[blocks in formation]


Frank went to the bank to thank his uncle.

2. Duncan visited England in the spring.


The younger brother is the stronger.

4. Did the old moon sing a song to Wynken, Blynken, and Nod?

5. The keys dangled from a ring on Mrs. Banke's finger.

6. Mr. Jenkins from Bangor is our Congressman. 7. Did the hungry angler linger longer by the brook? 8. Many monkeys hung from trees in the jungle.

9. The young man hurt his ankle while anchoring the boat.

10. The Mongolian thanked the monk and drank the refreshing spring-water.

Substitution of One Sound for Another

n for ng

Notice that n is made with the tip of the tongue and the hard palate; ng with the back of the tongue and the soft palate.

an ang,

en eng, in ing, oon oong, un ung, on ong

[blocks in formation]

1. Ben flung the can into the ring.

2. Is the sun stronger than the wind?

3. The man sprang from the brink and saved his son. 4. The toad was winking and blinking in the morning sunshine.

5. "Others shall sing the song,

Others shall right the wrong,

Finish what I begin

And all I fail of, win.'

Addition of the Sound of k or g to the Sound of ng

In pronouncing k and g press the back of the tongue against the soft palate, then quickly lower it, forcing the breath out at the same time.

In pronouncing ng press the back of the tongue against the soft palate and keep it there until all sound has ceased.

ank ang, enk eng, ink ing, oonk oong, unk ung

onk ong

angg ang, engg eng, ingg ing, oongg oong

[blocks in formation]

1. Uncle says to bring the blanket here.

2. I think Duncan likes to play ping pong.

3. "Dear pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling your ring?''

4. Hear the clanging and the clanking and the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.

Final Consonant Combinations

Pronounce the final consonants distinctly:
angd, engd, ingd, oongd, ungd, ongd
angth, ength, ingth, oongth, ungth, ongth
angz, engz, ingz, oongz, ungz, ongz
angk, engk, ingk, oongk, ungk, ongk

[blocks in formation]

1. The boys banged the drum and clanged the bell.

2. The youth longed to try his strength by swimming the length of the tank.

3. Do the frogs drink the water in the springs?

4. Bessie clings to the water wings and does not sink. 5. I think the anchor sank because a link broke.



The ink upset in the trunk and stained the mink

7. Frank sank to the ground when he turned his ankle on the river bank.

[blocks in formation]

1. I know he left the knife and the knapsack here.

2. The knight tied a knot in the knitted scarf.

3. The knave knocked his knee and his knuckle against the tree.

4. Without doubt, the best design was the foreigner's. 5. The squirrel climbed the gnarled limb of the oak. 6. The poor lamb was numb with cold.

7. The wronged knight knelt before his sovereign.

8. The plumber's thumb was injured in the wreck.

9. Did Mrs. Wright wrap the wreath in the wrinkled cloth?

10. She wrung the water from her handkerchief and wrapped it around her wrist.

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