The Modern Part of an Universal History: From the Earliest Account of Time, Volume 21

S. Richardson, ... [et. al.], 1759

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Pagina 424 - Esperanca ; in which voyage, I have either discovered or brought certain intelligence of all the rich places of the world, which were ever discovered by any Christian.
Pagina 164 - ... their governor and put him into a dungeon, where he died of 'hunger and grief.
Pagina 160 - The tops of thefe mountains arc in winter covered with fnow ; which, melting in the fummer, fuqiiihes abundance of rivers and rivulets, with which the country is plentifully watered : fo that the foil, though not very deep, is wonderfully fruitful, producing Turkey corn and rice twice a-year, and the latter in great abundance. Moft forts of cattle are found here, good in their kind, and are very cheap ; wild goats and wild hogs are found in the woods and * on the tops of the mountains...
Pagina 165 - On the fummit there is a fpacious plain, a great part of which is divided into plantations of rice, tobacco, corn, fugar, and fruits. The quarter of St Dennis lits feven leagues from that of St Paul, towards the eaft, and there the governor refides.
Pagina 162 - ... given to the French at Madagafcar by the natives, who furprifed and cut them off in one night, there efcaped as many men, as with their wives, who were natives, filled two canoes ; and thefe being driven by the wind on the ifle of Bourbon, were the next fet of people who inhabited it. This laft colony, for want of an opportunity to remove, were conftrained to cultivate this new country of theirs, and to remain in it. It was not long before a further ftock of inhabitants arrived.
Pagina 520 - Gloucester's man, and got before him to the commodore, who, on hearing this happy and unexpected news, threw down his axe with which he was then at work, and by his joy broke through, for the first time, the equable and unvaried character which he had hitherto preserved...
Pagina 496 - Baldivia; and if, in four** teen days, they were not joined by the reft of ** the fquadron, they were then to proceed to " the ifland of Juan Fernandes, and regulate " their further proceedings by their former or...
Pagina 335 - Leagues in a Range, and there came thence great Flocks of Fowls. I, and many more of our Men would have made this Land, and have gone ashore at it; but the Captain would not permit us.
Pagina 425 - Portuguese used to relieve themselves, and from that island God hath suffered me to return to England. All which services, with myself, I humbly prostrate at her majesty's feet, desiring the Almighty long to continue her reign among us ; for at this day she is the most famous and virtuous princess that liveth in the world.
Pagina 424 - Her Majesty service in the performance of this voyage, and as it hath pleased God to give her the victory over part of her enemies, so I trust ere long to see her overthrow them all.

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