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Webster, ä

Funk and Wagnalls, au Phonetic Symbol, a:

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1. Margery put lard in the tarts. 2. The farmer started for the market in his cart. 3. Starving sharks darted after the little bark. 4. Mark parsed “hark, charge,” and “bombard." 5. Mrs. Barber thought the yarn was a bargain. 6. Papa drove the car into the farther yard.

7. Martha calmly put the balm on her father's smarting arm.

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1. Father bought a large farm in Arkansas.
2. Arnold and Arthur darted under the arbor.
3. The silver star sparkled on the dark carpet.
4. In March we embarked with a large cargo of palm.
5. The artist sketched the arch in Mr. Arden's garden.

6. Marcus said, “The cards and the charts are in the barn."

7. Barbara and Margaret were charmed with the large farmhouse parlor.

8. The hart jumped the bars and crossed the marsh in the darkness.

9. On Arbor Day the children marched to the park and planted a larch.

10. Archibald argued with Harvey about the quality of the khaki scarf.

11. The guard in the army led the parson and the sergeant through the yard to the arsenal.

12. “Hark! Hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings.
13. But the kitten, how she starts,
Crouches, stretches, paws and darts. ..


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1. Aubrey hauled straw all day. 2. The hawk caught the warbler in his claws. 3. The auditor and the author called on the lawyer. 4. Almost all of the salt was on the walk. 5. In August Laura had a lawn party in the orchard.

6. Mrs. Shaw and her daughter motored from Auburn to Albany.

7. One morning at dawn Claud saw a fawn walking along by the wall.

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1. "Of all the saws I ever saw saw,

I never saw a saw saw as that saw saws. 2. The squaws gathered the corn in the autumn. 3. Miss Hall bought lawn and gauze from Paula. 4. The saucy squirrel gnawed the walnut. 5. Austin taught the little orphan to draw. 6. Paul was authorized to talk to the haughty autocrat.

7. Maurice saw a ball, some chalk, and a piece of cord on the hall table.

8. “The Baltic Sea does not border on Norway,'' said Maud.

9. The tall Austrian bought augers and awls at the auction.

10. Laura Dalton ordered cauliflower, corn, and a quart of strawberries.

The audience applauded the auburn haired daughter who played the organ in the orchestra. 12. "See the kitten on the wall,

Sporting with the leaves that fall." 13.

“I gazed—and gazed—but little thought

What wealth the show to me had brought.'


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The Sound of a as in ask



This is a sound between a as in arm and a as in at.

But the sound used by the majority of speakers in these words is either that of a in arm or a in at.

au in laugh

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1. Blanche left the fancy basket on the grass. 2. The chaff was wafted upward to the rafters. 3. The masked lass danced to the clicking of castanets. 4. At last he granted what they asked. 5. His master grasped the rasping branch.

6. They took the path near the grassy lawn and passed on to the pasture. 7. Fast on the soldier's path

Darken the waves of wrath." 8. And come he slow, or come he fast,

It is but death who comes at last. -SCOTT.

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