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To fix her—'twere a task as rain
To count the April drops of rain,
To sow in Afric's barren soil,
Or tempests hold within a toil.

I know it, friend, she's light as air
False as the fowler's artful snare ;
Inconstant as the passing wind,
As winter's dreary frost unkind.

What boots it then, in every clime,
Through the wide-spreading waste of time,
'Thy martial glory, crowned with praise,
Still shone with undiminished blaze?
Thy towering spirit now is broke,
Thy neck is bended to the yoke.
What foreign arms could never quell,
By civil rage and rancour fell.
The rural pipe and merry lay
No more shall cheer the happy day :
No social scenes of gay delight
Beguile the dreary winter night :
No strains but those of sorrow flow,
And nought be heard but sounds of woe ;
While the pale phantoms of the slain
Glide nightly o'er the silent plain.

She's such a miser, too, in love,
Its joys she'll neither share nor prove
Though hundreds of gallants await
From her victorious eyes their fate.

Blushing at such inglorious reign,
I sometimes strive to break her chain,
My reason summon to my aid,
Resolve no more to be betrayed.

O baneful cause ! O fatal morn!
Accursed to ages yet unbora !
The sons against their fathers stood,
The parent shed his children's blood.
Yet, when the rage of baltle ceased,
The victor's soul was not appeased :
The naked and forlorn must feel
Devouring flames, and murdering steel !

Ah ! friend, 'tis but a short-lived trance,
Dispelled by one enchanting glance ;
She need but look, and I confess
Those looks completely curse or bless

The pious mother, doomed to death, Forsaken, wanders o'er the heath ;

So soft, so elegant, so fair,
Sure something more than human's tnere ,
I must submit, for strife is vain,
Twas destiny that forged the chain.


sons ;

The grove shall smooth the horrors of the


And streams in murmurs shall forget to flow.

Shine, goddess, shine with unremitted ray, WAERE wast thou, wittol Ward, when hap- And gild (a second sun) with brighter beam our less fate,

From these weak arms, mine aged grannam tore?
These pious arms essay'd too late

Labour with thee forgets his pain,
To drive the dismal phantom from the door. And aged Poverty can smile with thee;

Could not thy healing drop, illustrious quack! If thou be nigh, Grief's hate is vain,
Could not thy salutary pill prolong her days, And weak the uplifted arm of Tyranny.
For whom, so oft, to Mary bone, alack !

The morning opes on high Thy sorrels dragged thee through the worst of His universal eye ; ways ?

And on the world doth pour

His glories in a golden shower : Oil-dropping Twick’nham did not then retain Lo ! darkness trembling 'fore the hostile ray, Thy steps, though tended by the Cambrian Shrinks to the cavern deep and wood forlorn ; maids,

The brood obscene, that own her gloomy sway, Nor the sweet environs of Drury-lane ; Troop in her rear, and fly the approach of Nor dusty Pimlico's embowering shades ; Nor Whiteball, by the river's bank,

Pale shivering ghosts, that dread the all-cheer Beset with rowers dank ;

ing light, Nor where the Exchange pours forth its tawny Quick, as the lightning's flash, glide to sepul.

chral night. Nor where, to mix with offal, soil, and blood,

Steep Snow-hill rolls the sable flood;
Nor where the Mint's contaminated kennel runs

But whence the gladdening beam
III doth it now beseem,

That pours his purple stream That thou shouldst doze and dream,

O'er the long prospect wide ?

'Tis mirth. I see her sit, When death in mortal armour came, And struck with ruthless dart the gentle dame.

In majesty of light, Her lib'ral hand and sympathizing breast

With Laughter at her side. The brute creation kindly bless'd :

Bright eyed Fancy hovering near, Where'er she trod, grimalkin purr'd around,

Wide waves her glancing wing in air ; The squeaking pigs her bounty own’d;

And young Wit flings his pointed dart, Nor to the waddling duck or gambling goose,

That guiltless strikes the willing heart.

Fear not now Affliction's power, Did she glad sustenance refuse ;

Fear not now wild Passion's rage, The strutting cock she daily fed,

Nor fear ye anght in evil hour, And turkey with his snout so red;

Save the tardy hand of Age. Of chickens careful as the pious hen,

Now Mirth had heard the suppliant poet's Nor did she overlook the tomtit or the wren ; While redbreast hopp'd before her in the hall, No cloud that rides the blast shall vex the

prayer, As if she common mother were of all.

troubled air. For my distracted mind,

What comfort can I find ?
O best of graonams ! thou art dead and gone,
And I am leli behind to weep and moan,

To sing thy dirge in sad funereal lay,
Oh! woe is me! alack ! and well-a-day ! Soft Sleep, profoundly pleasing power

Sweet patron of the peaceful hour,
O listen from thy calm abode,

And hither wave thy magic rod !

Extend thy silent soothing sway,

And charm the canker, Care, away. PARENT of joy ! heart-easing Mirth!

Whether thou lov'st to glide along,

Attended by an airy throng
Whether of Venus or Aurora born,
Yet goddess sure of heavenly birth

Of gentle dreams and smiles of joy,

Such as adorn the wanton boy ;
Visit benign a son of grief forlorn,

Or to the monarch's fancy bring
Thy glittering colours gay,
Around him, Mirth, display :

Delights that better suit a king,
And o'er his raptured sense

The glittering host, the groaning plain,

The clang of arms, and victor's train ;
Diffuse thy living influence :
So shall each hill, in purer green array'd

Or should a milder vision please,

Present the happy scenes of peace ; And flower-adorned, in new-born beauty glow;

Plump autumn, blushing all around, * Dr Smollett, imagining himself ill-treated by

Rich Industry, with toil embrowned, Lord Lyttleton, wrote the above burlesque on that

Content, with brow serenely gay, nobleman's Monody on the Death of his Lady. And genial Art's refulgent ray.

Of ample front the portly chief appeared ;

The hunted bear supplied a shaggy vest,
ODE TO BLUE-EYED ANN. The drifted snow hung on his yellow beard,

And his broad shoulders braved the furious blast. Wuen the rough North forgets to howl,

He stopt; he gazed ; his bosom glowed, And Ocean's billows cease to roll;

And deeply felt the impression of her charms. When Libyan sands are bound in frost,

He seized the advantage Fate allowed, And cold to Nova Zembla's lost;

And straight compressed her in his vigorous arms. When heavenly bodies cease to move,

STROPHE. My blue-eyed Ann I'll cease to love.

The curlew screamed, the Tritons blew No more shall flowers the meads adorn,

Their shells, to celebrate the ravished rite; Nor sweetness deck the rosy thorn,

Old Time exulted as he flew, Nor swelling buds proclaim the spring,

And Independence saw the light. Nor parching heats the dog-star bring,

The light he saw in Albion's happy plains, Nor laughing lilies paint the grove,

Where, under cover of a flowering thorn, When blue-eyed Ann I cease to love.

While Philomel renewed her warbled strains,

The auspicious fruit of stolen embrace was born. No more shall joy in hope be found,

The mountain Dryads seized with joy Nor pleasures dance their frolic round,

The smiling infant to their charge consigned ; Nor love's light god inhabit earth,

The Doric muse caressed the favourite boy ; Nor beauty give the passion birth,

The hermit Wisdom stored his opening mind. Nor heat to summer sunshine cleave,

As rolling years matured his age, When blue-eyed Nanny I deceive.

He flourished bold and sinewy as his sire ;

While the mild passions in his breast assuage When rolling seasons cease to change,

The fiercer flames of his maternal fire. Inconstancy forgets to range,

ANTISTROPHE. When lavish May no more shall bloom,

Accomplished thus, he winged his way, Nor gardens yield a rich perfume ;

And zealous roved from pole to pole,
When nature from her sphere shall start,
I'll tear my Nanny from my heart.

The rolls of right eternal to display,
And warm with patriot thoughts the aspiring soul.

On desert isles 'twas he that raised*

Those spires that gild the Adriatic wave,

Where Tyranny beheld, amazed,

Fair Freedom's temple, where he marked her STROPHE.


He steeled the blunt Batavian's armst Thy spirit, Independence, let me share, Lord of the lion heart and eagle eye,

To burst the Iberian's double chain ;

And cities reared, and planted farms, Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare,

Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky. Won from the skirts of Neptune's wide domain. Deep in the frozen regions of the north,

He, with the generous rustics, sat A goddess violated brought thee forth.

On Uri's rocks, in close divan ;! Immortal Liberty, whose look sublime

And winged that arrow, sure as fate, Hath bleached the tyrant's cheek in every vary. Which ascertained the sacred rights of man.

ing clime. What time the iron-hearted Gaul,

Arabia's scorching sands he crossed, With frantic Superstition for his guide,

Where blasted Nature pants supine, Armed with the dagger and the pall,

Conductor of her tribes adust The sons of Woden to the field defied;

To Freedom's adamantine shrine ; The ruthless hag, by Weser's food,

And many a Tartar horde forlorn, aghast !! In Heaven's name urged the infernal blow,

He snatched from under fell Oppression's And red the stream began to flow :

wing, The vanquished were baptized with blood !*

Although Venice was built a considerable time before the era here assigned for the birth of Inde

pendence, the republic had not yet attained to any The Saxon prince in horror fled

great degree of power and splendour. From altars stained with human gore ;

+ The Low Countries were not only oppressed by And Liberty his routed legions led

grievous taxations, but likewise threatened with the In safety to the bleak Norwegian shore. establishment of the Inquisition, when the Seven There in a cave asleep she lay,

| Provinces revolted, and shook off the yoke of Spain. Lulled by the hoarse resounding main,

Alluding to the known story of William Tell and

his associates, the fathers and founders of the conWhen a bold savage passed that way, federacy of the Swiss cantons. Impelled by Destiny, his name Disdain. $ The Arabs, rather than abandon their indepen

dency, have often abandoned their habitations, and Charlemagne obliged four thousand Saxon pris encountered all the horrors of the desert. oners to embrace the Christian religion; and imme- || From the tyranny of Jenghis Khan, Timur Bec, diately after they were baptized, ordered their throats and other eastern conquerors, whole tribes of Tartars to be cut.-Their prince, Vitikind, fled for shelter to were used to fly into the remoter wastes of Cathay Gotrick, king of Denmark.

where no army could follow them.



And taught, amidst the dreary waste, So moves the sumpter-mule, in harnessed pride, The all-cheering hymns of liberty to sing. That bears the treasure which she cannot taste. He virtue finds, like precious ore,

For him let venal bards disgrace the bay, Diffused through every baser mould : And hireling minstrels wake the tinkling Even now he stapds on Calvi's rocky shore,

string ; And turns the dross of Corsica to gold. Her sensual snares let faithless Pleasure lay, He, guardian genius, taught my youth And jingling bells fantastic Folly ring;

Pomp's tinsel livery to despise ; Disquiet, doubt and dread shall intervene ; My lips, by him chastised to truth,

And Nature, still to all her feelings just, Ne’er paid that homage which my heart denies. In vengeance hang a damp on every scene,

Shook from the baneful pinions of disgust. ANTISTROPHE. Those sculptured halls my feet shall never tread,

ANTISTROPHE. Where varnished vice and vanity, combined Nature I'll court in her sequestered haunts, To dazzle and seduce, their banners spread,

By mountain, meadow, streamlet, grove, or And forge vile shackles for the freeborn mind; • cell, While Insolence his front uprears,

Where the poised lark his evening ditty chants, And all the flowers of spurious Fancy blow,

And Health, and Peace, and Contemplation And Title his ill-woven chaplet wears,

dwell. Full often wreathed around the miscreant's There Study shall with Solitude recline ; brow :

And Friendship pledge me to his fellow Where ever-dimpling Falsehood, pert and vain,

swains ; Presents her cup of stale profession's froth, And Toil and Temperance sedately twine And pale Disease, with all his bloated train,

The slender cord that fluttering life sustains; Torments the sons of gluttony and sloth.

And fearless Poverty shall guard the door ;

And Taste unspoiled the frugal table spread ; In Fortune's car behold that minion ride,

And Industry supply the humble store ;

And Sleep unbrihed his dews refreshing shed; With either lodia’s glittering spoils oppressed;

White-mantled Innocence, ethereal sprite ! The noble stand made by Paschal Paoli and his Shall chase far off the goblins of the night : associates against the usurpation of the French king, And Independence o'er the day preside, must endear them to all the sons of liberty and inde- Propitious power ! my patron and my pride. pendence.



OCT 18 1916


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