qu is a compound consonant (k + w)

Make the breathed consonant k and quickly

round the lips for the voiced w.

Webster, kw Funk and Wagnalls, kw Phonetic Symbol, kw

Drill: quah, qua, quee, quoo, quoh, quaw

[blocks in formation]


A quadrant is a quarter of a circle.

2. Miss Quinn made a quart of quince conserve.

3. The girls were dressed in quaint, queer costumes. 4. "Quack, quack, quack," said the duck to the quadruped.

5. The quiet hunter started in quest of quail.

6. Mrs. Quickly finished the quilt at a quarter past six.

7. The squad left the quagmire and marched to the quarry.

8. Mr. Quay quickly quenched the fire and quelled the fears of the quivering people.

[blocks in formation]

1. The squire squinted at the squadron.

2. Be quick and quiet and you may see the squirrel. 3. The quorum requested that the quotations be read. 4. The inquirer requited him for doing as requested. 5. The organist quailed when the choir quarrelled. 6. His acquaintance quoted the requirements again. 7. The quarrier frequently quenched his thirst.

8. He acquired the quarry and acquitted the debt. 9. The queer bequest was bequeathed to Queenie De Quincy.

10. The eloquent lecturer requested the quartette to sing.

11. Which grocer had quantities of squash and only one quart of peas?

12. The quiet Quakers were in a quandary when they heard the squaws squabbling.

13. Quentin quietly inquired the whereabouts of the queer questioner.

14. The goose squawked and the mouse squealed and squeezed into a hole.

15. Quickening her pace the quivering child questioned the May Queen in a quavering voice.

h is a breathed consonant

Place the mouth in position for the vowel fol

lowing the h and expel the breath.

Webster, h Funk and Wagnalls, h Phonetic Symbol, h

[blocks in formation]

1. The horse held his head high,

When he heard the hound's cry.

2. The humming-bird hurried to the honeysuckle. 3. Hugh hewed the huge hemlock.

4. Henrietta had hominy and honey for lunch.

5. A heavy harness hung on the high hook.

6. He has hauled the holly and the hemlock for half a mile.

7. Henry Hudson sailed from Holland in the Half Moon.

8. The horseman held the hempen rope in his hand as he hurried up the hill.

9. "Ho there! ye hunters! hie ye hence over the high hills!"

[blocks in formation]

1. The herdsman heard the hounds and the hunters. 2. Hilda held to the hammock with both hands. 3. Hardy hyacinths grow behind the hawthorn hedge. 4. Harold hunted the house for his hunting hat. 5. Harry Howard's father owns the house in the hollow.

6. Hiram held the halter and Herman unharnessed the horse.



7. Helen behaved nicely when Hazel was rehearsing. Hold the head high and inhale and exhale slowly. Harvey and Horace hid the hammer in the hunter's


10. Horses hauled the heavy hay from Hawley to Honesdale.

11. Herbert bought a hoe, a hatchet, a hinge, and some hooks in the hardware store.

12. The hucksters huddled together when they heard the horses' hoofs on the hard pavement.


"Hark! hark! Now home and dream till morn

Of the bold, sweet sound of the hunter's horn.
The horn! the horn!

Oh, the sound of all sounds is the hunter's horn."

Substitution of One Sound for Another

k for g

kah gah, ka ga, kee gee, koo goo, koh goh
kaw gaw

ak ag, ek eg, ik ig, ook oog, uk ug, ok og

[blocks in formation]


Dick lugged the heavy keg to the dock.

2. Did the gold diggers use pickaxes?

3. Pegs, tacks, and tags were locked in the big box. 4. Jack and Gustave took the next car for Newark.

5. The roof leaked and the flax and figs were damaged.


Six pecks of hickory nuts were in the bag.

7. Was the mug found in the youngest brother's sack? 8. Conrad saw the pig digging in the back yard.

9. The girls picked a quart of green gooseberries.

10. The dog on the rug was awakened by the striking of the clock.

11. Clara gave Gladys an ice-cream cone.

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