Final Consonant Combinations

aps, eps, ips, oops, ups, ops
afs, efs, ifs, oofs, ufs, ofs
aths, eths, iths, ooths, uths, oths

Pronounce the final combinations distinctly:

ps straps drapes steps rips stops lips stoops romps ropes steeps sips

fs reefs waifs roofs muffs sniffs chafes troughs cuffs chiefs coughs staffs

ths deaths breaths myths growths heaths births depths fifths sixths sevenths hearths

1. Philip's club sent cups and pipes to the troops.
2. He leaps from the steps and trips on the ropes.
3. Ralph laughs as he climbs the bluffs.
4. Fido sniffs at the muffs near the troughs.
5. The two Smiths worked there for three months.

6. The waifs on the skiffs saw the sun on the roofs and the cliffs. 7. And the leaves like little ships

Sail about on tiny trips.”


Final Consonant Combinations

ats, ets, its, oots, uts, ots
asts, ests, ists, oosts, usts, osts
ans, ens, ins, oons, uns, ons

Pronounce the final combinations distinctly:

ns mince

ts hats frets beets rates sits writes oats nuts hearts habits paints

sts lasts beasts posts wrists nests masts joists bursts crusts tests roasts

once fence quince ounce lance rinse dunce


1. “Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,

With barest wrists and stoutest boasts,
He thrusts his fists against the posts,

And still insists he sees the ghosts.' 2. Lucy bastes the vests and the waists.

3. Lawrence and Clarence had a chance to go to France. 4. "Ten thousand saw I at a glance,

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance."

z is a voiced consonant

Equivalents: x as in Xenophon; s as in was; cz as in czar.

Place the tongue as for s and expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords.

Webster, z

Funk and Wagnalls, z

Phonetic Symbol, z

Drill: zah, za, zee, zoo, zoh, zaw

az, ez, iz, ooz, uz, oz

This sound occurs, initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. Zenobia played the zither with zest.
2. Isidore's razor fell on the zinc.
3. Moses sowed zinnia seeds.
4. Zachary was amazed at the size of the zeppelin.
5. A zephyr stirred the leaves on the azalia bush.
6. There was a reason for the zigzag paths.
7. Rosamond locate Zanzibar, Zambezi,

Zambezi, and Zuider Zee.

8. His friends chose crackers and raisin cookies.

9. The blaze caused much confusion among the grazing herds.


[blocks in formation]
[ocr errors]

1. It is easy but not always wise to criticize. 2. John's present position is not a pleasant one. 3. The zebra grazed on the edge of the desert. 4. Rosalind's brothers visited the museum. 5. The flags fluttered in the whizzing breeze. 6. Susan gazed at the crimson clouds. 7. Hazel and Eliza squeezed the lemons. 8. The physician raised the wheezing child in his arms. 9. The sign reads, "Business Men's Lunch." 10. The busy bees buzzed and buzzed and buzzed.

11. Jane's cousin was pleased with the prize, a beautiful bronze easel.

12. The boys took pictures of the frozen falls and streams.

13. That season the crimson leaves and the music of the birds made our visit to the chasm a pleasant one. 14. “September bears her golden sheaves,

October strews her russet leaves.” 15. I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers

From the seas and the streams.''

[blocks in formation]

1. Jess gave the rusks to us.
2. Miss White's horse eats the oats.
3. The muffs and hats are with the capes.
4. This nice goose will not hiss at us.
5. The dog sniffs at the rabbit's footprints.
6. Bats and chimney swifts eat insects.
7. Clarice makes delicious rice cakes.
8. This horse stepped on a piece of the harness.
9. Jesse Joyce left the coats and the caps in the boats.

10. Miss Price sent her niece a piece of lace from France.

11. Beatrice picks up the books and puts them on the racks. 12. “Now for a madcap galloping chase!

I'll make a commotion in every place !"

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