Substitution of Sounds

00 as in ooze for u as in use

After j and r and after l preceded by a consonant u = 00 as in soon. Illustrations: juice, rude, blue.

poo pu, too tu, koo ku, boo bu, doo du, goo gu ooth uth, ooz uz, ool ul, oom um, Kon un, cong ung

Pronounce these words vertically then horizontally:

[blocks in formation]

1. Two hundred pupils attend the new school. 2. Julia put pure water into the soup and the stew. 3. Luke continued to pursue his studies at the univer


4. Mr. Stewart gave a tube of blue paint to the poor pupil. 5. "A tutor who tooted the flute, Tried to tutor two tooters to toot:

Said the two to the tutor,
'Is it easier to toot or
To tutor two tooters to toot?'"

Substitution of Sounds

u as in urn for oi as in oil

pur poi, tur toi, kur koi, bur boi, dur doi, gur goi urth oith, urz oiz, url oil, urm oim, urn oin, urng oing

[blocks in formation]

1. The girl found a pearl in the oyster.
2. Herbert joined Mr. Boyd on Third Avenue.
3. Alberta embroidered ferns on her doily.
4. Learn, loiter, earn, and destroy are verbs.
5. Irving held the coin firmly in his soiled little hand.
6. The boys purchased the olive oil on First Avenue.
7. The girls learned to fry oysters and boil turnips.
8. In a firm voice Earl told the boys to unfurl the flag.

9. The toiling hermit dug the herbs from the moist earth.


The Sound of ou as in out

This sound is a diphthong (a as in arm + oo as in book)

[graphic][graphic][merged small][merged small]

Webster, ou

Funk and Wagnalls, au Phonetic Symbol, au
pou, tou, kou, bou, dou, gou
outh, ouz, oul, oum, oun, oung

[blocks in formation]

1. The bower was surrounded by flowers. 2. The wind howled around our house.

3. Ira Townsend found a pound and six ounces of powder.

4. He was astounded at the amount of the account.

5. The owl in the tower shouted to the owl on the bough.

6. We saw lowering clouds an hour before the shower.

7. Loud howls came from Towser as he bounded around the brow of the hill.

[blocks in formation]

1. Howard Powers frowned when he found that the apple was sour.

2. At the sound of the cow-bell the plowman turned around.

3. The lady in the brown gown was caught in the shower.

4. Tabby, our big cat, crouched, then pounced upon the mouse.

5. At an early hour there were sounds from the fowls in the hen-house.

6. The hound ran over the ground to the mound and there found the scent.

7. From his couch in the tower the count looked upon flowering boughs and a spouting fountain. 8. "Pound ! Pound ! Pound ! Pound !

That is Howard walking round.

How his bootheels hit the ground !” 9. “Merrily, merrily, shall I live now

Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.” 10. “Littered the stalls and from the mows,

Raked down the herd's grass for the cows.”

Words Stressed on the First Syllable

[blocks in formation]

Andes admirable adverse applicable assets armistice cerebrum cemetery champion chastisement combatant conversant deficit despicable desultory disputant

envoy engine excellent exquisite explicable favorite formidable gondola genuine hospitable hygiene impious inventory integral interesting industry

inference Iowa lamentable mischievous opposite orchestra orator positively preferable relative requisite reputable syringe theater theory vegetable vehement

1. Is the leader of the orchestra a relative of yours?

2. The mischievous child put the syringe into the iodine.

3. Did the hospitable farmer serve excellent vegetables to his guests?

4. Our favorite anthem was rendered in an admirable manner by the new organist.

5. The carpenter thought it preferable to obtain the requisite amount of money before starting for Iowa.

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