Substitution of One Sound for Another

th as in thin for s

s for th as in thin

thah sah, tha sa, thee see, thoo soo, thoh soh,
thaw saw

ath as, eth es, ith is, ooth oos, uth us, oth os

[blocks in formation]



Three silver thimbles stood there on the shelf.

We saw the moth on Theodore's spring suit. 3. Simon saved the vase that Seth thought worthless. 4. The singing of the psalm thrilled the three soldiers. 5. The thrush sat in the thicket singing a sweet song. 6. The thoughtless sailor threw the salt into the thick sirup.

7. Arthur's sister Ruth saved her pennies to go to the moving pictures.

[blocks in formation]

1. Stanley Stafford strolled slowly down the street. 2. Stella stitched the strip to the striped stocking.



The strong steer stamped the straw in the stable.
Stewart stayed in the station during the storm.

5. The studious statesman strolled near the stadium. 6. Mrs. Stevens stirred the stew on the stove.

7. The stork was standing on a stick in the steeple. 8. Estelle stood on the stone steps and studied the marble statue.

9. Steve strapped on his skates and started for the


10. The tourist stood in the cavern and stared at the stalactites and stalagmites.

11. Did the students stand straight and still while the stars and stripes were lowered?

[blocks in formation]



Constance sang the first and last stanzas.

A moist mist hid most of the mast as they sailed past. 3. The stout stick was lost near the stable.

4. The host served the finest of feasts to his guests.

5. Mr. West and Ernest stepped from the fast express at its last stop.

6. Esther placed the strawberries and toast before Mr. Stanton.

7. A severe storm sent the vessel against the steep coast.

8. The stupid teamster insists that he must ride on the last step of the bus.

9. "There is a spot of earth supremely blest,

A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest. 10. "Halt! the dust-brown ranks stood fast, Fire! out blazed the rifle's blast."

11. "And each flower and herb on earth's dark breast, Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.''

[blocks in formation]



She spilled a spoonful of soup on the spotless spread. Can the Spanish pupil spell spider, spoke, and speech? 3. Spencer lisps when he says wasp, clasp, grasp, and crisp.

4. Sport spied the sprawling spy under the spruce tree. 5. The spinner spoke about the broken spoke and the spindle.

6. He grasped a wisp of straw that clung to the aspen. 7. Mrs. Smillie smocked her small daughter's frock. 8. The smith smashed the smooth spoke when he smote it.

9. The smoke from the smouldering fire made the small boy's eyes smart.

[blocks in formation]

1. The snail's snug home is under the snow.

2. The snuff made the mason sneeze.

3. She loosened the snood round her flaxen hair.

4. The vixen snipped the fish hook from the snell. 5. She hastened to moisten the dry earth.

6. Rover sniffed and snarled at the oxen.

7. The snapping turtle or the snipe was caught in the snare.

8. The Snyder boys fastened a glistening sword to the snowman's belt.


9. 'Whether we look, or whether we listen,

We hear life murmur, or see it glisten.

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