Discovering the Dutch: on culture and society of the Netherlands

Emmeline Besamusca, Jaap Verheul
Amsterdam University Press, 19 nov. 2014 - 352 pagina's
What are the most salient and sparking facts about the Netherlands? This updated edition of 'Discovering the Dutch'tackles the heart of the question of Dutch identity through a number of essential themes that span the culture, history and society of the Netherlands. Running the gamut from the Randstad to the Dutch Golden Age, from William of Orange to Anne Frank, this volume uses a series of vignettes written by academic experts in their fields to address historical and contemporary topics such as immigration, tolerance, and the struggle against water, as well as issues of culture - painting, literature, architecture, and design among them. All chapters are written by academic experts in their fields who have extensive experience in explaining the many features of Dutchness to a foreign audience. Each chapter comes to life in vignettes that illustrate characteristic historical figures or essential aspects in Dutch culture and society from William of Orange and Anne Frank to Dutch cheese and the inevitable coffeeshop.

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Over de auteur (2014)

Emmeline Besamusca lectures in Dutch culture at Utrecht University and the University of Vienna. Jaap Verheul is associate professor of history and director of the American studies program at Utrecht University.

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