofod. Danske Lov-Historie. Kiöbenh. 1769-72.

4°. 2 voll.

A new edition, with observations by Schlegel, ib. 1807-9. 8°. 2 vols. Copious and profound.

586farrago legum antiquar. Da

niæ municipalium. Havn. 1776. 4°. 587 lex Cimbrica antiqua lingua Danica, variis lectt., vers. lat., animadvv. etc. illustrata. Havn. 1783. 4°.

588 ANCHIETA, Jos. de. Arte de grammatica da lingoa mais usada na costa do Brasil. Coimbra, 1595. small 8°. 60 leaves. ANCONA, see AUGUSTINI summa. 589 ANCORA, Gaetano d'. Guida ragionata per le antichità e per le curiosità naturali di Pozzuoli e de' luoghi circonvicini. Napoli, 1792. large 8°. with 51 plates.

At the same time also a French translation of this excellent work appeared at Naples.

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590 ANCOURT, Flor. Carton d'. Œuvres de théâtre. Par. 1742. 12°. 8 voll.; also ib. 1760. 12°. 12 vols. with music.

591 ANCROIA. Libro della regina Ancroja. Ven., Fil. di Piero, 1479. fol. Gothic letter, in 2 columns.

The first edition of this romantic poem of 30 cantos in ottava rima, altogether un

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