[blocks in formation]

2. At dusk the brisk, skillful skater returned. 3. The hungry boy asked for a rusk. 4. The frisky squirrel scampered among the husks. 5. It was no easy task to move the desk and the cask. 6. The new scholar wore a scarlet scarf.

7. Did Miss Schofield say the star in the sky or the star on the screen ? 8. “For eschewing books and tasks,

Nature answers all he asks.'

Final Consonant Combinations

akt, ekt, ikt, ookt, ukt, okt
akn, ekn, ikn, ookn, ukn, okn
aks, eks, iks, ooks, uks, oks
alk, elk, ilk, oolk, ulk, olk

Pronounce the final combinations distinctly: kt kn

ks baked darken

aches raked shaken

leaks liked taken

lacks looked weaken

racks backed token

licks wrecked spoken

oaks kicked blacken

hawks knocked mistaken

likes rocked chicken

dikes protect liken

sticks subject broken

cheeks detect thicken


IK elk whelk bilk sulk milk bulk hulk skulk bulky sulky silky hulky

1. The roof leaked and the cloaks are soaked. 2. The peddler liked the baked beans and the leeks. 3. Did Clara spill the milk on her silk dress ? 4. Patrick's bulky package is in the sulky. 5. So on it went, capering and playing its pranks,

Whistling with reeds on the broad river banks.'' 6. "Odours when sweet violets sicken,

Live within the sense they quicken.”

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Final Consonant Combinations

agz, egz, igz, oogz, ugz, ogz
agd, egd, igd, oogd, ugd, ogd

Pronounce the final combinations distinctly:


lagged begs dregs

begged gigs brigs

rigged jogs logs

flogged jugs tugs

plugged sags tags

sagged jigs rags

pegged pegs rogues

jigged figs twigs

clogged frogs bogs

lugged bugs rugs


leagued jogged bagged shrugged plagued tugged flagged tagged fagged fatigued intrigued

1. The buyer tags the bags of figs.
2. Slugs and bugs were under the logs.
3. The rogues took the jugs and the rugs.
4. Listen to the croaking of the frogs in the bogs.
5. The fatigued traveler begged for a drink.
6. Old Meg's reins sagged as she jogged along.
7. Guy Griggs tagged the bags and the boxes.
8. The fagged men lugged and tugged the chest.
9. The eggs and the mugs were packed in bags.

10. The pedagogues consulted the catalogues to find the price of the drugs.

x as in extra is a compound breathed consonant (k + s)

Make the sound of k and quickly run it into the sound of s.

Webster, ks Funk and Wagnalls, ks Phonetic Symbol, ks

[blocks in formation]

1. Six and sixty are sixty-six. 2. The antics of the oxen vexed the plow-boy. 3. Flocks of ducks were on the lakes. 4. It was six blocks from the barracks to the docks. 5. Frank's cousin thanks Jack's uncle for the books. 6. Mike's oxen drew the bricks to the docks.

7. The smith takes an ax and breaks the locks on the box.

8. The Mexican woman mixes the cakes and bakes them on the bricks.

9. Mr. Wicks sent the box of wax candles to the monks by express.

x as in examine is a compound voiced consonant (g + z)

Make the sound of g and quickly run it into the sound of z.

Webster, gz Funk and Wagnalls, gz Phonetic Symbol, gz

[blocks in formation]

1. The rogues left the mugs on the rag rugs.
2. The drugs in the bags weighed exactly ten ounces.
3. The executor examined the luxurious rugs.
4. Gus exerted his influence to promote the exhibit.

5. The examiner counted the kegs and the bags on the brigs.

6. The students were exhausted when the examination was over.

7. The woodpecker eats the bugs and eggs on the twigs.

8. Gordon Griggs claimed exemption from the exam ination because all of his examples were correct.

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