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The Library is a free public reference library, open to readers every day, excepting Sundays, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M.

Satchels, suit cases, bags, etc., must be checked in the Cloak Room. Outer garments, umbrellas, and packages may be, and in wet weather must be, so checked. No charge is made for the service. The Library will not hold itself responsible for unchecked articles or for any articles left over night.

Books shelved in the Reading Room and in the Senn Room, except as noted below, may be consulted without formality, but after use are to be left on the tables, instead of being replaced on the shelves.

Current periodicals, except those on the Medical Sciences, may be consulted in the Periodical Room, and may be obtained for use at the tables in the Reading Rooms by presenting at the delivery desk serial call-slips properly filled out. Current medical periodicals are shelved in the Senn Room and may be consulted there.

Books not shelved in the Reading Rooms may be obtained by presenting at the delivery desk book call-slips properly filled out. These books are to be returned to the delivery desk.

Persons engaged in special research, if satisfactorily vouched for, may be admitted to the Stack Rooms. Application for this privilege should be made to the Reference Librarians. All books used under this provision are to be left on the tables in the Stack Rooms.

Books not suitable for general use may be consulted only upon registration and statement of satisfactory reasons, and those of great value or rarity only in the presence of an attendant.

Writing or marking in books belonging to the Library, their mutilation in any manner, and their removal from the Library, are forbidden. The tracing of plans will be permitted if done over a celluloid cover, but not otherwise. The covers will be furnished upon application at the delivery desk.

The officials of the Library are authorized to exclude any person of unseemly behavior or appearance, and any one wilfully violating its regulations.

The Reference Librarians, in charge of the Reading Rooms, will give assistance in the use of the library.

No bills are rendered. Orders should be accompanied by postal money order or stamps.

Annual reports.

First to twenty-first for the years 18951915. Chicago 1897-1916. Sent gratis on request, except 1906.

The First report contains Record of Organization; the Second, Memorial of Edson Keith; the Fourth, By-laws of the Corporation; the Fifth, Memorial and portrait of Norman Williams; the Sixth, Memorial and portrait of Huntington W. Jackson; the Seventh, Act and Ordinance authorizing the Library to erect and maintain a free public library on the Lake Front Park; the Ninth, "Act concerning free public libraries in public parks;" the Eleventh, Memorial and portrait of Marshall Field, and "Ordinance concerning The John Crerar Library;" the Thirteenth Memorials and portraits of Albert Keep and Dr. Nicholas Senn; the Fourteenth, By-laws of the Corporation; the Fifteenth, Report of the Special Committee on Site; the Nineteenth, Memorial and portrait of Henry W. Bishop; the Twentieth, Memorial and portrait of Eliphalet W. Blatchford.

Printed catalogue cards for the titles of all the books in the Library. Prices on application.

A list of current periodicals in the Reading Room, June, 1902. Chicago 1902. 97 p. 97 p. Price 10 cents; by

mail 15 cents.

A bibliography of union lists of serials. Chicago 1906. Price 5 cents; by mail 10 cents.

28 p. A list of books exhibited December 30, 1907-January 4, 1908, including incunabula and other early printed books in the Senn Collection. Chicago 1907. 32 p. Price 5 cents; by mail 10 cents.

A list of books in the Reading Room, 1909. Chicago 1909. viii, 488 p. Price 25 cents; by mail 50 cents. A list of books on the history of science.

Chicago 1911. 10, 297 p. Price 25 cents; by mail 40 cents. A list of current thedical periodicals and allied serials, second edition, April, 1913. Chicago 1913. 32 p. Price 5 cents; by mail 10 cents.

A list of books on the history of industry and industrial arts, January, 1915. Chicago 1915. 9, 487 p. Price 25 cents; by mail 50 cents.

Cataloguing rules, supplementary to "Cataloguing rules of the American Library Association

and to the supplementary cataloguing rules of the Library of Congress. Chicago 1916. [1], 7 leaves. Price 5 cents; by mail 6 cents.

A list of books on the history of science. Supplement, December, 1916. Chicago, 1917. 6, 139 p. Price 15 cents; by mail 25 cents.

Handbook 1917. (In preparation.) Sent gratis on request.

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