Y Cymmrodor, Volume 3

Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1880
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Pagina xxvii - Each member shall pay in advance to the Treasurer the annual sum of one guinea. If any member's subscription shall be in arrear for two years, and he shall neglect to pay his subscription after...
Pagina xxv - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Worcester The Hon.
Pagina 109 - Put oute the litle crome of breade, and sette in all dryncke, and no breade: and if I myght haue thys sygned of the kynge, sayde the Welsheman, I care for no more, as longe as I dooe lyue. Well, then, sayde Skelton, when you...
Pagina 67 - I think it will be but a very modest computation to say, that of the products of the earth useful to the life of man, ninetenths are the effects of labour...
Pagina 109 - Syt downe then, sayde the Welshman, and write. What shall I wryte ? sayde Skelton. The Welshman sayde : wryte dryncke. Nowe, sayd the Welshman, wryte more dryncke. What now? sayde Skelton. Wryte nowe, a great deale of dryncke.
Pagina 27 - Pensyhania to correspond with them ; being very desirous of perpetuating the antient British Language in that Province : To which End they will give them all the Assistance in their Power, by supplying them with Books on the same Terms with their Countrymen in Old Wales. They are also desirous of Correspondence with all Historians and Antiquaries, of what Nation soever...
Pagina 44 - I Gym.ru, fu'n wastad : Oes Genau, na chais Ganiad, A garo Lwydd Gwyr ei Wlad ? 2 Di yw ein Twr, Duw, a'n Tad, Mawr yw'th Waith ym Mor a Thud, A oes modd, O lesu mad, I neb na fawl na bo'n fud ? 3 Cawsom Far Llachar a Llid, Am ein Bai yma'ny Byd ; Torres y Ehwym, troes y Ehod, Llwydd a gawn, a llawn wellhad.
Pagina 46 - A'i theg Eiriau, laith gywiraf, laith araith eirioes, wrol, fanol foes, Er f ' Einioes, a'r fwynaf. 21 Neud, Esgud un a'i dysgo, Nid Cywraint ond a'i caro, Nid Mydrwr ond a'i medro, Nid Cynnil ond a'i cano, Nid Pencerdd ond a'i pyngcio, Nid Gwallus ond a gollo Nattur ei laith, nid da'r wedd, Nid Ehinwedd ond ar honno.
Pagina 45 - Tiroedd dan y Taerion, Ar fyr dwyre wir Frodorion, Caem i'r Henfri Cymru hoenfron, Lloegr yn dethol Llugyrn doethion, Llawn Dawn Dewrweilch Llundain dirion— ^-Impiau Dewr weddau Derwyddon. 14 Llwydd i chwi, Eurweilch, Llaw Dduw i'ch arwedd, Dilyth Eginau da Lwythau Gwynedd...
Pagina 112 - Nares. escapyd. And when this man of the contrey was gone, thys Welcheman was very glad and wente incontynente to seke hys mayster, and at the laste founde hym wyth hys companye; and whan he saw hym he came to hym, and...

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