Journal of a Horticultural Tour Through Some Parts of Flanders, Holland, and the North of France, in the Autumn of 1817

Bell & Bradfute, 1828 - 575 pagina's
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Pagina 119 - Who calls the council, states the certain day ? Who forms the phalanx, and who points the way ? III.
Pagina 541 - ... parallel to the surface. As there is an attraction between the upper surface of leaves and light, I am also persuaded, though not equally certain of it from experiment, that there is an attraction of the same nature between the under surface of leaves and the surface of the earth. This I consider...
Pagina 220 - Amazing race ! deprived of land and laws, A general language, and a public cause ; With a religion none can now obey, With a reproach that none can take aSvay : A people still, whose common ties are gone ; Who, mix'd with every race, are lost in none.
Pagina 196 - The early-flowering or spring tulips (such as Due van Thol), when they first came into vogue, and while they continued scarce, were frequently rated at ideal values ; and the anxiety of the amateur florists to excel, frequently, in the midst of such temptations, became the means of involving them in bankruptcy. The greatest rarities were sometimes disposed of by a kind of raffle. At length, the interference of the Dutch government was thought necessary, to restrain this gambling spirit of the votaries...
Pagina 152 - I'VE often wish'd that I had clear For life, six hundred pounds a year, A handsome house to lodge a friend, A river at my garden's end, A terrace walk, and half a rood Of land, set out to plant a wood.
Pagina 27 - ... it is ten to one but the seat is so contrived as to sink under him ; if he enter the grotto, or approach the summerhouse, water is squirted from concealed or disguised fountains, and he does not find it easy to escape a wetting. The dial is provided with several gnomons, calculated to shew the corresponding hour at the chief capital cities of Europe ; and also with a lens, so placed, that, during sunshine, the priming of a small cannon falls under its focus just as the sun reaches the meridian,...
Pagina 262 - WHATEVER it was, whether nature or accident, and upon what occasion soever it arrived, the soil of the whole Province of Holland is generally flat, like the sea in a calm, and looks as if, after a long contention between land and water, which it should belong to, it had at length been divided between them...
Pagina 27 - ... is shaped into an oblong parterre, resembling a basket of flowers, and containing showy geraniums in pots, and gaudy flowers of a more hardy kind planted in the earth. Some things are in very bad taste. At every resting-place, some kind of conceit is provided for surprising the visitant : if he sit down, it is ten to one but the: seat is so contrived as to sink under him ; if he enter the grotto, or approach the summer-house, water is squirted from concealed or disguised fountains, and he does...
Pagina 250 - ... ....Each alley has its brother, " And half the plat-form just reflects the other.
Pagina 195 - Towards the middle of the 17th century, the culture of these was more ardently pursued than at present.What has been called the Tulipomania then reigned ; but many ridiculous stories have been told of the extravagant prices paid for tulip roots ; for the mania did not, we believe. so much consist in giving large sums for established variegated tulips, as in a kind of .betting, regarding the eventual superiority of promising seedling flowers, and in a ruinous competition for the possession of breeders...

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