human race. If, in this attempt, I shall have laid a foundation for the discovery and elucidation of British antiquities in this part of the county of Lincoln, I may humbly claim the merit of having effected something, not only for the benefit of the town in which I live, but also toward facilitating the study of antiquities in general.

My original design extended no farther than the elucidation of this abstruse subject. It was my intention to end where the recorded history of Grimsby begins; at the general survey of England, instituted by William the Conqueror. I was subsequently induced, from causes which it is unnecessary to enumerate, to subjoin a Second Part, containing abstracts of the corporation charters, and other records, which might be interesting to the ordinary reader; as well as brief accounts of the religious houses, and the eminent individuals who, by their birth and talents, have shed a lustre on the town. Summary accounts, however, are not to be taken for perfect histories; but it is my intention, at some future period, as I am furnished with abundant materials for the purpose, to complete what I have ` begun, by laying before the public a copious History of the Town and Soke of Grimsby, from the Conquest down to the present time.

In this preparatory work, I flatter myself, much will be found to amuse, and much to gratify my readers. It may be a source of information to all who feel any interest in the town; and will be a book of reference to the burgesses in particular, where they will find their privileges and ordinances displayed; and may become generally ac

quainted with the internal economy of the borough, without the labour of toiling through a multiplicity of documents, some written in dead, and others in barbarous languages.

In compiling the Second Part of this little work, I have profited considerably by the friendly suggestions and assistance of the following gentlemen; some of whom have furnished me with manuscripts, and all have been exceedingly liberal in verbal communications. I beg, in this place, to acknowledge their kind co-operation, without which it would have been impossible for me to have brought this Part to its present state of perfection. My best thanks for such assistance, are due to Mr. Alderman Lusby, Mr. Babb, town clerk of Grimsby; Mr. John Squire, clerk to the haven company; C. S. Nevitt, Esq. War Office, London; and Thomas Hewson, Esq. Croyden.



General Introduction-British Druids-First Population of BritainReligion-Human Sacrifices-British Monuments.


The foregoing principles applied to Grimsby-Its primitive nameWhence derived-The History of Gryme fully consideredGrimsby established as a maritime town, before his time, proved from existing records.


Grimsby peopled by the ancient Britons-Remains of that peopleA British Town-The Seven Hills on which ancient Grimsby was constructed-System of communication used by the inhabitants -Original magnitude of the Seven Hills-Description and extent of Grimsby at this period.


HOLM HILL described-A place of defence-The Old Haven-Ket

Bank-Etymology of Well-Fou-The Block Hills described-Their uses- —The Ket Bank used in peaceable times as a place of initiation into the mysteries of Druidism-May Day.

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The ABBEY HILL-Peculiar veneration paid by all idolatrous nations to mountains and hills, particularly in India and Britain-Reasons why the Druidical monuments were not destroyed at the introduction of Christianity into Britain-The Abbey Hill was the site of a Druid Temple, and the residence of the Druids-The NUNS HILLS-A religious establishment here-Three peaked hills peculiarly sacred-Employment, at this station, of the three orders of the Druidical Priesthood.


The SAND HILL-A commercial station-Reasons for believing that the Roman Foss Way commenced at Grimsby-ELLYL-Etymologies of this name- -Erroneously called Hell-hill-Situate in a deep morass-Manners and customs of the Inhabitants-Addicted to excessive drinking-Education of their children-Mode of fighting-TOOTE HILL-Etymology of the name-A place of judicature Signs of true and false judgment-A British hamlet hereCelebration of public games-CUN HU HILL-Derivation of the name-Was the residence of a British Prince-Brief History of the Town and Port.


Grimsby said to have been a Borough before the Conquest-Represented in the Wittenagemot-First visit of King John to Grimsby

His Charter-Abstracts of all the Charters of the Corporation --Coat of Arms-Ancient Seals-Method of chusing the Mayor and other Officers-Right of Election-Full Courts-No Burgess to absent himself Quarter Sessions-Mayor's and Bailiff's Courts -Rights of the Corporation, territorial, manorial, and juridical,

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