The London Magazine, and Monthly Chronologer, Volume 11

C. Ackers, 1742

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Pagina 296 - Nor think him all thy own. To-morrow in the church to wed, Impatient, both prepare ! But know, fond maid, and know, false man, That Lucy will be there ! ' Then bear my corse, my comrades, bear, This bridegroom blithe to meet, He in his wedding trim so gay, I, in my winding-sheet.
Pagina 182 - Interefts and Tempers of foreign Courts, with the different Policies of different Nations, will be of Service to their Country at home* Lord Halifax in the Houfe of Peers, and...
Pagina 505 - To enrol the fair deeds of his youth ! When you mention the acts of his age, Leave a blank for his honour and truth ! Say, he made a great monarch * change hands : He spake — and the minister f fell.
Pagina 296 - Colin! give not her thy vows; Vows due to me alone: Nor thou, fond maid, receive his kiss, Nor think him all thy own.
Pagina 99 - ... is not attended with frugality. The private character of the man is better than the public ; his virtues more than his vices; his fortune greater than his fame.
Pagina 147 - Then may he fay, as he this verfe reviews, So my bright mother charm'd the poet's Mufe. His heart thus flutter'd oft 'twixt doubt and...
Pagina 296 - She fpoke, fhe dy'd ; her corfe was borne, The bridegroom blithe to meet., . •, He in his wedding-trim fo gay, She in her winding-fheet.
Pagina 580 - This is a Power which was not only prefcribed, but often exercifed in the Reigns of King John, King Henry the Third, King Edward the Second, and Richard the Second. This is, indeed, a Power of a very high Nature, and which I...
Pagina 153 - By the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord " High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland, &c.
Pagina 297 - He (hook, he groan'd, he fell. From the vain bride, ah, bride no more ! The varying crimfon fled, When, ftretch'd before her rival's corfe, She faw her huftand dead.

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