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Drill: pah, pa, pee, poo, poh, paw
ap, ep, ip, oop, up, op

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. Papa placed Paul on the pony in the park.

2. Patty polished the parlor lamp.

3. Pussy put her paw into the pail of paint.

4. Put a piece of pumpkin pie in the pantry for Patrick.

5. Paula paid Polly a penny for a piece of peach pudding.

6. Put the paper, pencils, and pens into the package.


[blocks in formation]

1. Percy's playmate can hop, skip, and jump.

2. "Hip, hop, pip, pop, tip, top, pop-corn.

3. Are the cup, the trap, and the strap in Papa's shop? 4. Rupert pulled the hempen rope from the sloop. 5. Mr. Porter presented the diplomas to the pupils. 6. Philip Lathrop's box of pears came by parcel post. 7. Professor Piper's piano pupils play with expression. 8. The dipper tipped and the sirup dripped upon her


9. Philippa put the parson's parcel beside the professor's papers.

10. Parsnips, peppers, potatoes, and turnips were piled on the push-cart.

11. Mrs. Pope purchased apples and grapes for Pippa's porch party.

12. Peter stopped at the parsonage and gave the parson a report on the poor of the parish.

13. Did the frog's leap from the lily-pad make ripples on the pickerel pond?

14. The president rapped repeatedly for order but the people clapped and clapped.

b is a voiced consonant

Press the lips together as for p, and expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords.

Webster, b Funk and Wagnalls, b Phonetic Symbol, b

Drill: bah, ba, bee, boo, boh, baw

ab, eb, ib, oob, ub, ob

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. Buy buns, bacon, and butter for breakfast.

2. Beatrice baked the beans in Betty's brown bowl. 3. They blamed Bob for Bernard's bad behavior.

4. Bowser buried the bone beside the barrel.
5. The brown bear stole the bumblebee's honey.
A bluebird built her nest in the bird box.



Baskets and bottles were brought from the boat. 8. The baggage man's back bent under the big box. 9. The Big Brothers Club bought bats and balls.

[blocks in formation]

1. The Arab beckoned the cab man to the curb.

2. Baby's rubber ball bounded into the crib.

3. A ribbon hung from the marble bust of Robert Burns.

4. Becky led the sobbing boy to the bakery.

5. Tabby robbed the warbler's nest in the shrubs.

6. Rob tumbled from the branch and fell into the berry bushes.

7. The able laborer objected to the bribe.

8. Will the boys bake the crabs and the lobsters? 9. Abraham stumbled over the rubber tube.

10. The bear observed the rabbit in the bushes.

11. Mr. Hubbard built a bungalow in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.

12. Deborah embroidered buttercups on Mabel's table


13. Barbara and Rebecca belong to the Brookfield basket-ball club.

14. Bertie and her brother Bobby played with the pebbles on the beach.

15. Elizabeth and Alberta sobbed when they read "Black Beauty."

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