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770 Handb. d. alt. Erdbeschr. z. Gebr. d. 12 gröss. d'Anv. Landkarten. Nrb., Weig. u. Schneider. large 8. with maps. B. I. Th. I. 2. Europa v. Bh. F. Hummel, neu bearb. v. Arn. Hm. L. Heeren. 1800. B. II. Th. 1. Asien v. P. Jac. Bruns. 1800. Th. 2. Africa v. Thdr. Jac. Ditmar. 2e A. in Hins. auf Aegypt. vb. v. H. Eb. Glo. Paulus. 1794-98. Handb. d. mittl. Erdbeschr. a. d. fr. übs. (by G. Ad. Dillinger), 1782. (6 d. 12 gr.)

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I notice de l'ancienne Gaule. Par. 1760. 4°. with a fine map, which is often wanting.

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antiquités géogr. de l'Inde et de plusieurs autres contrées de la haute Asie. Par., impr. roy. 1775. 4°. with 3 maps.

773 dissertation sur l'étendue de l'ancienne Jérusalem et de son temple. Par. 1747. 8°. 83 pages, with I plan.

The most rare of d'Anville's writings. Reprinted in Chateaubriand itin. de Jérus. -(Barbié du Bocage) notice des ouvrages de d'Anville, précédée de son éloge par Dacier. Par. 1802. 8°. (2 fr.) Consult geogr. Ephemerid. XI. 735.

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(at 5 d. 8 gr., from 1810 at 5 d. 16 gr.)-Zugaben f. d. J. 1770-82. (at 20 gr.)-Allg. Reg. v. 1753-82. v. F. Ekkard. ib. 1784-85. 2 tom. in 3 vols. 8°. (4 d. 4 gr.) It is going


One of the most esteemed German journals, particularly on account of its foreign literature. Complete copies are extremely scarce, and the years 1739-52 even since 1754, no longer to be had. From 1739-52 yearly one volume; from 1753-82 yearly two volumes (yet the annual sets for 1761 and 1762 form together only two vols.); since 1783 yearly three volumes. Wfg. Bths. Adf. Steinwehr had the direction, 1739-41, then several persons; since Apr. 1747, Albr. von Haller; since 1753, J. D. Michaelis; and since Oct. 1770, Ch. Glo. Heyne.

776 ANZEIGER, allgem. literar. (conducted by J. Ch. F. Roch). Lpz. 1796-1801. 2 vols. in fol. and 4 vols. in 4°. (21 d. 8 gr.) Neuer od. fortges. allg. lit. Anz. Also under the title, Literar. Blätter (conducted by J. Ch. Siebenkees and J. Fd. Roth). Nrb. 1802. (March to November), 1803, 1804, 1805 (to June), 6 vols. in 4°. (5 d., on writing paper 8 d.) Neuer lit. Anz. (conducted by J. Cp. Frh. von Aretin). Münch. 1806-7. Tüb. 1808. 3 vols. large 4°. (9 d. 8 gr.)

- F. Nicolai allg. Reg. sow. d. Nam. als Sach. üb. d. allg. litt. Anz. u. dess. Fortss. Berl. 1811. large 4°. (1 d. 12 gr.)

A collection of excellent materials, the continuation of which were greatly to be desired, only with stricter selection. Nicolai's index is altogether uselessly arranged, and without any view to the purposes of literary men.

777 APHELEN, J. de. Dictionnaire royal danois-franç. et fr. dan. Kopenh. 1772-75. 4°. 3 voll.

Reprinted in 1780 and perhaps frequently. 778 APHTHONIUS. Ausonii (an error of the press for Aphthonii) sophistæ præludia. Hermogenis Rhetorica. Flor., in ædd. Ph. Juntæ, 1515. 8°. 216 unnumbered leaves.

Very scarce; at first in the Rhetorr. gr. Ven., Ald. 1508. fol.


progymnasmata, gr. Par..

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8 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter, 443 pages and 10 leaves of index. Then Longinus, with a separate title (ap. J. Crispin, 1570), 69 pages and 5 leaves of table of contents. Longinus is commonly met with by itself. Complete copies are very scarce, and all three authors corrected from MSS.-Libell. progymn. gr. lat. a Jo. Cumerar. Lps. 1567, 1588. 8°. and often. progymn. (gr.) Fr. Scobario interpr. c. notis ex commentarr. (Rhd. Lorichii) Hadamarii. Eiusd. Aphthonii fabulæ (40) nunc pr. in luc. prolatæ. ap. Commelin. 1597.8°. 8 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter, 171 pages, and 2 leaves at the end. It is reckoned among the better editions. Reprinted, Par., Cramoisy, 1621.8°.-Aphth. prog. Acc. eiusd. interpretatio ita emend. ut nova videri possit. LB., Abr. Commelin. 1626. 8°. 102 pages, is an inseparable appendage to Theonis progymn. ed. Dn. Heinsius. LB. 1626. 8°.-Prog. gr. lat. c. explic. Bch. Harbarti. Ed. 5. Stetin. et Colberg. 1656. 8°. the most common edition.-gr. c. not. J. Schefferi. Ups. 1680. 8°. the notes are short, but more useful.


progymn. part. a Rdf. Agricola part. a J. Mar. Catanæo latin. donata c. scholiis Rhd. Lorichii. Amst., L. Elzevir. 1649 or 1659. 12°.

The best editions of this translation.

783 APIANI, Pt., inscriptt. sacrosanctæ vetustatis non illæ quidem Romanæ, sed totius fere orbis. Ingolst. 1534. fol. with woodcuts.

20 leaves of preliminary matter, 512 pages, and 4 leaves at the end. Scarce, yet some inscriptions contained in it are forged. See Classical Journal, XVI. 138. 784 cosmographicus liber. Landshut, J. Weyssenburger, 1524. 4°. 52 leaves.

The first edition, scarce. The later editions and translations are without interest. 785 APIANI, Ph. Bairische Landtafeln. Münch. (1566). fol. title and 23 maps.

A scarce and remarkable atlas, the wooden

blocks of which are still to be found in the national archives at Munich. Of the former edition there is a copy on vellum at Munich. The same plates, only with a new text, Ingolst. 1568. fol. The reprints, Munich, 1651 and 1802 are of little value. 786 APICIUS in re quoquinaria. Mediol., Gu. Signerre, 1498, d. 20 Jan. 4°. 42 (not 43) leaves.

The first edition (as that of Mediol. 1490. 4°. is counterfeit, see Lunze decas monum. typ. 27), in Roman characters, and the signatures a i to e viij. The first 2 leaves are different in some copies.

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A new recension after 2 MSS. with too arbitrary criticisms however, and not prized. Reprinted, Lugd., Sb. Gryph., 1541. 8°. 341 pages, and 6 leaves of table of contents. 790 - de obsoniis et condimentis s. arte coquinaria 11. X. item Gbr. Humelbergii annott. Tiguri, Froschov. 1542. small 4°. 123 numbered leaves.

Very successfully corrected from MSS. and conjecture. 791 de et condim. s. arte coq. ops. 11. X. C. annott. Mt. Lister et notis selectiorr. variisq. lectt. integris Humelbergii, Csp. Barthii et varior. Lond., typ. Gu. Bowyer, 1705. 8°.

According to a notice on the reverse of the title only 120 copies were printed. The text is that of the preceding edition. 792 · ead. c. annot. Mt. Lister et

nott. sel.... Humelbergii, Csp. Barthii, Reinesii, Ant. v. d. Linden et alior. ut et variar. lectt. libello. Ed. II. longe auct. atq. emend. (cur. Thdr. Jans. ab Almeloveen).

Amst. 1709. 8°. Scarce on large paper.

A reprint of the preceding, with new notes and various readings from a Vatican MS. but less fine.


de ops. et cond. s. de arte coq. 11. X. c. lectt. varr. atq. ind. ed. Ĵ. Mch. Bernhold. Without place or date (Markbreit, 1787). 8°. with a new title, Baruthi, 1791. 8°. and again, Ansbach, Haueisen, 1800. 8°. (16 gr.)

Properly only the forerunner of a larger edition, which however has not appeared. APOCALYPSE, l', see MYSTERE des actes des apôtres.

794 APOCALYPSIS J. Joannis. A

xylographic production, in small fol.

This work is also entitled, Historia S. Joann. Evangelistæ ejusque visiones apocalyptice, or das Buch. d. haymlich. Offenbar. S. Joh., and consists (like the bibl. pauper.) of woodcuts, with explanatory Latin superscriptions. All the copies are only printed on one side with the rubber, so that 2 leaves always stand over against one another. Most of the leaves are divided into two parts by a line in the middle, and contain two separate pictures. Heineken Nachrr. v. Künstl. u. Kunsts. II. 157-188 (previously in his idée d'une collect. d'estamp. 334-375) distinguishes five different editions.

I. 3 layers of 8 sheets each, containing 48 pictures, whereof the first 24 are marked

with A, B, C, &c. the rest not.

II. Likewise 3 layers of 8 sheets and 48 pictures with A, B, C, &c. but the drawing and style are of another master; several differences are here consequently to be found. In leaf A. above, John has no glory as in the first edition, and below he is represented as giving the blessing with his left hand. In leaf B. 3 flames ascend from the head of the Redeemer. In leaf C. John has again no glory. In leaf D. the tail of the horse is plaited (in the first edition it hangs down smooth). In leaf E. the angel has no cross upon his head. In leaf H. the angel sets his right foot upon the sea, and his left upon the earth (in the first it is reversed). See Dibdin, bibl. Spenc. IV. 439. A complete facsimile of this edition, done by Heineken, is at Dresden.

III. differs very perceptibly both in the pictures and the superscriptions. Each

sheet forms a separate layer. The pictures are 50 in number, the third and fourth newly added. All the pictures are marked with letters of the alphabet, and indeed

those that belong together with the same letter; numbers 1-4 with a, 5 and 6 with b, 7 and 8 with c, and so on. Of this edition leaves 4, 18, 45, and 48 are in the Dresden library.

IV. differs from the preceding in that the pictures are not marked with the letters of the alphabet, and both the new pictures (3 and 4) are wanting, so that there are only 48. Consult Crevenna, Ist Catal. I. 3135. This copy lord Spencer now has; see Dibdin, T. I. p. vii-xv. where there is also a facsimile.

V. A neat copy of the third edition, yet differing in the superscriptions and the arrangement of the letters of the alphabet which mark the order of the pictures: containing 50 pictures. The opinion of some bibliographers that this work is as old as the bibl. pauper. is unfounded.

795 APOLLINARII (Laodiceni) interpretatio Psalmor. versib. heroicis (gr.). Ex bibl. regia. Par., Adr. Turnebus, 1552. 8°.

The first edition, fine and scarce, after 2. Paris MSS. yet of low price. A scarcer reprint, Lond., G. Bishop, 1590. 8°. But the following editions are cheap: gr. lat. (c. N. Coulon ind.) Par., J. Benenatus, 1580. 8°. ib. 1613. 8°. Græca rec. F. Sylburg., lat. vero interpr. locis non pauc. melior. fec. E typ. Hi. Commelin, 1596. 8°. Printed in Bibl. PP. Par. 1654. XIV, 162 SS. Galland Bibl. PP. V, 359 ss. dedication of this poem was first printed in Bandini cat. bibl. Laur. T. I. p. 62 ss. 796 APOLLINARIS Sidonius, Caj. Sollius. Opera. Without place or date (Ultraj., N. Ketelaer and Ger. de Leempt, about 1474). fol. 151 leaves, Gothic letter.


The first edition, without catchwords, signatures, and pagination, with 33 and 32 lines in a page. It begins on the recto of the first leaf, Caij Sollij Appollinaris Sidonii Aruerno4 episcopi Epistolarum liber primus incipit; and ends on the recto of the last leaf, Expedia series quos tenet imperii.

797 Sidonii Apollinaris poema Aureum ejusdemq3 epistole (c. comm. J. Bt. Pii). Mediol., Scinzenzeler, 1489, 4 non. Maji. fol. 148 leaves.

The first edition with a date; in Roman characters, without catchwords and pagination, but with signatures. Reprinted, Bas., H. Petri, 1542. 4°. and ib. 1597. 8°. -New recensions are, Opera castig. restit. et edita st. et op. El. Vineti. Lugd., Tornæs. 1552. 8°. Opp. ex vett. libris aucta et emend. J. de Wouweren rec. et notas

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opera Jac. Sirmondi cura et st. recogn. notisq. illustrata. Ed. II. (cur. Ph. Labbeo). Par., Cramoisy, 1652. 4°. Also on large paper.


The best edition. At first, Par. 1614. 8°. Reprinted in Sirmondi opp. T. I. p. 466 ss. Bibl. PP. Lugd. T. VI. p. 1075 ss. Gallandi Bibl. PP. T. X. p. 461 ss. 799 Œuvres de C. S. S. Apollinaris trad. par. Ed. L. Billardon de Sauvigny. Par., 1787. large 8°. vols. with plates. 800 APOLLODORI Athen. bibliotheces s. de deor. origine tam gr. quam lat. . . . annott. illustrati et nunc pr. in luc. editi ll. III. Bd. Ægio Spoletino interpr. Acc. Scip. Tetti de Apollodoris comm. Romæ, in ædd. Ant. Bladi, 1555. 8°.

The first edition, scarce, from Vatican MSS. but often with too arbitrary corrections and interpolations. 16 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter, 138 numbered leaves of text, 66 unnumbered leaves of annotations and table of contents. Ægius's translation also separate and corrected, Antw., Gu. Silvius, 1565. 8°. 82 numbered leaves, 16 unnumbered leaves of ta ble of contents, and one genealogical table in folio. Also frequently.

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Corrected from a Heidelberg MS. but unfinished owing to the death of the editor. 802 bibliotheces s. de diis ll. III. (gr. lat.) Tan. Faber rec. et notulas addid. Salmurii, J. Lenerius, 1661. 8°. 2 leaves of preliminary matter and 289 pages.

The text of the preceding edition, with acute critical notes of his own.-The reprint in Th. Gale, hist. poet. scrr. Par. 1675. 8°. is so incorrect as to be useless; the notes however are of value.

MSS. fid. rec. a Ch. Glo. Heyne. Gött., Dietrich, 1782. small 8o.Ch. Glo. Heynii ad Apoll. bibl. notæ. ib. id. 1783. small 8°. 3 vols. Also on writing paper and on Dutch


A new recension from MSS., with excellent explanations.

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804 bibl. 11. 3. et fragmenta. Curis secundis illustrav. Ch. Glo. Heyne. Gött., Dietr., 1802.—Ad Apoll. bibl. obss. auct. Ch. Glo. Heyne. ib. eod. large 8°. together 2 vols. (on printing paper 4 d. 12 gr., on writing paper 6 d. 12 gr., on vellum paper 10 d.)

Also a small edition, without notes and fragments, Gött. 1803. 8°. (on printing paper 16 gr., on writing paper 20 gr.) A school edition, with a Greek and German lexicon (by C. H. Jördens), Berl. 1789. large 8°. (12 gr.) Also with Palæphatus, Phurnutus, &c. with a copious verbal index, by Neophytos Dukas, Vien. 1812. 8°. 805 bibliothèque d'Apoll. l'Athénien. Traduct. nouv. av. le texte gr. revu et corrigé, d. notes et une table analyt. Par Et. Clavier. Par., an 13 (1805). large 8°. 2 vols. (16 fr., vellum paper 30 fr.)

The text corrected, but without making any fresh use of MSS.; with copious notes. The translation is excellent.


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mythische Bibl. a. d. Gr. übs. v. J. Fr. Beyer. Hadamar u. Herborn, 1802. 8°. (20 gr.)

More deserving of being read than the translation by J. G. Meusel. Halle, 1768. 8°. (9 gr.)

807 APOLLONII (Dyscoli) alexandrei de constructione. Magni Basilii de grammatica exercitatione (gr.) Flor., Ph. Junta, 1515. 8°. 160 unnumbered leaves.

It is printed, as the first edition, in Thdr. Gaza introd. gramm. Ven., Ald., 1495. fol. but from a faulty and defective MS.

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de syntaxi s. constructione orationis 11. 4 a Fr. Porto correcti et suppleti, lat. redd. et illustrati : nunc denuo a F. Sylburgio c. bonis exx. collati et notatt. aucti. Acc. e Procli chrestom. grammat. Photii electa. Ff., her. Wechelii, 1590.

803 bibliothecæ 11. 3. ad codd. large 4°. 4 leaves of preliminary

matter, 446 pages, and 1 leaf of 814 de sectione rationis ll. II. ex errata at the end.

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812 hist. comm. liber s. historiæ mirabb. lat. c. notis Gu. Xylandri et J. Meursii. Emendav. suasq. notas adj. L. H. Teucher. Lps., Gleditsch, 1792. large 8°. (12 gr.)



Uncritical and with unimportant notes. 813 APOLLONII Pergæi conicor. 11. VIII (gr. lat. c. Pappi lemmatis et Eutocii commentariis) et Sereni Antissensis de sectione cylindri et coni ll. II (nunc pr. ex MS. lat. editi. Op. Edm. Halleji). Ox., th. Sheld., 1710. fol. Also on large paper. (Lib. I-IV.) 5 leaves of preliminary matter, 250 pages. (Lib. V-VII.) 5 leaves, 171 pages. (Serenus) 2 leaves, 88 pages.

The only edition of the Greek text.— Latin translations, Apoll. conicor. ll. IV priores ex interpr. et c. comm. Fed. Commandini. Bonon. 1566. fol. 4 unnumbered leaves, and 114 and 36 numbered leaves. Pistorii, 1696. fol. and the same, c. comm. Cl. Richardi. Antw. 1655. fol. with 30 plates. Apoll. conicor. lib. V. VI. VII. paraphraste Abalphato nunc pr. editi―lat. reddid. Abr. Ecchellensis, notas adj. J. Alf. Borellus. Flor. 1661. fol. 18 unnumbered leaves, and 415 pages; also on large paper. Conicar. sectt. lib. V. VI. VII. ex arab. MS. latin. donati a Ch. Ravio. Kil. 1669. 8°. different from the preceding.

arab. MS. lat. versi. Acc. eiusd. de sectione spatii ll. II. restituti. Præmitt. Pappi præf. ad VIImum collectionis math. nunc pr. gr. edita, c. lemmatt. Pappi ad hos Apollonii libb. Op. et st. Edm. Halley. Ox., th. Sheld. 1706. large 8°. 5 leaves of preliminary matter, LIII. and 168 pages.


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locor. planor. ll. II. restituti a Rb. Simpson. Glasg., Foulis, 1749 4°. with woodcuts. 816 ebene Oerter, wiederhergest. v. Rb. Simson; a. d. lat. m. Berechn. Bemerkk. u. e. Samml. geometr. Aufgab. v. J. W. Camerer. Lpz., Böhme, 1796. large 8°. with 18 plates (1 d. 16 gr.)


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Contains the Greek text for the first time, from 2 Paris MSS. and I Strasburgh. inclinationum 11. II. (gr. lat.) Restitueb. Sm. Horsley. Ox., typ. Clarend. 1770. 4°.

To which is added, A restitution of the geometrical treatise of Apoll. on inclinations, by Reuben Burrow. Lond. 1779. 4°. 818 de tactionib. quæ supers., ac max. lemmata Pappi in hos libb., gr., nunc pr. ed. e codd. MSS. c. (Fr.) Vietæ libror. Apoll. restitut.; adj. obss., computatt. ac problem. Apolloniani historia a J. Gu. Camerer. Goth. et Amst., Ettinger, 1795. large 8°. with 3 plates (1 d.)


The two books of Ap. concern. tangencies, as they have been restored by Fr. Vieta and Marin. Ghetaldus. By J. Lawson. Ed. II. with 2 supplements. Lond. 1773. 4°. Gli. Haumann Vers. e. Weiderherst. d. BB. des Apoll. v. d. Berührungen. Brest., Holauf. 1817. 8°. with 3 plates.--Apoll. de sectione determinata ll. II. restituti, duob. insup. libris aucti in Rb. Simson opp. Glasg. 1776. 4°.

819 APOLLONII Rhodii Argonauticon 11. IV. gr. c. scholiis grr. Flor., (Lr. Fr. de Alopa), 1496. 4°. 171 unnumbered leaves.

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