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Drill: mah, ma, mee, moo, moh, maw

am, em, im, oom, um, om

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. Many Americans made money in Mexican mines. 2. Marian and Marvin were married in the month of May.

3. Mother made a muffler and a muff for Mary. 4. Mildred memorized "The Song of Marion's Men." 5. Mamma gave Millicent and Muriel mush and milk. 6. There are many flour mills in Minneapolis, Minne


[blocks in formation]

1. America is the home of freedom.

2. Emma made some marmalade and some jam. 3. Maples, hemlocks, and elms grow on Mr. Miller's farm. 4. Martin promised Mother he would come home with Tom.

5. September, October, and November are autumn months.

6. King Midas loved the merry little maiden named Marygold.

7. The meadow mouse used a moonbeam for a lamp. 8. Diagram as many sentences as time permits.

9. Maurice and Edmond tramped many miles over muddy roads.

10. Maude made some improvement this month in arithmetic and penmanship.

11. The farmer bought matches from the merchant and the merchant bought tomatoes from the farmer.

12. The Pilgrim Fathers made a settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.

13. My Mary's asleep by the murmuring stream.
14. "Hum, hum! honeybee!

Summer is coming, coming.'

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Webster, hw Funk and Wagnalls, hw Phonetic Symbol,

Drill: whah, wha, whee, whoo, whoh, whaw

[blocks in formation]



What whim led him to whisper, whimper, and

2. Where were the wharfmen loading wheat?

3. The whirling wheel whirs with a whiz.



Did the horse whinny when he neared the wharf? White knew not whence it came or whither it went. 6. When the whistle blew the wheels stopped turning. 7. While beating the white rug Bessie heard a whirring sound.

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[blocks in formation]


1. The white snow whirled everywhere.

2. The wheezy old sailor has white whiskers. 3. Where did Will Wheeler buy the wheat?

4. The wherry was loaded with whelks.

5. Whatever the cost Whitney must have a wheelbar

6. Whitaker left the whiffle-tree under the wagon wheel.

7. Mr. Whipple whet the scythe with a whetstone. 8. When did Paul Whitman read Whittier's "Snow Bound"?

9. Wharton caught a whitefish while fishing on the wharf.

10. When whittling the whistle he heard a bobwhite and a whip-poor-will.

11. While the wheel whirled round,

The wheat was being ground.

12. "Where the blackbird sings the latest,
Where the hawthorn blooms the sweetest,

Where the nestlings chirp and flee,

That's the way for Billy and me."

w is a voiced consonant

Push the lips forward as for wh and expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords.

[blocks in formation]

1. Will Wilbert wind Walter's watch?

2. The weaver's worn wallet was in the wardrobe. 3. The warden was waiting for the wedding party. 4. The wild winter winds shook the wide window. 5. Wolves will watch around the wigwam.


The World War was ended in November.

7. The woodchuck was watching the wood-cutter. 8. Are the whale and the walrus water animals? 9. The wizard waved his wand underneath the weeping willow.

10. Wallace wanted to wade in the warm water, but Will wanted to wander about in the woods.

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