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1. Mexico is northwest of Central America. 2. The medal is made of yellow metal.

3. Spend ten cents for bread and twenty cents for lemons and lettuce.

4. On Wednesday Helen and Henry entertained many friends.

5. Emma and Elliott enjoyed the president's jest.

6. Endeavor to spell all the words in the sentence correctly.


never lettuce letter read rest sent sell zest zealot


get guest exempt executor quest quench length strength held head

1. Clement went to the dentist's yesterday. 2. The veteran left his nephew a small legacy. 3. Ethel mended the hem on Rebecca's velvet dress. 4. Edmond left the wet net on the bench. 5. The secretary's pens and pencils were on the desk. 6. Nettie says she hasn't any letters for them. 7. Teddy mended the tent before he went to bed. 8. The tired guest felt better when he had rested. 9. The intelligent lieutenant looked at the engine.

10. Edna said that she left Fred's leather belt to be mended. 11. Edward addressed the envelope with his friend's pen.

Ben says that the wren's nest is lined with hen's feathers.

13. The Independence Bell is held in reverence by the residents of Philadelphia. 14. In her attic window the staff she set, To show that one heart was loyal yet. ...



Substitution of One Sound for Another

i in it for e in end

pi pe, ti te, ki ke, bi be, di de, gi ge,
ith eth, iz ez, il el, im em, in en, ing eng

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1. Listen to the restless wind in the belfry.
2. Winnie sent two tin cups to the tent.

3. During the Revolution many Americans were minute-men.

4. In the spring wild birds wend their way to this ineadow.

5. Timothy sent a letter to his friend thanking him for the etching

6. The eighteenth amendment prohibits the selling of intoxicating beverages.

Omission of a Sound

e in towel ; i in cabin Be sure to sound the vowel before the final consonant in these words: towel gruel angel

Mabel vowel fuel marvel

label trowel cruel gravel

newel jewel hovel travel


1. Mabel and Helen will travel to Lowell.
2. Noel and Owen labeled the boxes of crewel.
3. The traveler's towel was in her satchel.

4. We marveled at the number of trowels near the gravel walk.

5. The man found some fuel in the hovel and made the gruel.

The vowel sound before the final consonant in these words is the sound of i in it.

cabin heroine

mountain masculine satin foreign


handkerchief ruin mischief engine

favorite Latin carriage genuine

certain 1. Martin and Austin study Latin. 2. Did the engine stop near the mountain cabin? 3. The foreigner examined the ruined fountain. 4. Sound the last vowel in angel, mountain, and ruin.

5. A mischievous boy removed the curtains from the carriage.

6. The heroine wore a satin dress and a coral necklace.

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1. Alice and Agnes sat in the hammock. 2. "The Amazon rises in the Andes," answered Anne. 3. On Saturday grandpa planted the radish seeds. 4. There are lamps and wax candles in the chapel. 5. Tabby was napping in the cabman's hat. 6. Harold can manage the black horse.

7. Alma, Nancy, and Harriett attend the Hamilton school.

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