15. Then sweet the hour that brings release from labor and from toil;

We talk the battle over and share the battle's spoil.


16. Has there any old fellow got mixed with the boys? If there has, take him out, without making a noise.

17. All the world I saw or knew

Seemed a complex Chinese toy
Fashioned for a barefoot boy.

18. Oh blithe newcomer! I have heard,

I hear thee and rejoice:

O cuckoo! shall I call thee bird?
Or but a wandering voice?




19. The holy silence is His voice! I lie and listen, and rejoice.


20. Thou, child of joy,

Shout round me; let me hear thy shouts,
Thou happy shepherd boy!

21. A paradise of vaulted bowers, Lit by downward gazing flowers.


22. Till like one in slumber bound,
Borne to ocean, I float down, around,
Into a sea profound of everlasting sound.



23. Let the loud trumpet sound,

Till the rocks all around

The shrill echoes rebound.

24. It shouted through the belfrey tower "Awake, O bell! proclaim the hour."

25. Nothing is lost in this world of ours; Honey comes from the idle flowers.


26. Our clocks are the flowers; and they count the hours Till we can mellow in sun and showers.

27. From winding glen, from upland brown,

They poured each hardy tenant down.


28. I have breathed on the South and the chestnut


By the thousands have burst from the forest bowers.

29. Cur hearts, our hopes are all with thee:


Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears,

Our faith triumphant o'er our fears,

Are all with thee, are all with thee.


[blocks in formation]

ai as in air, 148

b, a voiced consonant, 4
breathed consonants: p, 2; wh, 8; f,
14; th as in thin, 20; t, 26; s, 38; sh,
54; k, 84; h, 98; compound: ch, 60;
x as in extra, 94

ch, a compound breathed consonant,

consonants, exercises in, 2-111
d, a voiced consonant, 28

e: as in end, 116; as in eve, 144
f, a breathed consonant, 14

final consonant combinations, 34-36;
46-47; 52-53; 64; 70-71; 92-93;

pt, ft, bd, md, 34;

vd, thd, nth, mp, vn, dth, 35;
nt, nd, tn, dn, 36;

ps, fs, ths, 46;

ts, sts, ns, 47;

bz, vz, thz, 52;

[blocks in formation]

sp, sm, 44;
sn, 45;
pl, bl, 68;
fl, sl, 69;
kl, gl, 90;
sk, 91

initial consonant combinations, 40;
80-83, 88-89;
tw, sw, 40;
pr, br, 80;

fr, thr, 81;
tr, dr, 82;
str, shr, 83;
kr, gr, 88;

skr, spr, 89

j, a compound voiced consonant, 62
k, a breathed consonant, 84

l, a voiced consonant, 66

m, a nasal consonant, 6

n, a nasal consonant, 32; as in bank,

nasal consonants: m, 6; n, 32; ng, 104
ng, a nasal consonant, 104

o: as in odd, 122; as in orb, 138; as in
soft, 141; as in oak, 154

oi as in oil, 164

omission of a consonant sound, 76,

r as in oar, 76;

h, 101

omission of a vowel sound, 119; 158;

e as in towel, 119;

i as in cabin, 119

oo: as in book, 128; as in ooze, 146
ou as in out, 168

p, a breathed consonant, 2

qu, a compound consonant (k + w),

r, a voiced consonant, 72; r as in oar,
74-77; addition and omission of
sound of, 76, 77

s, a breathed consonant, 38; as in
raps, 50
selections for memorizing, 174–212;
p, b, m, 174-176;

w, wh, f, v, 177-178;
th, t, d, n, 179–182;
8, 2, 183-185;

st, sh, ch, j, 186-187;
l, r, 188-190;
k, g, 191-192;
ng, h, 193-195;

i as in it, e as in end, a as in at,

o as in odd, u as in up, oo as in
book, 199-200;

a as in arm, o as in orb, e as in
eve, oo as in moon, 201-204;
e as in there, u as in urn, a as in
ate, o as in oak, 205-208;

i as in ice, u as in use, oi as in oil,
ou as in out, 209-212

sh, a breathed consonant, 54
silent letters, words containing k, g,
b, w, l, t, 110-111

substitution of one consonant sound

for another, 12-13; 18-19; 24-25;
30-31; 37; 41; 56-57; 65; 78-79;
100; 107;

b for Ρ and Ρ for b, 12;
w for wh, 13;

v for w and w for v, 18;
f for v and v for ƒ, 19;
t for th, 24;

f for th as in thin, 25;
v for th as in this, 25;
t for d and d for t, 30;
d for th as in this, 31;

n for m and m for n, 37;

th as in thin for s and s for th as
in thin, 41;

s for z and z for 8, 56;

s for sh and sh for



[blocks in formation]

substitution of one vowel sound for
another, 118; 126-127; 130–132;
142; 156-157; 166-167;

i as in it for e as in end, 118;
a as in at for e as in end, 126;
o as in odd for u as in up, 127;
e as in eve for i as in it, 130;
oo as in ooze for oo as in book, 130;
e as in end for u as in up, 131;
e as in eve for y as in lily, 132;
o as in odd for o as in orb, 142;
a as in sofa for o as in piano, 156;
u as in urn for ai as in air, 157;
oo as in ooze for u as in use, 166;
u as in urn for oi as in oil, 167
t, a breathed consonant, 26
th as in thin, a breathed consonant,
20; th as in this, a voiced consonant,

u: as in up, 124; as in urn, 150; as in
use, 162

v, a voiced consonant, 16
voiced consonants: b, 4; w, 10; v, 16;
th as in this, 22; d, 28; z, 48; zh, 58;
1, 66; r, 72, 74-77; g, 86; y, 102;
compound:j, 62; x as in examine, 95
vowels, exercises in, 114-171
w, a voiced consonant, 10
wh, a breathed consonant, 8
words containing silent letters, k, g,
b, w, l, t, 110-111

words frequently interchanged, 143
words stressed on the first syllable,
170; words stressed on the second
syllable, 171

x as in extra, a compound breathed
consonant (k + s), 94; x as in ex-
amine, a compound voiced con-
sonant (g+ z), 95

y as in yet, a voiced consonant, 102
z, a voiced consonant, 48; as in buzz,

zh, a voiced consonant, 58

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