The Ciliated Protozoa: Characterization, Classification, and Guide to the Literature

Springer Science & Business Media, 24 jun. 2008 - 605 pagina's
distances between groups of ciliates were as vast as significant hurdles to obtain copyright permissions the genetic distances between plants and animals for the over 1,000 required illustrations, and I put – THE major eukaryotic kingdoms at that time! the publication schedule ahead of this element. I continued to collaborate with Mitch, and in There are a number of significant illustrated guides 1991 my first “molecular” Magisterial student, to genera and species that have recently been pub- Spencer Greenwood, published an article estab- lished. References are made to these throughout lishing 1990 or thereabouts as the beginning of the book as sources that readers can consult for this the “Age of Refinement” – the period when gene aspect of ciliate diversity. A future project that I am sequencing techniques would deepen our under- contemplating is an illustrated guide to all the valid standing of the major lines of evolution within ciliate genera.

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Pagina 492 - PITELKA. 1973. The contractile process in the ciliate Stentor coeruleus. I. The role of microtubules and filaments. J. Cell Biol.
Pagina 502 - Studies on ciliates of the family Ancistrocomidae Chatton and Lwoff (order Holotricha, suborder Thigmotricha ) . I.

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Dr. Denis H. Lynn received his graduate training at the University of Toronto where he received his Ph.D. Protozoology in 1975. His early research on the comparative ultrastructure of ciliates was published in Biological Reviews and lead to a revised classification of the Phylum Ciliophora, which was published in 1981 in collaboration with Eugene B. Small. Dr. Lynn has published extensively on ciliates, authoring more than a dozen book chapters and almost 120 refereed publications. He is currently a full professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph, and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology.

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