A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, During the Years 1839-43, Volume 2

Voyage of H.M.S.S. Erebus and Terror to the Antarctic Ocean, 1839-43.

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Pagina 203 - The heavy rolling of the vessel, and the probability of the masts giving way each time the lower yard-arms struck against the cliffs, which were towering high above our mastheads, rendered it a service of extreme danger to loose the main-sail ; but no sooner was the order given, than the daring spirit of the British seaman manifested itself — the men ran up the rigging with as much alacrity as on any ordinary occasion; and although more than once driven off the yard, they after a short time succeeded...
Pagina 152 - Soon after midnight our ships were involved in an ocean of rolling fragments of ice, hard as floating rocks of granite, which were dashed against them by the waves with so much violence that their masts quivered as if they would fall at every successive blow; and the destruction of the ships seemed inevitable from the tremendous shocks they received.
Pagina 153 - The loud crashing noise of the straining and working of the timbers and decks, as she was driven against some of the heavier pieces, which all the activity and exertions of our people could not prevent, was sufficient to fill the stoutest heart, that was not supported by trust in Him who controls all events, with dismay...
Pagina 204 - We hove to on the port tack, under the lee of the berg, which now afforded us invaluable protection from the fury of the storm, which was still raging above and around us ; and commenced clearing away the wreck of the broken spars, saving as much of the rigging as possible, whilst a party were engaged preparing others to replace them. As soon as day broke we had the gratification of learning that the Terror had only lost two or three small spars and had not suffered any serious damage...
Pagina 436 - This work is remarkable for the clearness and conciseness with which each tale is narrated ; and the book has been relieved of those tedious and unprofitable appendages called ' morals,' which used to obscure and disfigure the ancient editions of this work."— The Examiner.
Pagina 432 - This is a very remarkable work. It is not only a graphic description of the face of the country, and an impartial and sagacious account of the moral and political condition of Spain and Portugal ; but it relates also a series of personal adventures and perils, very unusual in modern Europe...
Pagina 154 - ... understood. Each of us secured our hold, waiting the issue with resignation to the will of Him who alone could preserve us, and bring us safely through this extreme danger; watching with breathless anxiety the effect of each succeeding collision, and the vibrations of the tottering masts, expecting every moment to see them give way without our having the power to make an effort to save them.
Pagina 204 - ... astern of us, against which we were running ; and the difficulty now was to get the ship's head turned round and pointed fairly through between the two bergs, the breadth .of the intervening space not exceeding three times her own breadth ; this, however, we happily accomplished ; and in a few minutes, after getting before the wind, she dashed through the narrow channel, between two perpendicular walls of ice, and the foaming breakers which stretched across it, and the next moment we were in...
Pagina 153 - Although we had been forced many miles deeper into the pack, we could not perceive that the swell had at all subsided, our ships still rolling and groaning amidst the heavy fragments of crushing bergs, over •which the ocean rolled its mountainous waves, throwing huge masses one upon another, and then again burying them deep beneath its foaming waters, dashing and grinding them together with fearful violence.

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