[blocks in formation]

1. Place the fife and the rifle side by side.

2. Try to find Ohio, Iowa, and Idaho on the map. 3. We put nine piles of corn into Mr. Bryan's silo. 4. Inez will find my knife if Viola hides it.

5. Did Hiawatha spy the firefly in the twilight? 6. The buyer thought the price of the rye too high. 7. Hiram and Cyrus were grinding their scythes near the ice house.

8. Irene tried to find a common divisor for ninety-nine and twenty-five.

9. The fireman climbed and climbed toward the crying child.

10. Michael held the lines tightly and spoke kindly to the frightened animal.

[blocks in formation]

12. "Come one, come all, this rock shall fly

From its firm base as soon as I."

The Sound of u as in use

This sound is a combination of y plus oo in ooze

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Webster, ū Funk and Wagnalls, iù Phonetic Symbol, ju

[blocks in formation]



Hugh hewed the huge log into fuel.

Eunice left the uniform in the bureau drawer.

3. In the future put the cubes with the pewter pot. 4. Eustace and Eugene rejoined the pupils in Utica. 5. It was futile to light the fuse in the humid atmosphere.

In these words the sound of y is less marked than in the

[blocks in formation]

1. The tulips and the tube-rose are wet with dew. 2. The beauty of the statue impressed the student. 3. The duke did his duty and paid tribute to the king. 4. Hearing the pure notes of the bugle, they saluted. 5. The lieutenant was dressed in a beautiful new suit. 6. Mr. Stewart has assumed his new duties at the Institute.

7. The lucid explanation subdued the fears of the multitude.

8. Has the superintendent a duplicate key to the studio?

9. The musician mused as he gazed at the mural paintings.

10. Seward could think of no suitable rebuke for the stupid steward.

11. After hearing the news Hubert could not be induced to renew the suit.

12. "The stupid student at first sat mute,

They saluted the duke with a tune on the lute.''

The Sound of oi as in oil

This sound is a diphthong (a in all + i in it)

[graphic][graphic][merged small]

Webster, oi Funk and Wagnalls, ei Phonetic Symbol, ǝ

[blocks in formation]

1. The oil soiled the doily.

2. Avoid speaking in a boisterous voice.

3. The spoiled boy destroyed the toys.

4. Chcice coins were in the adjoining room.

5. Mrs. Boyd employed Mr. Doyle to till the soil.

6. Roy McCoy anointed the bruised finger with cool ointment.

7. The loiterer joined Floyd long after the appointed time.

[blocks in formation]


1. The joiner ordered the joists to be hoisted.

2. Poison soiled the point of the foil.

3. Mr. Boyce tossed the quoit into the boiler.


Did Joyce say boiled oysters or broiled oysters?

5. Lloyd pointed to the coin poised on the boy's finge

3. The voice outside the cloister caused her to drop the oil and the ointment.

7. Said the Crab unto the Oyster,

"Do not loiter in this cloister;

Join me in a voyage rare,

Up into the moist salt air."

"Noise and turmoil would annoy me,
Toil and trouble, too, would cloy me,
Should I leave this royal cloister,"
Adroitly rejoined the oyster.

8. "From my heart I give thee joy. I was once a barefoot boy."

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