Substitution of One Sound for Another

e as in end for u as in up

pe pu, te tu, ke ku, be bu, de du, ge gu
eth uth, ez uz, el ul, em um, en un, eng ung

Pronounce these words vertically, then horizontally:

[blocks in formation]

1. Texas is west of the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Many bunnies were running in the meadow.
Janette's mother made buns and crullers.


4. The rudder broke just as Ned left the deck. 5. A gust of wind sent Ben's hat into the dust. 6. Brother gave twenty-seven cents for the honey. 7. "Did you study your spelling lesson?" said Miss Mund.

8. By November Gus Wells had all the butternuts and chestnuts stored in the shed.

[blocks in formation]

1. Harry hurried to the busy factory.

2. Milly picked fully twenty quarts of cherries.

3. "They took some honey and plenty of money.''

4. The pony pulled the heavy buggy over the hilly country.

5. Mary Barry tld a fairy story to the primary class. 6. The peony and the poppy bloomed after the lily. 7. Happy Tony hid the honey in the empty shanty. 8. Polly saw parsley and celery at the greengrocery. 9. January snowy, February flowy, March blowy! April showery, May flowery, June bowery! July moppy, August croppy, September poppy, October breezy, November wheezy, December freezy.


[blocks in formation]

1. The iron kettle was in the oven.

2. Many little beetles were on the wooden bench.

3. Stephen has driven eleven miles for the films.


The maiden will sweeten the beaten batter.

5. Thistles and nettles grow in the garden.

6. Seven pounds of mutton were eaten by eleven men. 7. The man at the helm was alarmed when he looked at the heavens.

8. Susan put the button and the cotton into the basket.

9. The little lad in the saddle tightened the reins of the bridle.

10. The kitten has eaten a dozen wheaten cakes.

The Sound of a as in among

This sound occurs only in unaccented syllables. In formal speech words containing e as in moment, o as in atom, and u as in circus are frequently pronounced with the short sounds of these letters instead of the sound of a as in among.


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e "the, preceding a word beginning with a consonant, as the book.

The word a when unstressed, as a desk.

[blocks in formation]

3. Rebecca lost her diamond necklace at the opera.

[blocks in formation]

1. The cadet saluted the lieutenant.

2. Does the Indian Ocean bound Australia?

3. The principal awarded the medal to Nathan.

4. Thomas drives Mr. Bryant's special delivery wagon. The Italian and the German went to Brazil.



Bering Strait separates Alaska and Siberia.

7. Lydia picked the verbenas, dahlias, and petunias. 8. The Erie Canal was built from Albany to Buffalo. 9. In the autumn Emma and Laura travelled from Indiana to Florida.

10. Caroline left her umbrella and her diary on the veranda.

11. Ada bought vanilla, marmalade, bananas, and lemons at the grocery.

12. Nora saw a white organdy dress and a maroon parasol in the merchant's window.

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