pot of ale, containing four flaggons, with competent bread and cheese, as had of old been accustomed."


The habit of the brothers was a simple russet and black cloth garment. They were bound by their vows to be chaste and sober, temperate in diet, and to apply their revenues to the use of the poor and the sojourner. If any one had violated this rule, and was found, at his death, to be possessed of any property, he was refused the rites of christian burial, and his money was cast into the grave after him with an imprecation-"thy money be with thee to perdition!"

At the dissolution, the revenues of this house were resigned into the hands of the mayor and burgesses of Grimsby. "20 June, 34 Hen. VIII. Court held before the Maiore there. Unto ys. Cowrt Cumys. John Hatteclyffe ye. elder dyd surrender to the Maiore and his Comburgeses all suche Intrest, Clame, and Grawnte whyche he had off & in one Hospital or Spyttal Hows grawted by ye saied Maier & hys Comburgeses."* The property in Grimsby is now in the possession of Lord Yarborough; and in Weelsby, of George Robert Heneage, Esq.

* Corp. Rec.






An. An. Reg. Dom.


23 1295 Burgesses returned, but not named.
26 1298 Johannes Elmed. Gilbertus Wyom.
28 1300 Johannes Belfall. Willielmus Dovedale.†
30 1302 Johannes Elmed. Willielmus Littestere.


5 1311 Galfridus de Scarthowe. Galfredus le Taverner. 5 1311 Willielmus de Dovedales. Galfridus Scarthowe. 6 1312 Willielmus Dovedales. Simon le Toller.‡ 12 1318 Willielmus Teynter. Johannes del Fal. 15 1321 Johannes Riper. Willielmus Bray.

20 1326 Willielmus de Lekeburn. Johannes de Paston.

* The borough of Grimsby was directed by writ to send up two burgesses, in the 11th year of this Monarch, (1283), to the Parliament held at Shrewsbury; by which David, the son of Griffin, was condemned for treason, and there executed.-Rymer's Feodera.

+ This Parliament met at Lincoln, January 21st.

This Parliament sat at Lincoln, in 1315.

[blocks in formation]

1 1327 Willielmus Bray.*

2 1328 Petrus Swan. Simon Barry.

2 1328 Galfridus de Scarthowe. Johannes de Paston.
2 1328 Willielmus Leycester. Thomas de Skyrbeck.
4 1330 Willielmus de Doundale. Johannes de Paston.
4 1330 Robertus Keilby. Edmundus Rayner.
6.1332 Walterus de Freiston. Johannes de Paston.
7 1333 Johannes de Paston. Willielmus Bray.

9 1335 Willielmus de Ravendale. Johannes de Paston.
9 1335 Thomas de Skyrbeck. Thomas Leycester.

10 1336 Willielmus de Ravendale. Willielmus Killingholme
11 1337 Johannes de Paston. Ricardus Spencer.

11 1337 Johannes de Ferriby. Robertus Davy.

12 1338 Willielmus Alesby. Johannes de Yardeburgh.
14 1340 Thomas Fenne.

14 1340 Thomas Skyrbeck. Galfridus Scarthowe.
15 1341 Adam de Limburg. Johannes de Grymesby.
17 1343 Johannes Rayner. Willielmus Bray.

20 1346 Robertus Saresove. Petrus de la See.
21 1347 Johannes Spencer. Robertus Saresove.
22 1348 Robertus Saresove. Johannes Spencer.

24 1350 Willielmus Bray. Petrus Bray.

29 1355 Laurentius de Wooton. Jobannes de Grymesby.
31 1357 Randulphus de Utterby, Willielmus Tome.
33 1359 Johannes Elemede. Bartholomeus le Blake.
34 1360 Robertus Pavy. Walterus Whyte.

34 1360 Petrus Bray. Johannes Percy.

36 1362 Johannes Percy, Johannes Stallynburgh.
38 1364 Randulphus de Itterby.

39 1365 Willielmus Grymesby. Thomas Cryspin.
42 1368 Johannes Bottilson. Robertus Brown.

* Met at Lincoln, September 15th.

An. An.

Reg. Dom.

43 1369 Johannes Percy. Johannes Hugh,

46 1372 Johannes de Grymesby. Laurentius Wooton.
47 1373 Johannes de Lincolne. Johannes Percy.

50 1376 Randulphus de Itterby. Willielmus de Thorpe.


1 1377 Willielmus Wele. Robertus de Reddeburn,
2 1378 Galfridus de Asheby. Johannes Puant.
3 1379 Robertus de Burton. Willielmus de Grymesby.
6 1382 Ricardus Bingley. Willielmus de Grymesby.
7 1383 Galfridus de Asheby. Petrus de Grymesby.
7 1383 Johannes de Newland. Robertus de Bolington,
8 1384 Johannes de Newland.

9 1385 Willielmus de Wele. Robertus de Burton.
11 1387 Willielmus Paule. Robertus de Burton.
13 1389 Walterus de Sluthby. Ricardus Misson.
14 1390 Walterus de Sluthby. Willielmus Emsale.
15 1391 Willielmus de Wele. Johannes Hasilden.
16 1392 Robertus de Burton. Johannes de Keleby.
17 1393 Walterus de Tholeby. Robertus de Burton.
18 1394 Willielmus Emsale. Robertus de Burton.
20 1396 Robertus de Burton. Johannes de Keleby.


1 1399 Willielmus de Emsale. Walterus Sluthby.
3 1401 Ricardus Whyte. Johannes de Keleby.

6 1404 Willielmus de Wele, Ald.* Willielmus Emsale,
8 1406 Johannes de Keleby. Willielmus Lile.

10 1408 Simon de Grymesby. Willielmus Fosse, Ald.†
12 1410 Willielmus Fosse. Johannes Soresby.

14 1412 Ricardus Duffield, Willielmus Duffield.

* The Weles were a respectable family, resident in Grimsby; and the mo
nument of this burgess still remains in St. James's Church.

Mayor, in 1400.

[blocks in formation]

1 1413 Ricardus Duffield. Gilbertus Kirmond.
2 1414 Ricardus Duffield. Thomaris Maris.
3 1415 (No return.)

7 1417 Johannes de Keleby.* Willielmus Lile.
8 1418 Ricardus Duffield. Johannes Lufford.
9 1419 Ricardus Duffield. Rogerus Dale.


1 1422 Simon Elkington. Ricardus Duffield.
2 1423 Ricardus Duffield. Johannes Cokson.
3 1424 Ricardus Duffield. Willielmus Duffield.
6 1427 Johannes Langholme. Ricardus Fulnetby.
7 1428 Johannes Langholme. Johannes Wightfield.
13 1434 Johannes Langholme. Johannes Wightfield.
16 1437 Willielmus Duffield. Ricardus Duffield.
20 1441 Thomas Moigat. Ricardus Fulnetby.
25 1446 Robertus Staunton. Willielmus Duffield.
27 1448 Ricardus Duffield. Willielmus Grymesby.
29 1450 Willielmus Yardburgh. Johannes Deane.
38 1460 Johannes Sherriff.


7 1467 Johannes Ferriby. Robertus Broughton.
12 1472 Willielmus Grymesby. Hugo Eden.†
22 1482 Hugh Bawforth. Edmund Tawbot.


1 1483 Hugo Eden, Ald. Thomas Broughton.
Hugh Bawforth. Peter de la See, Ald.

• The monuments of this family also lie in St. James's Church.

+ This person was the Mayor, and received from his constituents a pension
of 6s. 8d. and 17s. 8d., for his expenses in attending the House.-Corp. Rec.

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