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Pagina 239 - FADING, still fading, the last beam is shining, Father in heaven ! the day is declining, Safety and innocence fly with the light, Temptation and danger walk forth with the night; From the fall of the shade till the morning bells chime, Shield me from danger, save me from crime.
Pagina 181 - From the farther bank, the plain gradually elevates itself into an irregular amphitheatre, terminated by a lofty, but rounded range of mountains. The striking feature is, that in the bosom of this amphitheatre, a plain of the most varied beauty, huge columnar hills start up at once from the ground, at great distances from each other, overlooking, in lonely and solemn grandeur, each its own portion of the domain. They are monuments which the Elbe has left standing to commemorate his triumph over their...
Pagina 190 - ... mind the thread by which he brings out of this labyrinth of dots and circles the richest and most astounding harmonies. The moment he is seated at the piano, he is evidently unconscious that there is anything in existence but himself and his instrument; and, considering how very deaf he is, it seems impossible that he should hear all he plays. Accordingly, when playing very piano, he often does not bring out a single note. He hears it himself in the "mind's ear.
Pagina 134 - ... the incredulity with which it was long received, it is now no longer doubtful, that, where the disease has reached a high degree of malignity, not only whole masses of the hair, but even single hairs, will bleed if cut off, and that, too, throughout their whole length, as well as at the root. The hairs, growing rapidly amidst this corrupted moisture, twist themselves together inextricably, and at last are plaited into a confused, clotted, disgusting-looking; mass. Very frequently they twist themselves...
Pagina 164 - ... on the vitals of the poor author, and paralyzes the most enterprising publisher. Each State of the Confederation has its own law of copy-right, and an author is secured against piracy only in the state where he prints. But he writes for all, for they all speak the same language. If the book be worth any thing, it is immediately reprinted in some neighbouring state, and, as the pirate pays nothing for copy-right, he can obviously afford to undersell the original publisher.
Pagina 135 - Medusa head plica, the long-tailed plica, the club-shaped plica, &c. The hair, however, while thus suffering itself, seems to do so merely from contributing to the cure of the disease, by being the channel through which the corrupted matter is carried off from the body. From the moment that the hair begins to entangle itself, the preceding symptoms always diminish, and frequently disappear entirely, and the patient is comparatively well, except that he must submit to the inconvenience of bearing...
Pagina 83 - ... pursuits — a plan which led to the depression of agriculture, the staple of the kingdom, as certainly as it was directed in vain to cherish artificially a manufacturing activity, on which the country is much less dependent. This could not possibly last; the noble proprietors were regularly becoming poorer, and the same course of events which compelled so many of them to sell, disabled them generally from buying ; destitute of capital to cultivate their own estates, it was not among them that...
Pagina 191 - Beethoven and the master of the house, one of his most intimate acquaintances. These two carried on a conversation in the paperbook about bank stock. The gentleman, as if by chance, struck the keys of the open piano, beside which they were sitting, gradually began to run over one of Beethoven's own compositions, made a thousand errors, and speedily blundered one passage so thoroughly, that the composer condescended to stretch out his hand and put him right. It was enough ; the hand was on the piano...
Pagina 239 - Ave Maria ! hear when we call, Mother of Him who is brother of all ; Feeble and failing, we trust in thy might ; In doubting and darkness, thy love be our light ; Let us sleep on thy breast while the night-taper burns And wake in thine arms when the morning returns. Ave Maria ! audi nos.
Pagina 1 - Brunswick, are suspended above his coffin ; and its gaudy gold and crimson are still mixed with the brown and withered leaves of the garlands which the love of his people scattered on his bier when, at midnight, he was laid among so many of his race, who had fought and fallen like himself.

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