The history of England, by D. Hume, continued by T. Smollett, and to the 23rd year of the reign of queen Victoria by E. Farr and E.H. Nolan. 3 vols. [in 12 pt.].


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Pagina 547 - That an humble address be presented to his majesty, praying that his majesty would be graciously pleased to take...
Pagina 538 - That this House resolve itself into a committee of the whole House, in order to consider the present state of the church establishment in Ireland, with the view of applying any surplus of the revenues not required for the spiritual care of its members to the general education of all classes of the people, without distinction of religious persuasion.
Pagina 539 - In conclusion, we report to your Majesty that there prevails amongst the inhabitants of a great majority of the incorporated towns a general, and, in our opinion, a just dissatisfaction with their municipal institutions ; a distrust of the self-elected municipal councils, whose powers are subject to no popular control, and whose acts and proceedings being secret, are unchecked by the influence of public opinion...
Pagina 573 - The severe and afflicting loss which the nation has sustained by the death of his Majesty my beloved uncle, has devolved upon me the duty of administering the government of this empire. This awful responsibility is imposed upon me so suddenly, and at so early a period of my life, that I should feel myself utterly oppressed by the burden were I not sustained by the hope that Divine Providence, which has called me to this work, will give me strength for the performance of it...
Pagina 667 - The country is a dead flat, covered at short intervals with a low, but, in some places, thick jhow jungle, and dotted with sandy hillocks. The enemy screened their infantry and artillery behind this jungle, and such undulations as the ground afforded; and, whilst our twelve battalions formed from...
Pagina 522 - Ireland, the prelates of which are now before me, it is my fixed purpose, determination, and resolution to maintain. The present bishops, I am quite satisfied (and I am rejoiced to hear, from them and from all, the same of the clergy in general under their governance) have never been excelled at any period of the history of our Church by any of their predecessors, in learning, piety, or zeal in the discharge of their high duties.
Pagina 667 - The Sikh army has now, without a shadow of provocation, invaded the British territories. The Governor-General must, therefore, take measures for effectually protecting the British provinces, for vindicating the authority of the British Government, and for punishing the violators of treaties and the disturbers of the public peace.
Pagina 668 - ... of being irresistible. Their ample and extended line, from their great superiority of numbers, far outflanked ours; but this was counteracted by the flank movements of our cavalry. The attack of the infantry now commenced, and the roll of fire from this powerful arm soon convinced the Sikh army that they had met with a foe they little expected...
Pagina 668 - Majesty's 3d light dragoons charged and took some of the most formidable batteries, yet the enemy remained in possession of a considerable portion of the great quadrangle, whilst our troops, intermingled with theirs, kept possession of the remainder, and finally bivouacked upon it, exhausted by their gallant efforts, greatly reduced in numbers, and suffering extremely from thirst, yet animated by an indomitable spirit. In this state of things, the long night wore away.
Pagina 551 - October next, all persons tried for felonies shall be admitted, after the close of the case for the prosecution, to make full answer and defence thereto, by counsel learned in the law, or by attorney in Courts where attornies practise as counsel.

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