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quarti ad Gualter. Incipit felicit. Without place or date, small fol. Gothic letter.

77 unnumbered leaves, without catchwords, signatures, and pagination: in a full page 34 to 36 lines. The book com

mences on the reverse of the first leaf: Incipiut tituli capitulor. tractato amoris et de amoris remedio. In the recto of the third leaf is the commencement of the book itself with the above-mentioned title. On the reverse of the 77th leaf is the following colophon: Explicit tractato amoris et d' remedio p Andrea cappellanū jnnocencij pape quarti editu. See also Freytag Nachrr. v. selt. BB. 262.

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rent. bibl. eruta, ex interpr. Ang. Mar. Riccii. Flor., 1732. 4°.

Also in Omelie scelte di S. Basilio. ib. eod. 4-Opera, see above AMPHILOCHIUS. Oratt. XI in Gallandi B. PP. T. XIII. p 93 ss. Homilia in Joann. evang. gr. et lat. ed. G. Wallin. P. I-III. Ups. 1730-32. 4°. Sermo in vitam hum. et in defunctos, gr. lat. in Meursii opp. T. VIII. ed. Flor.

609 ANDREAS (Rampinus) de Ysernia. Apparatus super Constitucionibus regni (Sicilia). Neapoli, Sistus (Riessinger), 1472. fol.

The first edition, very scarce and fine. 610 ANDREAS Gudmund. Lexicon Islandicum, in lucem product. per Pt. J. Resenium. Havn. 1683. 4°. 298 pages. 611 ANDREAS, Valer. Imagines doctor. viror. e variis gentib. elogiis brevib. illustratæ. Antw. 1611. 12°. 96 pages, with 73 woodcuts. 612 ANDREINI, Gi. Bt. l'Adamo, sacra representatione. Milano, Geron. Bordoni, 1613. 4°. with 39 plates, designed by Procaccini, engraved by Bassoni.

The first, scarce, and splendidly printed edition of a piece which is said to have furnished Milton with the idea of his Paradise Lost. Also, Mil. 1617. 4°. with the same

plates. Perugia, 1641. 12°. Modena, 1685.


613 ANDRÉOSSY. Histoire du canal du midi. Par., an XIII (1804). 4°. and atlas of 28 plates (42 fr.)


à l'embouchure de la Voyage mer-noire ou essai sur le bosphore et la partie du Delta de Thrace. Par. 1818. 8°. with atlas of 1 map and 8 plates in oblong folio (15 fr., vellum, paper 30 fr.) 615 ANDRES, Gi. Dell' origine, de' progressi e dello stato attuale d'ogni letteratura. Parma, stamp. reale Bodoni), 1783-97. 4°. 7 voll. Also large paper.

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A learned and esteemed work. Reprinted, Ven. 1783-1800. 8°. 22 vols. Prato, 1806 sqq. 8°.-Del origen, progressos y estado actual de toda la literatura, traduc. del ital. (por C. Andrès). Madr., Sancha, 1784-99. 4°. 9 voll. (108 rs.) A French

translation by Ortolani, Par. 1805. 8°. only the first volume appeared.


616 - - cartas familiares á su hermano D. Carlos, dandole noticia del viage que hizo á varias ciudades de Italia en el año de 1785. Madr., Sancha, 1786-93. 8°. 5 voll. (30 rs.)

An incomplete translation by E. A. Schmid, Weim. 1792. large 8°. (1 d. 12 gr.)


cartas á su hermano D. Carlos, ticias literarias. Madr., Sancha, en las que le comunica varias no1805. 8°. (4 rs.)


anecdota græca et latina ex MSS. codd. bibl. regia Neapolitana depromta. T. I. Neapoli, 1816. 4°. 619 ANDREWS, H.. C... Botanist's repository for new and rare plants, containing coloured figures of such plants as have not hitherto appeared in any similar production, with descriptions in English and Latin. Lond. 1797 sqq. large 4°. 10 vols. vellum paper, with 664 coloured plates.

Each of the first 34 numbers had only 3 plates, and cost 2s. 6d.; the following numbers have 6 plates, and cost 5s. Very beautifully executed.

620- coloured engravings of heaths, plants only, with the appropriate the drawings taken from living specific character, full description etc. Lond. 1802 sqq. fol. with coloured plates.

I know 77 Nos. each of 3 plates. About 181. A smaller edition of this work is, Heathery, or a monography of the genus erica, with English and Latin text, Lond. 1804 sqq. 8°. 4 vols. in 40 Nos. each of 6 plates. By the same author there is, Roses, or monography of the genus rosa, since 1805. in 4°. with coloured plates; each No. at 5s.: and the Geraniums, in the same form as the preceding.

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621 ANDRONICI Rhodii ethicor. Nichomacheor. paraphrasis (gr.) c. interpr. Dn. Heinsii, acc. eiusd. libell. Teρ Tawv i. e. de animi affectt. LB. 1617. 8°.

More correct than the reprint, Cbr. 1679. small 8°. of which last however copies on fine paper are scarce and dear.-Compare ARISTOTELES, No. 1152.-At first under the title, Incerti auctoris paraphr. ethicor.



lat. ex bibl. LB. edita a Dn. Heinsio. 630. livre des édifices antiques roLB. 1607. 4°. mains. Without place, 1583. fol. 622 ethicor. Nicomacheor. pa- petit traitté des cinq corps raphr. gr. c. interpr. Dn. Heinsii. des colomnes. Par. 1583. fol. with Subjung. Andronici libell. de animi plates. affectt. Ox., typ. Clarend. 1809. 8°. (14s.)


paraphrase of Andronichus Rhodius on the Nichomachean ethics of Aristotle, transl. by Bridgman. Lond. 1807. 4°. (11. 11s. 6d.) 624 ANDRONICI, Tranq. Parthenii, dialogus Sylla. Without place, 1527. 12°.


A copy on vellum, M'Carthy, 81 fr. ad optimates Polonos admonitio. Cracov., Hi. Vietor, 1545.4°. A copy on vellum, M'Carthy, 60 fr. 626 ANDROUET du Cerceau, Jac. Livre d'architecture contenant les plans et dessaings de 50 bâtimens tous différens. Par., Prevost, 1559. fol. 16 leaves of text and 69 leaves of plates.


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632 leçons de perspective positive. Par. 1576. fol. I leaves of text and 60 leaves of plates.


livre de grotesques. Par., Wechel, 1566. fol. 2 leaves of text and 35 leaves of plates.

Also, Lutet. 1562. 4°. All the works of this architect are scarce, and sought after in France, but of low price.

634 ANECDOTA literaria ex MSS.
codd. eruta (a J. Cp. Amadutio et
J. L. Bianconio, gr. lat.) Rom.
1773-83. 8°. 4 voll.
ANFANG, Urspr. u. Herkomm. d.
Turniers, see RÜXNER.
635 ANGELI, Bon. La historia
della citta di Parma, et la descrit-
tione del fiume Parma. Parma, Vi-
otto, 1591. 4°.

Copies which have no cancels in pages 527-530 are sought after. The substituted pages are easily distinguishable by the difference of the printing, and were added on account of certain passages relative to Pt. L. Farnese.

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640 ANICH, Pt. Tirolis, chorographice delineata a Pt. Anich et Blasio Hueber, cura Ign. Weinhart. Vindob. 1774. fol. 21 leaves.

Formerly scarce, but now easy to be met with. There is also a very small engraved copy in 6 leaves.

641 ANNALEN, medicin., edited by J. F. Pierer under the following ti

tles: Medic. Nationalzeit, auf d. JJ. 1798 u. 99. 2 voll. at 4 d. 8 gr.Allg. med. Annal. d. J. 1800. 4 d. 8 gr.-Allg. med. Ann. d. 19. Jahrh. auf d. J. 1801-10. at 4 d. 8 gr. Supplbd z. erst. Decenn. 1801-10. (with Generalrepertor.) in 8 Heften 5 d. Annalen 1811-12. (in Doppelheften) at 8 d. 16 gr. 1813 (nur 9 Hefte, Jan.-Sept.) 6 d. 16 gr. 1814-1818. at 6 d. 16 gr. Altenb. large 4°. in monthly Nos. It is going on.

The following are to be had at reduced prices for ready money: the years 1798 1815. fol. 24 d. 1806-15. fol. 18 d. 16 gr. 1811-1815. fol. 12 d.


642 ANNALEN, Europäische, edited by E. L. Posselt 1795-1806. by others 1807-1818. Tüb., Cotta, large 8°. The annual set (12 parts in 2 vols.) 4 d. 8 gr. and since 1812, 5 d. 12 gr. It is going on. d. neuest. theol. Lit. u. Kirchengesch. (edited by J. Mth. Hassencamp). Rinteln u. Lpz., Barth, 1789-97.9 years, with supplements, at 3 d.-neue Ann. d. th. Lit. u. KG. (by C. Gli. Horstig and L. Wachler). Rint. (Lpz. Barth), 1798-99, 2 years, at 3 d.-neue theol. Annal. u. Nachrichten (edited by L. Wachler), 1800-8. Lpz., Barth. 9 years, at 4 d. 8 gr. 180911. Marb. 3 years, at 4 d. 8 gr. 1812-18. Marb. 7 years, at 5 d. In 8°. It is going on.


d. Physik, edited by L. W. Gilbert. B. 1-30. Halle, Renger, 1799-1808. (66 d. 16 gr.) Suppl. Heft z. 12n B. 1803. (1 d.) Annalen d. Phys. neue Folge. B. 127. Lpz., Barth, 1809-17. large 8°. with plates. The annual set in 12

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Nos. or 3 vols. at 6 d. 16 gr. It is going on.

This journal includes, F. Alb. C. Gren's Journ. d. Phys. Lpz., Barth, 1790-94. large 8°. 8 vols. (12 d.) and Neues Journ. ib. 1795-97. large 8°. 4 vols. (6 d. 16 gr.) 645 ANNALES de l'agriculture française, par une société d'agriculteurs, rédigées par MM. Tessier, Bagot et Bosc. Par. an VI (1799)-1817. 8°. 70 vols. with plates (300 fr.) Since 1818 seconde Collection, 4 vols. annually. It is going on. des arts et manufactures, ou mémoires technologiques, par O'Reilly et Barbier de Vémars. Ire Collection. Par. an XIII (1805) -1815. 8°. with plates, 56 vols.


whereof the last is an index. The

whole 360 fr. 2de Collect. Par. 1815 sqq. 8°. From July onward, in monthly parts of 7 sheets. The annual set of 4 vols. 30 fr. at Paris, and 40 fr. in foreign countries. It is going on.

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To which is added, Journal des arts et manufactures. Par., an. 3, 8°. 12 parts with plates.


de chimie, ou recueil des mémoires concernant la chimie et les arts, qui en dépendent, par MM. Guyton-Morveau, Lavoisier, Berthollet, Fourcroy etc. Par. 17891815. 8°. 96 vols. subscription price of the annual set 18 fr. at Paris, and 24 fr. in foreign countries. To which is added 2 vols. of index.-Annales de chimie et de physique, par MM. Arago, d'Arcet, Berthollet, Bouillon-Lagrange, Chaptal, Deyeux, Gay-Lussac, Hassenfratz, Laugier, Monge, Prieur, Seguin, Thenard et Vauquelin. Par. 1816 sqq. 8°. In monthly parts of 7 sheets. The annual set in 3 vols. subscription price at Paris 20 fr., and 26 fr. for foreign countries. It is going on.

648 du muséum d'hist. nat. Par. an XI (1802)-1813. 4°. 20 vols. with plates (600_fr., on vellum paper 1200 fr.) In which is included, Mémoires du mus. d'hist. nat.

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650 ANNÉE littéraire (by Fréron the father, and others, from 1754 to 1776; continued by Fréron the son, Royon, Geoffroy, Brotier, and others, up to 1790). Par. 1754-91. 12°. 292 vols. (in France 240-300 fr.)

Greatly sought after, and seldom found complete. The first annual set contains 7 vols. and each of the other years 8. The year 1790 contains only 38 numbers instead of 60, whereof the last was published in November 1791. Of number 39 sheet S was indeed printed, but not published. Of Geoffroy's and Grosier's continuation in the year 1800 only 45 numbers in 7 vols. appeared.

The Année includes Lettres sur quelq. écrits de ce temps. Lond. (Par.) 1752-54. 12°. 13 voll.

651 ANNII Viterbiensis, J., commentaria super opera diversor. auctor. de antiquitatib. loquentium. Romæ in campo Floræм.CCCC.XCVIII. d. x. Jul. per Euchar. Silber, fol. With the signatures A-& and c-k; without catchwords and pagination. The text in Gothic letter, the commentaries in Roman characters.

The first edition, rare, but little sought after, of a book often printed. The subsequent editions contain sometimes more, sometimes less, and differ also in their internal arrangement. The following contain the commentary of Annius: Rom. 1499. 4° Par., Ascens. 1512. fol. ib. id. 1515. fol. Antw. 1545. 8°. ib. 1552. 8°. (these two editions are the most correct, and contain also two pieces of Aretius, which are wanting in the earlier editions.) Lugd. 1554. 16°. 2 vols. Witt. 1612. 8°. (a reprint of the Antwerp impression, and the latest edition, but yet not quite cor

rect). In the following the commentary is wanting: (Ven.) ap. Bn. Venetum, 1498. 4. Par., Marchant et Marnef, 1510. 4°. (Par.) 1511. 4°. ed. Ant. Nebrissensis, Burgos, 1512. 4°. Bas., Bebel, 1530. 4°. Lugd. 1552. 16°. ib. 1560. 16°. Halb. ap. Commelin. 1599. 8°. (this contains instead Varrerii censuram.) Àn Italian translation (i cinque libri de le antichità de Beroso) by Pt. Lauro, Ven. 1550. 8°. and by Fr. Sansovino (not Lauro, consult Paitoni bibl. d. aut. volgarizz. I. 173), Ven. 1583. 4°. Previously by Gi. Bt. Roscio, with Dictys and Dares, Ven. 1543. 8°.

Respecting the spuriousness of this work, see Fabr. bibl. gr. T. XIV. vet. where also, p. 175-211, the genuine fragments of Berosus, Greek and Latin, are collected together. Concerning the writings for and against the genuineness, see Cat. Bunav. T. I. Vol. 2. p. 1027. and Freytag anall. 582. Casp. Varrerii censura (Rom. 1565 4.) also, in bibl. PP. Lugd. T. I. p. 529 ss. Ang. Flörchen apologia vindiciaria pro Beroso Anniano. Hildesii, 1759. 8°. De Beroso babylon. hist. vetusto scriptore, see J. Sal. Semleri misc. lectt. Fasc. I. Nrb. 1748-8. p. 27 ss.

652 ANNO. Der Lobgesang auf d. h. Anno in d. altdeutsch. Grundspr. d. 11. Jahrh. u. m. e. Einl., Uebs. u. Anmm. herausg. v. G. A. J. Goldmann. Lpz. and Altenb., Brockhaus, 1816. 8°. (20 gr.)

At first by Mt. Opitz. Danz. 1639. 8°. Best in Schilteri thes. T. I. and in Opitz Gedicht. Zür. 1755. 8°. p. 155-350. Hegewisch's edition in the deutsch. Mag. 1791. Jul. p. 10-75. is altogether a fruitless labour.

653 ANNOTATIONES doctor. viror. in grammaticos, oratores, poetas, philosophos, theologos et leges. Par., Ascens. 1512. fol.

Earlier and less complete editions of this collection of different critical observations are, Ph. Beroaldi annotatt. centum in varios auctt. Bonon. 1488. fol. Brix. 1496. fol. M. Ant. Sabellici annott. vett. et recentes. Ven. 1502. fol. ib. 1508. fol. ANNUAL register, see REGISTER. 654 ANONYMI oratio funebris in imp. Fl. Cl. Constantinum, apud Aquilejam interemptum; græca nunc prim. ex bibl. Palatina prodeunt; Fed. Morellus lat. vertit notisq. illustr. Lutet., F. Morell. (1616). 8°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 16 and 16 pages.

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