The Sound of o as in soft

This is a sound between o as in odd and o as in orb. But the sound used by the majority of speakers in these words is either that of o in odd or o in orb shortened.

[blocks in formation]

1. "The days are cold, the nights are long,

The north wind sings a doleful song.” 2. James has gone to look for the lost prong. 3. Moths often spoil woolen cloth. 4. While in Boston Mr. Goff drank strong coffee. 5. They found the trough and the tongs in the loft. 6. The scoffer was bound with a strong thong. 7. The broth and the coffee soiled the white cloth. 8. He fastened the long thong to the wrong dog. 9. The soft cloth was embroidered with glossy floss. 10. Eleanor Ross tossed the ball into the trough.

11. The dog barked softly in the frosty night as he crossed the long trail.

Substitution of One Sound for Another

o as in odd for o as in orb

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po paw, to taw, ko kaw, bo baw, do daw, go gaw, oth awth, oz awz, ol awl, om awm,

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1. “Haw!” called Walter to the oxen. 2. That knotty tree near the cot ought to be cut. 3. Tom sawed the wood and Polly brought the water. 4. The horse balked at hauling the shocks.

5. The naughty boy could not solve the knotty problem.

6. The lawyer and the doctor were caught in the squall.

7. John bought a small watermelon and some pop corn. 8. The odd caller put her bonnet and shawl on the box.

9. Mrs. Scott taught her daughter to make collars for frocks.

Words Frequently Interchanged

Pronounce these words vertically then horizontally:

[blocks in formation]



are quiet

quite vial vile fairy ferry real reel just jest except accept riot right pitcher picture

celery salary

pillow pillar
phial file

dairy Brian brine ivory ivy liable libel Hungary hungry hennery Henry

1. A line of people were waiting to see the lion. 2. All except John will accept the invitation. 3. Many people in Hungary were hungry. 4. Mary's dress is ivory white trimmed with real lace.

5. Does ivy grow around the pillars of the royal palace?

6. I'm not jesting—the ferry leaves in just two minutes.

7. Is it quite right to say it was a quiet riot ?

8. The lawyer said the editor was liable to be sued for libel.

9. Brian writes the amount of the proceeds from his dairy in his diary.

10. The phial in the drawer and the letter on the file belong to Henry.

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Webster, ē Funk and Wagnalls, i Phonetic Symbol, ir

pe, te, ke, be, de, ge

eth, ez, el, em, en, eng each


field east


veal eager


thief easy


thee Easter


teamster evening



1. I believe he has no sweet pea seeds. 2. In the evening Lena reads to Delia. 3. The chief will lead his people into the deep ravine. 4. Did Edith feed the three greedy geese? 5. The reapers in the wheat field feel the heat. 6. Hear the pewee call “Pe-ah-whee, pee-wee.” 7. Eva is eating sweetmeats on the beach beside the

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8. The sheep were feeding on the steep hill by the cedar tree.








1. We greeted the team with cheers.
2. The queen bee feeds on sweet honey.
3. Jean eats peas, beans, and beets.
4. Mrs. Reed and Eli will meet us at three.
5. Celia's seat seems to lean toward the east.
6. Mrs. Lee's niece made cream cheese for tea.
7. The queen said, “Sweets to the sweet.'
8. Will Leon see the weaver on Beaver Street ?

9. Peter treated Ethan, Theodore, and me to peach icecream.

10. The bleak breeze will freeze the tender green leaves on the trees.

11. In the evening we will sail down the stream between the green banks.

12. The police found the queer machine and the intrigue was revealed. 13. Creeping where no life is seen

A rare old plant is the ivy green.” 14. “It is not growing like a tree

In bulk doth make man better be." 15. "Still cheerily the chickadee,

Singeth to me on fence and tree.'

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