WHILE I was busied with my friend in song, which I thought highly injurious to the this practice, the doctor chanced to pass honour of my country, and therefore signified by the place where we were, and, stopping my resentment, by observing, that the Scots to observe me, appeared very well satisfied always laid their account with finding enewith my method of application; and after- mies among the ignorant, insignificant, and wards sent for me to his cabin, where, having malicious. This unexpected piece of assur. examined me touching my skill in surgery, ance enraged him to such a degree, that he and the particulars of my fortune, he interest- lent me a blow on the face, which I verily ed himself so far in my behalf, as to promise thought had demolished my cheekbone : I his assistance in procuring a warrant for me, was not slow in returning the obligation, and seeing I had been already found qualified at the affair began to be very serious, when by surgeons' hall for the station I filled on board ; accident Mr Morgan, and one of the master's and in this good office he the more cordially mates, coming that way, interposed, and inengaged, when he understood I was nephew quiring into the cause, endeavoured to proto Lieutenant Bowling, for whom he express- mote à reconciliation; but finding us both ed a particular regard. In the meantime, I exasperated to the uttermost, and bent against could learn from his discourse, that he did not accommodation, they advised us either to intend to go to sea again with Captain Oakum, leave our difference undecided till we should having, as he thought, been indifferently have an opportunity of terminating it on shore, used by him during the last voyage.

like gentlemen, or else choose a proper place While I lived tolerably easy, in expecta- on board, and bring it to an issue by boxing, tion of preferment, I was not altogether with- This last expedient was greedily embraced out mortifications, which I not only suffered by us both; and being forthwith conducted to from the rude insults of the sailors and petty the ground proposed, we stripped in a moofficers, among whom I was known by the ment, and began a very furious contest, in name of loblolly boy, but also from the dis. which I soon found myself inferior to my an. position of Morgan, who, though friendly in tagonist, not so much in strength and agility, the main, was often very troublesome with as in skill, which he had acquired in the his pride, which expected a good deal of sub- school of Hockley-in-the-hole and Tottenmission from me, and delighted in recapi-ham-court. Many cross buttocks did I sus. tulating the favours I had received at his tain, and pegs in the stomach without num. hands.

ber, till at last my breath being quite gone, as About six weeks after my arrival on board, well as my vigour wasted, I grew desperate, the surgeon, bidding me follow him into his and collecting all my strength in one effort, cabin, presented a warrant to me, by which I threw in at once, head, hands, and feet, with was appointed surgeon's third mate on board such violence, that I drove my antagonist the Thunder. This he had procured by his three paces backward into the main hatchinterest at the navy-office; as also another way, down which he fell, and pitching upon for himself, by virtue of which he was remov- his head and right shoulder, remained without ed into a second rate. I acknowledged his sense and motion. Morgan looking down, kindness in the strongest terms my gratitude and seeing him lie in that condition, cried, could suggest, and professed my sorrow at • Upon my conscience, as I am a Christian the prospect of losing so valuable a friend, sinner, look you, I believe his pattles are all to whom I hoped to have recommended my- ofer; but I take you all to witness that there self still farther by my respectful and diligent was no treachery in the case, and that he has behaviour. But his generosity rested not suffered by the chance of war." So saying, here; for, before he left the ship, he made me he descended to the deck below, to examine a present of a chest and some clothes, that into the situation of my adversary; and left enabled me to support the rank to which he me very little pleased with my victory, as I had raised me. I found my spirits revive found myself not only terribly bruised, but with my good fortune ; and, now I was an likewise in danger of being called to account officer, resolved to maintain the dignity of for the death of Crampley. But this fear my station, against all opposition or affronts. vanished, when my fellow mate, having, by Nor was it long before I had occasion to ex. bleeding him in the jugular, brought him to ert my resolution : my old enemy, the mid- himself, and inquired into the state of his shipman (whose name was Crampley), en body, called up to me to be under no concern, tertaining an implacable animosity against for the midshipman had received no other me for the disgrace he had suffered on my damage than as pretty a luxation of the os account, had since that time taken all oppor. kumeri as one would desire to see on a sumtunities of reviling and ridiculing me, when mer's day. Upon this information I crawled I was not entitled to retort this bad usage. down to the cockpit, and acquainted Thomson And even after I had been rated on the books, with the affair, who, providing himself with and mustered as surgeon's mate, did not bandages, &c. necessary for the occasion, think fit to restrain his insolence. In parti- went up to assist Mr Morgan in the reduction cular, being one day present while I dressed of the dislocation. When this was successa wound in a sailor's leg, he began to sing a fully performed, they wished me joy on the event of the combat; and the Welshman, to play, for the captain, by his sole word and after observing, that, in all likelihood, the power and command, had driven sickness a ancient Scots and Britons were the same pegging to the tevil, and there was no more people, bade me—“praise Got for putting malady on board. So saying, he drank off a mettle in my pelly, and strength in my limbs gill of brandy, sighed grievously three times, to support it." I acquired such reputation by poured forth an ejaculation of " Got bless this rencontre (which lasted twenty minutes), my heart, liver, and lungs !" and then began that every body became more cautious in be. to sing a Welsh song with great earnestness haviour towards me : though Crampley, with of visage, voice, and gesture. I could not his arm in a sling, talked very high, and conceive the meaning of this singular phenothreatened to seize the first opportunity of menon, and saw by the looks of Thomson, retrieving on shore the honour he had lost by who at the same time shook his head, that an accident, from which I could justly claim he suspected poor Cadwallader's brains were no merit. At this time, Captain Oakum hav- unsettled. He, perceiving our amazement, ing received sailing orders, came on board, told us he would explain the mystery; but, at and brought with him a surgeon of his own the same time, bade us take notice, that he country, who soon made us sensible of the loss had lived poy, pachelor, married man, and we suffered in the departure of Dr Atkins; widower, almost forty years, and in all for he was grossly ignorant, and intolerably that time, there was no man nor mother's assuming, false, vindictive, and unforgiving; son in the whole world who durst use a merciless tyrant to his inferiors, an abject him so ill as Captain Oagum had done. sycophant to those above him. In the morn- Then he acquainted us with the dialogue ing after the captain came on board, our that passed between them, as I have alfirst mate, according to custom, went to wait ready related it; and had no sooner finished on him with a sick list, which, when this this narration, than he received a message grim cominander had perused, he cried with from the surgeon, to bring the sick list to the å stern countenance, —" Blood and oons ! quarter-deck, for the captain had ordered all sixty-one sick people on board of my ship! the patients thither to be reviewed. This Hark'ee, you sir, I'll have no sick in my ship, inhuman order shocked us extremely, as we by G-d." The Welshman replied, he knew it would be impossible to carry some should be very glad to find no sick people on of them on the deck, without imminent danboard: but while it was otherwise, he did no ger of their lives; but as we likewise knew more than his duty in presenting him with a it would be to no purpose for us to remonlist. “You and your list may be d—d," (said strate against it, we repaired to the quarterthe captain, throwing it at him) “I say there deck in a body, to see this extraordinary shall be no sick in this ship while I have the muster; Morgan observing by the way, that command of her.” Mr Morgan being nettled the captain was going to send to the other at this treatment, told him his indignation world a great many evidences to testify ought to be directed to Got Almighty, who against himself. When we appeared upon visited his people with distempers, and not to the deck, the captain bade the doctor, who him, who contributed all in his power towards stood bowing at his right hand, look at these their cure. The bashaw not being used to lazy lubberly sons of b- -s, who were good such behaviour in any of his officers, was en- for nothing on board but to eat the king's raged to fury at this satirical insinuation, and, provisions, and encourage idleness in the stamping with his foot, called him insolent skulkers. The surgeon grinned approbation, scoundrel, threatening to have him pinioned and, taking the list, began to examine the to the deck, if he should presume to utter complaints of each, as they could crawl to another syllable. But the blood of Caracta- the place appointed. The first who came cus being thoroughly heated, disdained to be under his cognizance was a poor fellow just restricted by such a command, and began to freed of a fever, which had weakened him so manifest itself in, “ Captain Oagum, I am a much, that he could hardly stand. Mr Mackshentleman of birth and parentage, look you, shane (for that was the doctor's name) havand peradventure I am moreover"—Here his ing felt his pulse, protested he was as well as harangue was broken off by the captain's any man in the world ; and the captain de. steward, who, being Morgan's countryman, livered him over to the boatswain's mate, hurried him out of the cabin before he had with orders that he should receive a round time to exasperate his master to a greater dozen at the gang-way immediately, for degree : and this would certainly have been counterfeiting himself sick ; but before the the case ; for the indignant Welshman could discipline could be executed, the man dropt hardly be hindered, by his friend's arguments down on the deck, and had well nigh perishand entreaties, from re-entering

the presence ed under the hands of the executioner. The chamber, and defying Captain Oakum to his next patient to be considered laboured under teeth. He was, however, appeased at length, a quartan ague, and being then in his interval and came down to the berth, where, finding of health, discovered no other symptoms of Thomson and me at work preparing medi distemper than a pale meagre countenance, cines, he bade us leave off our labour and go land emaciated body; upon which he was

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declared fit for duty, and turned over to the chief. This request the commander granted
boatswain : but, being resolved to disgrace for his own sake, and the patient was pro-
the doctor, died upon the forecastle next day, duced, who insisted upon his being in his
during his cold fit. The third complained of right wits with such calmness and strength
a pleuritic stitch, and spitting of blood; for of argument, that every body present was in-
which Doctor Mackshane prescribed exercise clined to believe him, except Morgan, who
at the pump, to promote expectoration : but, affirmed there was no trusting to appearances;
whether this was improper for one in his sit- for he himself had been so much imposed
uation, or that it was used to excess, I know upon by his behaviour two days before, that
not; for in less than half an hour he was he had actually unbound him with his own
suffocated with a deluge of blood that issued hands and had well nigh been murdered for
from his lungs. A fourth, with much diffi- his pains : this was confirmed by the evidence
culty, climbed to the quarter-deck, being load of one of the waiters, who declared he had
ed with a monstrous ascites or dropsy, that pulled this patient from the doctor's mate,
invaded his chest so much, he could scarce whom he had gotten down and almost strang-
fetch his breath ; but his disease being inter- led. To this the man answered, that the wit-
preted into fat, occasioned by idleness and ness was a creature of Morgan's, and was
excess of eating, he was ordered, with a view suborned to give his testimony against him by
to promote perspiration, and enlarge his chest, the malice of the mate, whom the defendant
to go aloft immediately ; it was in vain for had affronted, by discovering to the people on
this unwieldy wretch to allege his utter inca- board that Mr Morgan's wife kept a gin shop
pacity, the boatswain's driver was command- in Rag.fair. This anecdote produced a laugh
ed to whip him up with the cat-o’nine-tails : at the expense of the Welshman, who, shak-
the smart of this application made him exerting his head with some emotion, said,—“Ay,
himself so much, that he actually arrived at ay, 'tis no matter. Got knows it an arrant
the puttoc shrouds; but when the enormous falsehood.” Captain Oakum, without any
weight of his body had nothing else to sup- further hesitation, ordered the fellow to be
port it than his weakened arms, either out of unfettered, at the same time threatening to
spite or necessity, he quitted his hold, and make Morgan exchange situations with him
plumped into the sea, where he must have for his spite. But the Briton no sooner
been drowned, had not a sailor, who was in heard the decision in favour of the madman,
a boat alongside, saved his life, by keeping than he got up the mizen shrouds, crying to
him afloat till he was hoisted on board by a Thomson and me to get out of his reach, for
tackle. It would be tedious and disagreeable we would see him play the devil with a ven-
to describe the fate of every miserable object geance. We did not think fit to disregard
that suffered by the inhumanity and ignorance his caution, and accordingly got up on the
of the captain and surgeon, who so wantonly poop, whence we beheld the inaniac, as soon
sacrificed the lives of their fellow-creatures. as he was released, Ay at the captain like a
Many were brought up in the height of fevers, fury, crying,—" I'll let you know, you scoun.
and rendered delirious by the injuries they drel, that I am commander of this vessel,”
received in the way. Some gave up the and pummelled him without mercy. The
ghost in the presence of their inspectors ; surgeon, who went to the assistance of his
and others, who were ordered to their duty, patron, shared the same fate; and it was with
languished a few days at work among their the utmost difficulty that he was mastered at
fellows, and then departed without any cere- last, after having done great execution among
mony. On the whole, the number of the those who opposed him.
sick was reduced to less than a dozen ; and
the authors of this reduction were applaud-
ing themselves for the services they had done

to their king and country, when the boat.
swain's mate informed his honour, that there The captain enraged, threatens to put the
was a man below lashed to his hammock by madman to death with his own hand-is
the direction of the doctor's mate, and that diverted from that resolution by the ar.
he begged hard to be released, affirming he guments and persuasions of the first lieu.
had been so maltreated only for a grudge Mr tenant and surgeon-we set sail for St
Morgan bore him, and that he was as much Helen's, join the fleet under the command
in his senses as any man aboard. The cap- of Sir C-nr 0-le and proceed for the
tain hearing this, darted a severe look at the West Indiesare overtaken by a terrible
Welshman, and ordered the man to be brought tempestmy friend Jack Ratilin has his
up immediately ; upon which Morgan pro- leg broken by a fall from the main-yard-
tested with great fervency, that the person in the behaviour of Doctor Mackshane-
question was as mad as a March hare ; and Jack opposes the amputation of his limb,
begged, for the love of Got, they would at in which he is seconded by Morgan and
least keep his arms pinioned during his ex- me, who undertake the cure, and perform
amination, to prevent him from doing mis- il successfully.


The captain was carried into his cabin, so the wind through the shrouds, the confused enraged with the treatment he had received, noise of the ship's crew, the pipes of the that he ordered the fellow to be brought be- boatswain and his mates, the trumpets of the fore him, that he might have the pleasure of lieutenants, and the clanking of the chain pistolling him with his own hand; and would pumps. Morgan, who had never been at sea certainly have satisfied his revenge in this before, turned out in a great hurry, crying,— manner, had not the first lieutenant remon- “Got have mercy and compassion upon us ! strated against it, by observing, that in all" I believe we have got upon the confines of appearance the fellow was not mad but des- Lucifer and the d—d!" while poor Thomson perate; that he had been hired by some ene- lay quaking in his hammock, putting up pemy of the captain to assassinate him, and titions to Heaven for our safety. I rose and therefore ought to be kept in irons till he joined the Welshman, with whom (after havcould be brought to a court martial, which, ing fortified ourselves with brandy) I went no doubt, would sift the affair to the bottom above; but, if my sense of hearing was star. (by which means important discoveries might tled before, how must my sight have been be made), and then sentence the criminal to appalled in beholding the effects of the storm! a death adequate to his demerits. This sug. The sea was swelled into billows mountain gestion, improbable as it was, had the desired bigh, on the top of which our ship some. effect upon the captain, being exactly calcu- times hung as if it was about to be precipitalated for the meridian of his intellects; more ted to the abyss below! Sometimes we sunk especially as Doctor Mackshane espoused between two waves that rose on each side this opinion, in consequence of his previous higher than our topmast head, and threatendeclaration that the man was not mad. Mor-ed, by dashing together, to overwhelm us in gan, finding there was no inore damage done, a moment! Of all our fleet, consisting of a could not help discovering, by his counte- hundred and fifty sail, scarce twelve appearnance, the pleasure he enjoyed on this oc- ed, and these driving under their bare poles, casion: and while he bathed the doctor's at the mercy of the tempest. At length the face with an embrocation, ventured to ask mast of one of them gave way, and tumbled him, whether he thought there were more overboard with a hideous crash! Nor was fools or madmen on board? But he would the prospect in our own ship much more have been wiser in containing this sally, agreeable; a number of officers and sailors which his patient carefully laid up in his me. ran backward and forward with distraction mory, to be taken notice of at a more fit in their looks, hallooing to one another, and season. Meanwhile, we weighed anchor, undetermined what they should attend to and on our way to the Downs, the madman, first. Some clung to the yards, endeavour. who was treated as prisoner, took an oppor. ing to unbend the sails, that were split into a tunity, while the sentinel attended him at the thousand pieces, flapping in the wind; others head, to leap overboard, and frustrate the re- tried to furl those which were yet whole, venge of the captain. We staid not long at while the masts, at every pitch, bent and quivthe Downs, but took the benefit of the first ered like twigs, as if they would have easterly wind to go round to Spithead; where, shivered into innumerable splinters! While having received on board provisions for six I considered this scene with equal terror and months, we sailed from St Helen's in the astonishment, one of the main braces broke, grand fleet bound for the West Indies, on the by the shock whereof two sailors were flung ever memorable expedition of Carthagena. from the yard's arm into the sea, where they

It was not without great mortification I perished, and poor Jack Rattlin was thrown saw myself on the point of being transported down upon the deck, at the expense of a to such a distant and unhealthy climate, des brcken leg. Morgan and I ran immediately titute of every convenience that could render to his assistance, and found a splinter of the such a voyage supportable, and under the shin-bone thrust by the violence of the fall dominion of an arbitrary tyrant, whose com- through the skin. As this was a case of too mand was almost intolerable: however, as great consequence to be treated without the these complaints were common to a great authority of the doctor, I went down to the many on board, I resolved to submit patiently cabin to inform him of the accident, as well to my fate, and contrive to make myself as as to bring up dressings, which we always easy as the nature of the case would allow. kept ready prepared. I entered his apartWe got out of the channel with a prosperous ment without any ceremony, and, by the breeze, which died away, leaving us becalm- glimmering of a lamp, perceived him on bis ed about fifty leagues to the westward of the knees, before something that very much Lizard; but this state of inaction did not resembled a crucifix; but this I will not insist last long; for next night our main-top sail upon, that I may not seem too much a slave was split by the wind, which in the morning to common report, which, indeed, assisted increased to a hurricane. I was wakened by my conjecture on this occasion, by representa most horrible din, occasioned by the play ing Doctor Mackshane as a member of the of the gun-carriages upon the deck above, church of Rome. Be this as it will, he got the crackling of the cabins, the howling of up in a sort of confusion, occasioned (I sup


pose) by his being disturbed in his devotion, gangrene. Morgan, who had a great opinion and, in a trice, snatched the subject of my of my skill, manifestly exulted in my fellowsuspicion from my sight. After making an ship, and asked Thomson's sentiments of apology for my intrusion, I acquainted him the matter, in hopes of strengthening our with the situation of Rattlin, but could by no association with him too, but he, being of a means prevail upon him to visit him on deck, meek disposition, and either dreading the where he lay; he bade me desire the boat- enmity of the surgeon, or speaking the swain to order some of the men to carry him | dictates of his own judgment, in a modest down to the cockpit, and in the mean time manner, espoused the opinion of Mackshane, (said he) I will direct Thomson to get ready who, by this time, having consulted with the dressings. When I signified to the himself, determined to act in such a manner boatswain the doctor's desire, he swore a as to screen himself from censure, and at terrible oath, that he could not spare one the same time revenge himself on us for our man from the deck, because he expected the arrogance in contradicting him. With this mast would go by the board every minute. view, he asked if we would undertake to This piece of information did not at all con- cure the leg at our peril ? that is, be answertribute to my peace of mind; however, as able for the consequence. To this question my friend Rattlin complained very much, Morgan replied, that the lives of his creawith the assistance of Morgan, I supported tures are in the hands of Got alone ; and it him to the lower deck, whither Mr Mack. vould be great presumption in him to undershane, after much entreaty, ventured to come, take for an event that was in the power of attended by Thomson with a box full of dress- his Maker, no more than the doctor could ings, and his own servant, who carried a promise to cure all the sick to whom he adwhole set of capital instruments. He ex- ministered his assistance; but if the patient amined the fracture and the wound; and would put himself under our direction, we concluding, from a livid colour extending would do our endeavour to bring his distemitself upon the limb, that a mortification per to a favourable issue, to which, at present, would ensue, resolved to amputate the leg we saw no obstruction. I signified my immediately. This was a dreadful sentence concurrence; and Rattlin was so overjoyed, to the patient, who recruiting himself with that, shaking us both by the hands, he swore a quid of tobacco, pronounced, with a woful no body else should touch him, and, if he countenance,-“What! is there no remedy, died, his blood should be upon his own head. doctor? must I be docked ? can't you splice Mr Mackshane, flattering himself with the it?” Assuredly, Doctor Mackshane," said prospect of our miscarriage, went away, and the first mate, “ with submission, and defer- left us to manage it as we should think pro. ence, and veneration to your superior abili- per; accordingly, having sawed off part of ties, and opportunities, and stations, look ye, the splinter that stuck through the skin, we I do apprehend and conjecture, and aver, that reduced the fracture, dressed the wound, there is no occasion nor necessity to smite applied the eighteen-tailed bandage, and put off this poor man's leg." “God Almighty the leg in a box, secundum artem. Every bless you, dear Welshman!” cried Rattlin, thing succeeded according to our wish, and “may you have fair wind and weather where we had the satisfaction of not only preserving soever you're bound, and come to an anchor the poor fellow's leg, but likewise of renderin the road of heaven at last.” Mackshane, ing the doctor contemptible among the ship’s very much incensed at his mate's differing company, who had all their eyes on us during in opinion from him so openly, answered, the course of his cure, which was completed that he was not bound to give an account of in six weeks. his practice to him; and, in a peremptory tone, ordered him to apply the tourniquet ; at the sight of which Jack, starting up, cried,

CHAPTER XXIX. -“ Avast, avast! d—n my heart, if you clap your nippers on me, till I know wherefore ! Mackshane's malice-I am taken up and Mr Random, wont you lend a hand towards imprisoned for a spyMorgan meets with saving my precious limb? Odds heart, if the same fate, Thomson is tampered Lieutenant Bowling was here, he would not with to turn evidence against us-dissuffer Jack Rattlin's leg to be chopped off dains the proposal, and is maltreated for like a piece of old junk.” This pathetic ad- his integrity-Morgan is released to asdress to me, joined to my inclination to serve sist the surgeon during an engagement my honest friend, and the reasons I had to with some French ships of war--I remain believe there was no danger in delaying the fettered on the poop, exposed to the eneamputation, induced me to declare myself my's shot, and grow delirious with fearof the first mate's opinion, and affirm, that am comforted after the battle by Morgan, the preternatural colour of the skin was who speaks freely of the captain-is over. owing to an inflammation occasioned by heard by the sentinel, who informs against a contusion, common in all such casos, him, and again imprisoned— Thomson without any indication of an approaching | grows desperate, and, notwithstanding



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