An Inquiry Into the History of Scotland Preceding the Reign of Malcolm III. Or the Year 1056, Including the Authentic History of that Period, Volume 1

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Pagina 231 - There is in human nature generally more of the fool than of the wise; and therefore those faculties by which the foolish part of men's minds is taken are most potent.
Pagina 384 - As various tracts enforce a various toil, The manners speak the idiom of their soil. An iron race the mountain-cliffs maintain, Foes to the gentler genius of the plain...
Pagina 2 - An analysis of the history and antiquities of Ireland, prior to the fifth century. To which is subjoined, a review of the general history of the Celtic Nations ... Dublin : printed for W.
Pagina 341 - Highlanders, obviously expressed with rarest gusto, " that they are mere savages, but one degree above the brutes," that " like Indians and negroes they will ever continue absolute savages," and that " all that we can do is to plant colonies among them, and by this and encouraging their emigration, to try to get rid of the breed.
Pagina 437 - ... firmness in standing. Their armour consists of a shield and a short spear, in the lower end of which is a brazen apple, whose sound, when struck, may terrify the enemy. They have also daggers. Famine, cold, and all sorts of labour they can bear, for they will even stand in their marshes for many days to the neck in water, and in the woods will live on the bark and roots of trees. They prepare a certain kind of food on all occasions, of which, taking only a bit the size of a bean, they feel neither...
Pagina 106 - ... history. It is clear that if Mr. Pinkerton could have made any choice betwixt these alternatives, with the least countenance from history, the latter would have best suited his system. Accordingly he frankly tells us, that before he had fully examined the subject, ' he was of opinion that the Picts were a new race, who had come in upon the Caledonians in the third century, and expelled them.
Pagina 488 - ... Scotta filia Pharaonis regis Egypti, que fuit ut fertur regina Scottorum. Sciendum vero est quod Britones in tertia mundi etate ad Britanniam venerunt. Scite autem, id est, Scotti, in quarta etate Scociam, siue Hiberniam obtinuerunt. Gentes Scitie albo crine nascuntur ab assiduis nivibus ; et ipsius capilli color genti nomen dedit, et inde dicuntur Albani : de quibus originem duxerunt Scoti et Picti. Horum glauca oculis, id est, picta in est pupilla, adeo ut nocte plusquam die cernant.
Pagina 331 - In short, he brought under his dominion all the nations and provinces of Britain, which are divided into four languages, viz. the Britons, the Picts, the Scots, and the English.
Pagina 384 - For where unwearied finews muft be found With fide-long plough to quell the flinty ground, To turn the torrent's fwift-defcending flood, To brave the favage rufhing from the wood, What wonder if to patient valour train'd, They guard with fpirit, what by ftrength they gain'd ? And while their rocky ramparts round they fee, The rough abode of want and liberty, (As lawlefs force from confidence will grow) Infult the plenty of the vales below ? What wonder, in the fultry climes, that fpread Where Nile...
Pagina 359 - He levys at efe, that frely levys !' A noble hart may haiff nane efe, Na ellys nocht that may him plefe, 230 Gyff fredome failyhe : for fre liking Js yharnyt our all othir thing.

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